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By Chris Kolmar - Nov. 7, 2020

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Students go to college to educate themselves for their future careers, learn valuable skills, and come out the other side with an undergraduate degree that proves their competence. College is an expensive pursuit, and it’s getting more costly every year.

Even with applying for scholarships and financial assistance with FAFSA, many students still can’t afford to pay the remaining tuition cost. For many people hoping to earn a college degree, tuition reimbursement from an employer makes getting a higher education possible.

Tuition assistance is a potential benefit that employers may provide to employees. It means that your employer will help you pay for some or all of your school tuition. They will do this either by refunding you for a certain amount or giving you a check up-front.

Why Employers Offer Tuition Benefits

Employers provide benefits to their employees to demonstrate how much they value their diligent work and maintain strong employee morale. Deciding to accept a job offer is often about more than just a paycheck. Benefits can be an incentive that attracts the attention of talented candidates.

Offering benefits, like tuition reimbursement, also keeps the best employees around. Professionals with an impressive performance history will get many great offers to work for other places. However, if you’re providing them will excellent benefits, they’ll likely stay with you instead of turning to a competitor.

Tuition reimbursement is a particularly mutually-beneficial addition to offer a candidate because it allows them to learn and work more effectively. If you’re studying something relevant to the job, providing tuition reimbursement means making their great employees even better. Gaining new skills can be very valuable to your employer.

Additionally, tuition reimbursement is one of the most cost-effective ways to create an enticing benefits package because it is tax-deductible.

How Tuition Reimbursement Programs Work

Similarly to how the details of a company’s benefits package will vary between organizations, tuition reimbursement programs can also differ. Some may be very strict in their guidelines for giving out tuition reimbursement.

Example restrictions that a company might place on their tuition program include:

  • Setting a minimum grade that the employee must receive in their courses

    Job type you want
    Full Time
    Part Time
  • Providing reimbursement only for specific schools or fields of study

  • Only covering tuition for a list of approved classes

  • Requiring the employee to work for the employer for a length of time before or after studying

  • A dollar amount they’re willing to cover up to per quarter or year

If you work for a company that offers tuition reimbursement as a part of their benefits package, speak with your supervisor about what their program entails.

When you’re searching for a position and thinking about accepting an offer, the organization’s tuition assistance program may make the decision easy for you. Ask the hiring managers about the details of what their company offers employees in terms of benefits and if they include tuition reimbursement.

15 Companies That Offer Tuition Reimbursement Programs

The job-search can be stressful, especially when you’re looking to work for a company that offers tuition reimbursement programs.

If you’re having trouble finding a position with these benefits, consider the following companies that offer their employees tuition assistance.

  1. Amazon. Amazon’s tuition reimbursement program has its pros and cons. Amazon’s tuition benefits stipulate that they only go into effect after one full year of continuous employment. They also place limits on the kinds of schools they’ll help with, only covering certificates and associate degrees in top fields, such as nursing.

    On the upside, though, if you plan to attend a school that fits these requirements and want to work for Amazon for an extended period, they’ll pay for 95% of all costs upfront.

  2. UPS. Working for the United Parcel Service can come with the incredible benefit of tuition assistance. Their maximum amount per employee is $5,250 per year, with a lifetime promise of $25,000. Most full-time employees become eligible for this benefit at the time of hire.

  3. AT&T. The phone provider AT&T includes tuition reimbursement as part of their benefits package for employees who have worked there at least six months to a year. They don’t have too many strict restrictions on where or what kind of degree you get. However, they will not cover the cost of certifications. This benefit is available to both full-time and part-time employees at AT&T, up to $20,000 for a bachelor’s degree and $25,000 for a graduate program over the lifetime of employment.

  4. Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A offers a surprisingly strong benefits package for their employees despite being a fast-food franchise. While they do implement a tuition reimbursement program, they also provide their employees with specialized scholarships to help pay for school. These scholarships range from $2,500 to $25,000.

    This program can be an excellent option for recent high-school graduates who don’t have as much work experience but still want to receive tuition benefits from their job.

  5. Starbucks. This is another excellent option for younger applicants who want a position with substantial benefits, like tuition assistance. Starbucks has a tuition program called the “Starbucks College Achievement Plan.” It will cover the full cost of a bachelor’s degree for employees who have worked 240 hours and will continue to work at least 20 hours a week while they’re studying. However, they will only cover a degree from Arizona State University’s online program.

