30 Jobs Where You Make Your Own Hours

By Chris Kolmar
Jun. 20, 2022
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Summary. Jobs where you make your own hours include ride-share driving, video editing, graphic design, hair styling, and consulting.

In the not-so-distant past, virtually every job you could name had a strict and consistent schedule. In those days, it was quite difficult and rare to find a job that would allow you to choose your own work hours.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, more job opportunities allowed you to establish your own work schedule than ever before.

In this article, we’ll outline everything you’ll need to know to start seeking out and applying for these flexible job opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • The benefits of making your own schedule means it is easier to communicate with your coworkers, you have more flexibility, and you have a better work-life balance.

  • Determining if a job with a flexible schedule is right for you depends on your budget, skill set, and personality.

  • Working a job with flexible hours can help you improve and gain new skills to add to your resume for any future positions you might be interested in.

30mJobs where you make you own hours.

Jobs That Will Allow You to Set Your Own Work Schedule

Here are thirty examples of modern jobs that will enable you to pick and choose your own working hours:

  1. Freelance writer
    Average Annual Salary: $52,025

    Do you have a talent for wordplay and a passion for language? If so, you might consider pursuing a freelance writing job. Copywriting and content writing are essential components to any successful employer branding strategy, which means that freelance writers tend to remain in fairly high demand across industries.

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  2. Editor, Freelance
    Average Annual Salary: $54,502

    Freelance editors – like their freelance writer counterparts – also tend to be highly valued for their ability to condense, simplify, and improve a business’s content messaging strategy.

    If you love to read, write, and correct your friends when they type “your” instead of “you’re” in a text message conversation, then a job as a freelance editor could be a good fit for you.

    Find Editor, Freelance jobs near me

  3. Graphic designer
    Average Annual Salary: $45,000

    If you’re someone who’s passionate about creative designs and who is familiar with prominent digital design platforms (such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop), then we encourage you to check out some job opportunities as a freelance graphic designer.

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  4. Hair Stylist
    Average Annual Salary: $36,000

    Independent hair stylists who can obtain their own salon or workspace not only have the opportunity to choose their own working hours – they can also practice their craft in a fun and social environment. This is a great flexible job opportunity for anyone who loves spending time with people and who has a knack for hair care.

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  5. House sitter
    Average Annual Salary: $56,000

    As a house sitter, you’ll typically have the flexibility to decide when you’re going to complete your work-related duties, such as watering the plants, bringing in the mail, and cleaning up around the kitchen.

    Working as a house sitter will also provide you with a private and quiet working environment, from which you can submit further job applications or complete additional freelance work.

    Find House sitter jobs near me

  6. Dog walker/Pet sitter
    Average Annual Salary: $20,000

    If you love being around and taking care of animals, you should consider working as a pet sitter or dog walker. Both of these gigs very often come with flexible hours, and they’re also a great chance to engage in some light exercise and spend some quality time with your furry friends.

    Find Dog walker/Pet sitter jobs near me

  7. Massage therapist
    Average Annual Salary: $45,000

    Massage therapy is a wonderful occupation for anyone who is passionate about the promotion of wellbeing and ease – both in themself and in others. It’s also a line of work that very often takes place on a by-appointment-only basis, which means that you’ll have lots of freedom and flexibility to choose your own work hours.

    Just bear in mind that you’ll need to receive your certification before you’re able to start working as a massage therapist.

    Find Massage therapist jobs near me

  8. Personal fitness trainer
    Average Annual Salary: $38,894

    Are you the type of person who considers fitness to be less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle? Do you love to meet new people and share your passion for physical health with others?

    If you answered “yes” to each of those questions, then a position as a personal fitness trainer will very likely be a great fit for you.

    Find Personal fitness trainer jobs near me

  9. Rideshare driver
    Average Annual Salary: N/A

    As a rideshare driver – working with a company such as Lyft or Uber – you’ll be able to choose your own hourly and daily work schedule. Even if you’re already working a full-time job, you can still drive in the evenings to earn a little extra cash.

  10. Social media Specialist
    Average Annual Salary: $47,000

    With each passing year, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to build and maintain a sophisticated social media presence and marketing strategy.

    The rise of social media within the modern business landscape has created a pressing need for employers across industries: To find and hire individuals who are social media savvy and able to promote a brand through platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Find Social media Specialist jobs near me

  11. Tour guide
    Average Annual Salary: $29,000

    Are you passionate about your town’s history and culture? Are you looking for a fun, engaging, and lucrative way to share that passion with tourists and sightseers?

    If so, then a job as a local tour guide could be an excellent option for you. And here’s the best part: More often than not, these jobs come with flexible scheduling options.

    Find Tour guide jobs near me

  12. Tutor
    Average Annual Salary: $33,000

    Tutoring is a rewarding, simple, and flexible way to earn a little extra cash. If you have expertise in a specific field (such as mathematics, foreign languages, writing, or science) and you enjoy helping others to develop their skills and confidence in the classroom, then a job as a tutor might very well be worth pursuing.

