Best Weekend Jobs For Additional Money (With Examples)

By Chris Kolmar - Nov. 17, 2020

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Right now, many people are looking to cultivate another source of income outside of their primary jobs. Having multiple streams of income can help support financial stability by offering “fall back” plans and emergency supplements.

There are many ways you can supplement your income, and one increasingly popular way is through the weekend job. A weekend job is a side job that helps raise extra cash outside of your primary source of income.

Below are some considerations, along with 15 of the best weekend jobs for additional money.

Pros and Cons of the Weekend Job

While getting a weekend job or “side hustle” can be a great idea, there are some things you should consider before embarking on this route. Here are some often cited pros and cons of holding a weekend job:

  • Pros

    • You’ll earn extra income

    • It’s more flexible than a traditional job and won’t interfere with the schedule of your primary job

    • You can learn new skills that could help you professionally

    • It can lead to a new career or much larger opportunities than you initially planned

  • Cons

    Job type you want
    Full Time
    Part Time
    • You’ll have less free time and leisure time on the weekends

    • It may be an energy drain trying to juggle this job with your primary job

    • You may end up having less time to focus on your primary job

15 Best Weekend Jobs

Here are 15 of the best weekend jobs for adding to your income:

  1. Pet sitter/dog walker. A pet sitter is someone who essentially “babysits” for others’ pets while they are away, ensuring that they are fed and cared for. Similarly, a dog walker walks and cares for others’ dogs when they are unable to. People need dog walkers and pet sitters quite often when they are at work, on vacation, or have any plans away from home.

    This is a great option for any animal lovers or anyone who has experience taking care of pets. You can use many apps and sites to advertise your pet sitting services that will also help you verify your identity and background to potential clients, including the ones listed below.

    Keep in mind that this business still mostly runs on “word of mouth,” and your services are most likely to be used by someone who already knows you.

    Where to find dog walker/pet sitter jobs:

  2. Rideshare or delivery driver. You’re probably very familiar with this industry already, as most of us have used a rideshare or delivery service before, and some of us even use them every day. There is a high demand for delivery and rideshare services right now, and it’s the perfect gig for pulling in some extra cash.

    If you enjoy driving, you’re a safe driver, and you’re good with directions, this is the job for you. As an independent contractor, you’ll be able to work a flexible schedule that works for you. Weekends are the prime time to be available for rides and food delivery services.

    Where to find rideshare or delivery driver jobs:

  3. Freelance writer/editor. Freelance writers create a variety of written content, depending on the needs of their clients. This can include blog posts, articles, essays, and much more. Freelance editors do similar work but focused on proofreading and other editing tasks rather than creating original written content.

    We suggest this weekend job for those with a high level of writing and editing skills, and possibly a relevant degree. This can be a fun and challenging way of expanding your skillset and learning new things if you enjoy writing. We suggest editor jobs for those with great attention to detail and a critical eye.

    Where to find freelance writer/editor jobs:

  4. Freelance graphic designer. Freelance graphic designers create graphics and illustrations, touch up and edit photos, and/or create presentations and visual diagrams, all depending on their clients’ needs.

    If you are skilled in coding and web authoring tools, consider offering freelance web designing services. There are always companies and organizations looking for an artistic and tech-savvy person to design their website.

    Of course, We only recommend this job for those with knowledge of graphic design and photo editing software such as Photoshop. You may also need a relevant degree, but this is not strictly necessary as it all comes down to the quality of work in your portfolio.

    Where to find freelance writer/editor jobs:

  5. Babysitter/nanny. Babysitting is a time-honored tradition for making extra cash, especially as a student. Nannying is a more involved form of babysitting that requires consistent and frequent care for a child or children, which also means a more consistent cash flow. Both routes can be great weekend jobs.

    If you like kids and have experience caring for kids, try offering your babysitting or nannying services to friends and family first. People are understandably extremely cautious about whom they let around their children, so you are more likely to get jobs if you have several references.

    Many sites can help you verify your identity, provide references, and offer a background check to help gain potential clients, such as the ones below.

    Where to Find Babysitter and Nanny Jobs:

  6. Customer service representative. Another great job that can be done right from home, customer service representatives speak with customers and process orders for retailers. All you need is a good headset, and you’ll be able to remotely take calls as per your desired schedule.

    Much of this job will involve handling customers’ questions, concerns, and complaints, so you must have good customer service skills if you’re thinking of applying. You’ll especially need to be skilled in de-escalation and taking the lead in conversations.

    Where to find customer service representative jobs:

    • Check Google or Zippia search

  7. Re-seller. A re-seller is someone who – you guessed it – re-sells items they’ve bought at higher prices in order to turn a profit. You can sell anything from furniture to antiques, to clothes, and even repurposed materials.

    If you frequent thrift stores, antique stores, and flea markets, this gig is ideal for you. There can be some unexpectedly valuable things in those places, and if you know how to look for them, you can make some good money off it. This is also a good option if you have good taste and extra clothes and things.