  6. Capital One. Capital One offers its employees up to $5,000 in degree or non-degree classes. The great thing about their program is that it’s not limited to an accredited school or specific program. You can use this benefit to develop any skill you like.

  7. CarMax. CarMax has some precise requirements and policies when it comes to their tuition reimbursement programs. You have to apply for the program within 30 days of when you intend to start the course. If they decide you are eligible after reviewing your application, both part-time and full-time employees can receive a wide range of school-related benefits.

    Costs can be applied to any type of school, such as:

    • GED

    • ESL courses

    • Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees

    • Costs of course-related fees (textbooks, etc.)

    You must receive a grade of at least a C to continue in the tuition assistance program. They provide $5,250 for eligible full-time employees per year and $2,500 for part-time.

  8. Ford. Ford has one of the most generous tuition reimbursement systems on the market, offering full-time employees a maximum of $6,000 per year. The employee must be working for at least 90 days before they become eligible for this benefit. They will help with the costs of many different degrees, including GED, associate, and bachelor’s degrees from accredited schools. You can even receive funding for a certification if it’s approved first by the company.

  9. The Home Depot. The Home Depot can be a good job option for individuals with customer service experience who want to learn more skills. They have a tier system of how much tuition assistance they’ll provide for their employees.

    The Home Depot tuition assistance amounts are as follows:

    • Part-Time Employees= $1,500 per year

    • Full-Time Employees= $3,000 per year

    • Salaried Employees= $5,000 per year

    Employees who have worked for The Home Depot for more than 30 days are entitled to these benefits. Half of the money they get goes towards tuition, and half is used for school-related supplies.

  10. Wells Fargo. The tuition assistance benefits that come from being a Wells Fargo employee extends to more than just you. It can also go towards your children’s college expenses. In addition to providing full-time employees with up to $5,000 annually for tuition and school expenses, they also offer scholarships opportunities for your kids at a maximum of $3,000.

  11. BP. Receiving tuition benefits as an employee of BP comes with some hurdles and paperwork. The application process is lengthy. They have a long list of requirements for their staff that’s eligible to receive tuition assistance, including having company approval of the school and program before registration.

    However, if you can make it through everything participating in the program demands, BP will cover up to 90% of all school-related expenses. That means tuition, books, and any other fees. It’s a pretty amazing offer if you meet the requirements.

  12. Verizon. Verizon provides its full-time employees with an extremely competitive and substantial tuition reimbursement program. Especially if you’re studying a specialty that can help your job skills as a Verizon employee, and it’s related to the business.

    Full-time employees who choose to study a Verizon-related field will receive up to $8,000 in tuition reimbursement each year. Alternatively, if you’re going to school for a topic that isn’t relevant to the job, you may be able to receive as much as $5,250 in reimbursement for tuition.

  13. Fidelity. Fidelity has some restrictions placed on who can receive their tuition assistance benefits. For example, they’re only available for employees who have worked six months. Once you fulfill their requirements, though, their tuition assistance program is fairly comprehensive if you plan to study something related to the job.

    They’ll aid you with up to 90% of all education-related costs, with a maximum of $10,000 annually.

  14. Publix. This well-known grocery chain has an impressive tuition reimbursement program available to any employee who’s worked there for over six months. Eligible employees also must work an average of ten hours per week at a Publix location.

    Publix will supply their employees who are students at a four-year university with $3,200 in reimbursement annually. They cap their tuition assistance at $12,800, which works out perfectly to take costs away from a four-year degree.

    If an employee is attending an associate program or vocational school that’s two years or less, they may be able to receive a reimbursement of $1,700 every year, with a maximum of $3,400.

  15. Walmart. Walmart’s tuition assistance program is called “Live Better U.” With this program, employees who wish to pursue a degree in either business or supply chain management can do so without the stress of debt because their tuition assistance program makes it affordable.

    Their tuition reimbursement system functions a little differently than other companies. The employee is responsible for $1 a day during their education, and Walmart covers the rest of the tuition and schooling costs. This can work out to a lot less than what a typical college degree would cost without assistance.

    For example, if you’re participating in a two-year business program, you would probably have to pay under a thousand dollars out of pocket with Walmart’s tuition assistance program.

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Chris Kolmar

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