    Find Tutor jobs near me

  13. Substitute teacher
    Average Annual Salary: $33,000

    Substitute teachers are almost always in high demand across the country for their flexibility and ability to connect with diverse groups of students.

    If you’re someone who loves to learn and who feels comfortable and confident addressing a room full of people, we encourage you to look into substitute teaching job opportunities in your area.

    Find Substitute teacher jobs near me

  14. Data Entry Clerk
    Average Annual Salary: $28,000

    Nowadays, countless companies are in dire need of data entry workers who can analyze and organize large amounts of data. Very often, these sorts of jobs will allow you to choose your own hours each week – they frequently come with a time-sensitive daily or weekly quota as opposed to a rigid daily or weekly schedule.

    All you need to get started (and get paid) as a data entry worker is a personal computer with reliable internet access, time management skills, an affinity for numbers, and keen attention to detail.

    Find Data Entry Clerk jobs near me

  15. Language translator
    Average Annual Salary: $45,000

    If you speak more than one language, you can start capitalizing on that skill by working as a language translator. There are tons of online sites that are actively seeking bilingual and multilingual individuals who are willing to work from home according to their own flexible schedule.

    Find Language translator jobs near me

  16. Search engine evaluator
    Average Annual Salary: $115,000

    As a search engine evaluator, you’ll essentially oversee online searches to ensure that a search engine generates accurate, quick, and legitimate results. Working as a search engine evaluator is an undemanding and flexible way to earn a little extra money on the side.

    Find Search engine evaluator jobs near me

  17. Blogger
    Average Annual Salary: $41,048

    In recent years, blogging has become an increasingly common practice for brands and individuals who are seeking to promote themselves and share their thoughts on a wide variety of topics to a public audience.

    The trouble is that many of these brands and individuals do not have the writing skills to produce high-quality blog content. Those who do – freelance bloggers, for example – have become an extremely valuable asset for many employers.

    Find Blogger jobs near me

  18. Nanny (or baby sitter)
    Average Annual Salary: $25,000

    Working as a nanny or a babysitter is a big responsibility, but it can also pay off in a major way. Just bear in mind that many parents and nanny agencies will require that you receive a first-aid or CPR certification before you begin working.

    If you’re willing to become a certified caregiver and you enjoy spending time with children, then a job as a nanny or babysitter will very likely be a great fit for you.

    Find Nanny jobs near me

  19. Delivery driver
    Average Annual Salary: $37,000

    Delivery drivers tend to earn comfortable wages (sometimes including tips) and enjoy flexible work hours. This is a great option if you don’t mind spending long stretches of time behind the wheel and have a strong sense of direction.

    Find Delivery driver jobs near me

  20. Interior designer
    Average Annual Salary: $54,000

    Are you someone who’s always dreaming up new and innovative ways to make the inside of a room or a house feel more comfortable? If so, then you may be destined to be an interior designer.

    This role will provide you with tons of opportunities to engage with people and put your creative energies to constructive use.

    Find Interior designer jobs near me

  21. Test proctor
    Average Annual Salary: $33,000

    Universities and public schools are always in need of individuals who can attend and monitor academic testing events. Working as a school test proctor is a fast, easy, and flexible way to generate a little extra income.

    Find Test proctor jobs near me

  22. Video editor
    Average Annual Salary: $46,000

    If you have a penchant for film and own your own recording and editing software, you may already have everything you need to begin working as a video editor.

    Video editors typically don’t have much trouble finding clients because there are always brands out there seeking to improve their employer branding and outreach strategies through the medium of film.

    Find Video editor jobs near me

  23. Actuary
    Average Annual Salary: $84,000

    An actuary is someone who calculates and analyzes degrees of risk for insurance-related purposes. To be hired as an actuary, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate a strong background in mathematics – and more specifically, you’ll need to be able to prove that you’re a skilled statistician and data analyst.

    Find Actuary jobs near me

  24. Virtual assistant
    Average Annual Salary: $24,000

    As a virtual assistant, you’ll have lots of flexibility to choose your own working hours, as well as the freedom to determine the types of clients that you assist. In the drawing era of remote work, virtual assistants are becoming an increasingly common and important asset for a huge variety of entrepreneurs and businesses.

    Find Virtual assistant jobs near me

  25. Research associate
    Average Annual Salary: $53,000

    Research associates need to be able to demonstrate strong concentration skills and acute attention to detail. If you’re a self-starter who’s eager to learn and advance the frontiers of knowledge, then a job as a research associate may be a perfect fit for you.

    Find Research associate jobs near me

  26. Dietitian
    Average Annual Salary: $51,000

    Are you passionate about physical health, nutrition, and food? If so, then we urge you to look into job opportunities as a dietician. As a dietician, you’ll be able to work closely with individuals to help them achieve their health and nutritional goals.

    Find Dietitian jobs near me

  27. Sales Person
    Average Annual Salary: $26,000

    Many sales jobs are full-time, but several sales positions will provide you with flexible work options.

