Percent Of People Drinking At Work [Survey]

By Kathy Morris
Feb. 13, 2023
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Survey Summary. We surveyed 2,000 workers to find out who is drinking on the clock- and what they’re drinking. You can see which states have the most people saying “cheers” during work hours, and our most interesting findings below:

  • 34% of workers admit to having had alcohol during work hours.

  • You’ve heard of the wheat belt, what about the beer tie? There is a straight line of states- from North Dakota to Oklahoma- that love beer the most.

  • 32% of drinkers surveyed are more likely to drink during work hours since Covid.

  • While 26% of respondents say beer is their alcoholic beverage of choice, 30% want something stronger and are drinking liquor.

  • Alaska has the most work-time drinkers, with 67% of workers admitting to drinking on the clock.

  • Behind Alaska is Maine, New Mexico, and Oklahoma– all of which have over half of the workers indulging on the clock.

  • Nebraska has the LEAST workers drinking during work hours, with only 13% sipping something alcoholic.

  • Virginia, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan are winners.

Keep reading to see each state’s favorite drink mapped- and more fun information from our survey.

Drinking At Work By State

State Drink Of Choice Percent Drinking During Work Hours
Alabama Liquor 30%
Alaska Liquor 67%
Arizona Beer 36%
Arkansas Liquor 16%
California Liquor 34%
Colorado Beer 41%
Connecticut Beer 45%
Delaware Liquor 50%
Florida Liquor 29%
Georgia Liquor 32%
Hawaii Liquor 50%
Idaho Liquor 43%
Illinois Beer 41%
Indiana Liquor 46%
Iowa Liquor 30%
Kansas Beer 25%
Kentucky Liquor 43%
Louisiana Wine 31%
Maine Liquor 60%
Maryland Liquor 36%
Massachusetts Liquor 15%
Michigan Wine 29%
Minnesota Liquor 25%
Mississippi Beer 50%
Missouri Liquor 30%
Montana Beer 29%
Nebraska Beer 13%
Nevada Liquor 50%
New Hampshire Beer 25%
New Jersey Beer 29%
New Mexico Beer 56%
New York Beer 37%
North Carolina Beer 36%
North Dakota Beer 20%
Ohio Wine 29%
Oklahoma Beer 51%
Oregon Liquor 33%
Pennsylvania Liquor 30%
Rhode Island Beer 17%
South Carolina Liquor 19%
South Dakota Beer 16%
Tennessee Liquor 36%
Texas Liquor 36%
Utah Liquor 21%
Vermont Liquor 25%
Virginia Wine 33%
Washington Liquor 36%
West Virginia Beer 36%
Wisconsin Wine 30%
Wyoming Liquor 25%

Methodology, a career resource website, conducted a study of 2,000 employees workers across the country to learn more about their habits involving alcohol and work.


The level of acceptability for drinking at your job may vary. Bus driver, for example, is a big, obvious no way. While working at a trendy startup with a beer cart may mean it’s perfectly appropriate to grab a lager with lunch.

However, regardless of company culture, it is not appropriate or professional to be intoxicated at work. Even at after hour work events with alcohol such as Christmas parties or company outings, those who over-indulge put their professional reputation at risk.

You can see a table of our mapped findings below:

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