    Where to re-sell:

  8. Survey or focus group (market research) participant. As a survey or focus group participant, you are paid to simply give your opinions and perspectives on various things, albeit very specific things. Your opinion holds a lot of value to advertisers and marketers looking to target your demographic. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

    You don’t need any skills or qualifications to do this, save perhaps for knowledge of how to use the internet. However, don’t expect to make a lot of money doing this.

    The payments received are often in the form of coupons and discounts, so if that’s something that interests you sign up for as many services as you can to maximize your earnings.

    Where to participate in market research:

  9. Tutor. Tutors help students of all ages learn subjects at school or prepare for big tests. There is also a large market for tutors who teach English to kids learning it as a second language.

    If you have teaching experience, did well in school, and/or are knowledgeable about a particular subject, this is a great option. You can make more money with certain specialized subjects. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a computer with a webcam.

    Where to find tutoring jobs:

  10. Wedding/event photographer or videographer. Taking pictures and videos for weddings and other events can be quite a lucrative weekend job. It involves artfully capturing the content or moments desired by your clients as well as editing the footage.

    This gig is for those who have experience with photography and photo editing, whether professional, academic, or as a hobby. The best way to find gigs is through referrals, but many Facebook groups and other social media platforms are full of people looking for talented photographers/videographers.

    Where wedding/event photographer or videographer jobs:

    • Check Google or Zippia Search

    • Personal recommendations

    • Social media

  11. Tax preparer. Tax preparers help individuals using tax services to gather and document all of the necessary information in order to prepare their taxes. It involves interviewing clients and passing relevant information along to those who will be doing their taxes.

    This is a great weekend job that helps accounting services run smoothly and continue processing requests. This job is in exceptionally high demand during tax seasons and other peak times. It’s an excellent job for those with good organizational skills.

    Where to find tax preparer jobs

    • Check Google or Zippia search, especially at peak times during tax season

  12. Handyman/handywoman. Handyman and handywoman are all-encompassing terms that describe any kind of personal maintenance work. This can be anything from plumbing, renovation, installing devices, repairing things, and much more. There is always a need for this kind of work, and you can work any schedule you choose.

    If you have any specialized maintenance skills, you’ll want to try this out as your weekend job. If you don’t have any particular maintenance skills, but you’re reasonably strong, you can even offer services in helping people move.

    Where to find handyman/handywoman jobs:

  13. Blogger, social media influencer, or web content creator. This is about as far from a traditional job as you can get, but it has become unbelievably lucrative in the past ten years. This gig involves any kind of web content creation – whether pictures, writing, or videos – and gaining enough of an audience to monetize it.

    This gig is not for anyone looking to make money straight away. It is more of an investment. You’re likely going to have to put out a lot of content before you start seeing any money from your work, if you even make any money at all. However, if you’re a creative person with a large social circle, this can be a great opportunity.

    Platforms for blogging and web content creation:

    • Youtube

    • Instagram

    • Twitch

    • Wix

    • WordPress

    • Many, many other sites and platforms offer opportunities to monetize your content, depending on what type of content you are offering

  14. Part-time bartender, server, or event staff. While serving can be a full-time job in and of itself, there are countless restaurants, bars, and events that see increased traffic on the weekends and can use all the part-time help they can get. These jobs involve customer service skills and a lot of stamina. This is also a great option for a summer job.

    As these jobs often involve making tips, they can bring in some serious cash, even as weekend jobs. However, they aren’t for the faint of heart, or those that get easily exhausted, as working these jobs in conjunction with another full-time job can be a bit much for many people.

    Where to find bartender, server, or event Jobs:

    • Check Google or Zippia search

  15. Transcriptionist or data entry worker. A transcriptionist is someone who transcribes audio files, including general, medical, and legal. Data entry workers similarly take a given piece of data and put it into official records. There are a variety of data entry and transcription jobs available for different assets.

    These jobs don’t require any specialized training or skills and can be done easily from your home. They are quite simple, but some may see these tasks as a bit mundane. As a medical or legal transcriptionist, you can make a lot more money, but it does require training.

    Where to transcription or data entry jobs:

How to Look for a Weekend Job

When it comes to finding the perfect weekend job, there are tons of different sites, apps, and programs to check out, depending on which particular jobs interest you.

It’s imperative to verify the legitimacy of any route you choose. There are quite a few side gigs that over-emphasize (i.e., falsely advertise) potential earnings or give misleading information about the nature of the job. Also, keep in mind that you should steer clear of any company that requires you to pay a fee before you start earning.

Finding the right weekend gigs can come down to the effort you put into searching for them. Like regular job searching, weekend job searching can often be half the battle. It’s essential to have a good job searching strategy to find the right side gigs for you.

Can You Handle a Weekend Job?

Weekend jobs aren’t for everyone. As mentioned above, they do have some downsides that come along with their potential benefits.

In deciding whether or not a weekend job is right for you, first consider the work-life balance you are trying to achieve. If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed by work, or if weekends are an important time for you to relax and take time off, you may want to reconsider a regular weekend job.

If you decide that a weekend job is right for you, remember that balance is still important. You’ll still need to carve out space for your relaxation, social time, and other needs and responsibilities.

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