    Find Sales Person jobs near me

  28. Web developer
    Average Annual Salary: $72,000

    Many web developers enjoy the freedom and flexibility to determine their own work hours. Before you’ll be able to land a job as a web developer, however, you’ll first need to demonstrate a strong background in the field, as well as an ability to deliver projects on time.

    Find Web developer jobs near me

  29. Consultant
    Average Annual Salary: $74,000

    A consultant, simply put, is an individual who possesses a high degree of expert knowledge about a particular subject. In turn, these individuals are hired by others who are seeking to put that knowledge to good use.

    For example, if you’re particularly well-versed in the finer points of the finance industry, you may be sought out by a professional or a brand who is seeking some sort of specific financial advice. So if you’re an expert in a particular field, you may want to look into consulting.

    Find Consultant jobs near me

  30. Recruiter
    Average Annual Salary: $44,000

    Recruiters serve as the intermediary between employers and job candidates, helping to find and facilitate the perfect matches between the two parties. To begin working as a recruiter, you’ll need to have strong communication and organization skills. An affinity for sales doesn’t hurt your chances, either.

    Find Recruiter jobs near me

Benefits Of a Job Where You Make Your Own Hours

One of the significant benefits of working remotely – as anyone who has ever worked from home for an extended period of time will be able to attest – is that it frequently gives you the freedom to establish your own work schedule.

  • Easier to communicate. Without the tools that make it possible for people to communicate across great distances, employers typically needed all of their employees to be working under a single roof. This, in turn, made it necessary for every team member to arrive at (and leave) the office at the same time each day, which required them to stick to a regular working schedule.

    Today, modern telecommunication platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams have made it easier than ever before for employees to work from home and collaborate across great distances.

  • Work-life balance. Working from home makes it easier to be with your family or spend time with friends. When work doesn’t consume most of your life, your stress levels go down and you are less likely to experience a burnout from work.

  • Flexibility. Being able to make your own schedule is important if the typical 9-to-5 doesn’t work for you. If you have children or are a caretaker of someone, working at night or at different times during the day might be a better option for you.

  • Productivity. Making your own schedule is great because you can choose when you will be most productive. If you are feeling under the weather one day, you can choose to rest and relax instead of trying to work and not get much done. One persons most productive hours of the day might not work for another person.

Deciding If a Job With a Flexible Schedule Is Right for You

Before we look at some examples of jobs with flexible schedules, it’s important for us to first emphasize that these jobs are not for everyone.

Determining whether or not a job with a flexible schedule will be right for you will depend on a variety of factors. These include, most notably, your budget, your skill set, and your personality.

With those ideas in mind, here are three essential questions that you should always ask yourself before you accept an offer for a job with a flexible schedule:

  • “Will I be financially secure?” Many remote and freelance jobs – though not all of them – will not be able to pay as much as a full-time job with regular hours. This is mainly because flexible jobs frequently do not demand the same sort of long-term commitment typically required by a full-time position. And while money isn’t everything, it should certainly be carefully factored into your decision.

    To that end, you should always be sure that a job with a flexible schedule will provide you with enough income to cover your monthly expenses. And keep in mind that if one flexible job isn’t enough, you can always consider adding another to your schedule.

  • Do I have the skills that will enable me to be competent in this role?” Flexible jobs can open the door to a lot of freedom, but only for those who can bring certain prerequisite skills to the table.

    Before you submit a job application for a job that will allow you to set your own schedule, make sure that you carefully read and understand the job requirements – and that those requirements closely align with your background, skills, and experience.

  • “Am I the type of person who will enjoy a job with a flexible work schedule?” Most importantly, you should take some time to reflect upon your personal work style and preferences.

    Are you someone who enjoys having the autonomy to create your own schedule? Do you find it easy to stay on task and focused for long periods without a manager looking over your shoulder? Are you a self-motivated individual who can avoid procrastination and deliver high-quality results on time?

    If you answered “yes” to each of those questions, then a job with a flexible work schedule is very likely for you.

Flexible Schedule Jobs FAQs

  1. What jobs can I make my own hours?

    There are many jobs where you can make your own hours, including:

    • Graphic design

    • Ride-share driving

    • Hair styling

    • Freelance writing

    • Massage therapy

    • Personal training

    • Consulting

    As you can see, many of these jobs are flexible but require you to be self-sufficient. You must be able to gather clients and build a professional network so that you can have more control over your schedule.

  2. What is the least stressful career?

    Some of the least stressful careers are in massage therapy, dog walking, and data entry. Theses are jobs that provide a relaxing environment. Additionally, the responsibilities of the professions are straight-forward. They give you the opportunity to focus on your tasks.

  3. How can I make side income?

    You can make side income by picking up part-time jobs. You can either try to be hired by a company or go it on your own as a freelancer. The important thing to consider is fitting your side income jobs into your schedule effectively.

  4. What jobs give you a lot of free time?

    Jobs that give a lot of free time include teaching, firefighting, and maritime work. However, there is a catch. These jobs provide blocks of free time because they alternate with blocks of time devoted to your job. For example, teachers work long days, sometimes through the weekends, but in return they have summers off.


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