The Most Popular TV Show In Each State (Hint: It’s a 90s Throwback)

By Amanda Postma
Aug. 11, 2022
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States’ Favorite TV Shows Research Summary

  • The most common favorite TV show in the U.S. is Friends, favorited by 12 states.

  • The other 28 TV shows only showed up as a favorite in 1 or 2 states.

  • Only 12 of the favored TV shows have finished filming and are now reruns. The other 18 have more episodes coming.

  • There are over 500 TV shows produced in the U.S. each year.

Growing up, my family’s schedule was crazy busy. But every day at 5 p.m. we would all sit down for dinner in front of the TV to watch Seinfield on TBS.

Now, with all the streaming services, no one even knows what it means to wait all day to be able to watch a show. We even get to pick which episode we watch now.

With the entire world of TV at the click of a button, we wondered what everyone was choosing to watch. The answers may surprise you.

Shows that Kept Our Attention

  • The second most-watched show is The Umbrella Academy. It’s the most-watched show in four states.

  • WandaVision is Alaska’s favorite TV show and is the most recent show to air. In fact, there are only three episodes out to the public currently. Another episode is set to come out Friday.

  • The most-watched show, Friends, is the only one that began airing in the ’90s. 1994 to be exact.

  • Chicago Fire is the favorite of one state. But it’s not Illinois. Instead, it’s a Kentucky favorite.

  • Seeing as Ozark is a show based on a family who relocates to the Missouri Ozarks, it seems fitting that the show is Missouri’s favorite.

  • How We Figured This Out

    We looked at the top 100 most, highly ranked TV shows from IMDB, the internet database of all things movies. We culled out some shows that were mini-series but otherwise bowed to the people’s wisdom.

    From there we referenced Google Trends data from the past twelve months and came up with the most statistically significant, unique TV program in each state. For example, How I Met Your Mother is not the most-watched show in New York, but it is watched there more than in any other state.

    In general, this method tends to favor new tv shows, particularly those with cliffhangers and other probing questions. So we can’t guarantee that everyone isn’t just happily watching The Office- no questions needed, just the play button.

    Get Your Binge On

    There you have it. All of the shows the U.S. has deemed worthy of being binge-watched. That’s really saying something.

    If nothing else, at least this list has given you a list of shows that you need to watch. Hopefully, there’s at least one or two you haven’t seen yet.

    And our research proved that Disney was able to accomplish something the other streaming services have yet to do.

    Make a show worthy of watching as new episodes are released, rather than binge-watching all of the episodes once they’ve all been released. Check out the list below to figure out what you need to watch next.

    State Tv Show
    Alabama The Vampire Diaries
    Alaska WandaVision
    Arizona The Boys
    Arkansas Supernatural
    California Friends
    Colorado Friends
    Connecticut The Vampire Diaries
    Delaware The Umbrella Academy
    District of Columbia The Wire
    Florida Suits
    Georgia Stranger Things
    Hawaii Cobra Kai
    Idaho Friends
    Illinois Friends
    Indiana Friends
    Iowa The Big Bang Theory
    Kansas Modern Family
    Kentucky Chicago Fire
    Louisiana American Horror Story
    Maine The Queens Gambit
    Maryland The Umbrella Academy
    Massachusetts The Handmaid’s Tale
    Michigan Friends
    Minnesota Fargo
    Mississippi Grey’s Anatomy
    Missouri Ozark
    Montana Yellowstone
    Nebraska Friends
    Nevada Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
    New Hampshire Breaking Bad
    New Jersey The Sopranos
    New Mexico Better Call Saul
    New York How I Met Your Mother
    North Carolina Grey’s Anatomy
    North Dakota Shameless
    Ohio Friends
    Oklahoma The Big Bang Theory
    Oregon The Umbrella Academy
    Pennsylvania Friends
    Rhode Island Peaky Blinders
    South Carolina Supernatural
    South Dakota NCIS
    Tennessee Friends
    Texas Friends
    Utah The Office
    Vermont The Crown
    Virginia Suits
    Washington The Umbrella Academy
    West Virginia Virgin River
    Wisconsin Friends
    Wyoming The Crown

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