Here Are The States That Eat The Most (And Least) Ice Cream

By Kathy Morris
Aug. 17, 2022
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States That Like Ice Cream The Most Research Summary

  • The state that likes ice cream the most is California, where there are 4,263 ice cream shops.

  • The state that likes ice cream the least is Minnesota; probably a little chilly there for a cold snack.

  • The average American consumes 20 pounds of ice cream per year.

  • As of 2022, the U.S. ice cream industry is worth $9.9 billion.

On average, Americans consume 12.1 pounds of ice cream every year.

That means ice cream isn’t just delicious in America it’s big business. As of 2021, 126,462 people were employed in the ice cream industry.

All those scoopers better start working on arm strength because all of July is National Ice Cream Month. To find out what states will be enjoying the most ice cream cones, we hit the data.

You can see the most (and least) ice cream-loving states below:

10 Most Ice Cream Loving States

  1. California
  2. Oklahoma
  3. New Jersey
  4. New York
  5. Florida
  6. Kansas
  7. Vermont
  8. Arkansas
  9. Rhode Island
  10. Pennsylvania

Sunny California eats more than its share of ice cream sundaes. Similarly, so does Florida. However, the majority of states in the top aren’t the ones you’d imagine would be ordering the most ice cream cones.

10 Least Ice Cream Loving States

  1. Minnesota
  2. Alabama
  3. Wyoming
  4. Alaska
  5. West Virginia
  6. Louisiana
  7. Kentucky
  8. Idaho
  9. South Dakota
  10. Mississippi

Surprisingly, southern states dominate the bottom for ice cream consumption. Maybe they’re sick of dripping cones.

How We Figured This Out

This one was pretty simple. We turned to data from Gravy Analytics.

Gravy Analytics used location intelligence to compare consumer attendances at ice cream venues nationwide, from January 2017 to March 2018. They then compared population number to determine which states eat the most ice cream for their size.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that states who lag behind aren’t just buying their ice cream by the gallon from grocery stores.

I scream, you scream…

We all scream for ice cream. If you want to make ice cream more than just a snack, why not make it a job? If you’re interested in management or scooping up smiles, you can explore options in popular chains or local mom and pop shops.

However, basically any career can be an “ice cream job.” The US is home to many corporations dealing with America’s favorite treat including Ben and Jerry’s, Blue Bell’s, Breyer’s, and more.

Check out their Zippia company profile to see if they’re hiring, and what kind of benefits other than (hopefully) a deal on ice cream they offer.

States That Eat Most (And Least) Ice Cream

Rank State
1 California
2 Oklahoma
3 New Jersey
4 New York
5 Florida
6 Kansas
7 Vermont
8 Arkansas
9 Rhode Island
10 Pennsylvania
11 Maryland
12 Missouri
13 Texas
14 Nevada
15 Connecticut
16 Hawaii
17 Delaware
18 New Hampshire
19 South Carolina
20 Illinois
21 Ohio
22 Virginia
23 Oregon
24 North Carolina
25 Michigan
26 Massachusetts
27 Maine
28 Tennessee
29 Colorado
30 Iowa
31 Georgia
32 New Mexico
33 Indiana
34 Arizona
35 Nebraska
36 North Dakota
37 Washington
38 Wisconsin
39 Montanta
40 Utah
41 Mississippi
42 South Dakota
43 Idaho
44 Kentucky
45 Louisiana
46 West Virginia
47 Alaska
48 Wyoming
49 Alabama
50 Minnesota

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