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By Chris Kolmar - Dec. 11, 2020

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Only a few years ago, none of us knew what “Square,” “Snapchat,” or “TikTok” were. Of course, now they’re among the largest companies in the world, with products ingrained in our everyday lives.

Imagine if you could invest or join the next multi-billion dollar company when it was still a blip on the radar. That may be easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your chances.

Here at Zippia, our experts have used their experience to identify the top 30 up-and-coming tech companies. We’ve done this by investigating small companies with industry-disruptive products, impressive early performance, and significant growth potential.

30 Up-and-Coming Technology Companies You Should Know About

  1. Percy. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Percy gives software development teams the tools to detect and track UI changes throughout the course of a project. Their software automatically exposes visual bugs and provides a lightweight interface to observe and manage changes.

    Most companies still use costly manual QA processes to detect these bugs, providing a large addressable market that Percy is quickly capturing.

  2. Poshmark. Headquarters: Redwood City, California

    Poshmark is a community marketplace that allows users to buy and sell clothing. Although this company is already well-known, they still have tremendous room to grow.

    The online clothing resale market in the United States has surged in recent years to $7 billion and is expected to reach $23 billion by 2023.

    Poshmark is swallowing an increasing portion of this growing market, doubling its user base and revenue year-over-year since it was founded in 2011.

  3. Spatial. Headquarters: New York, NY

    The augmented reality market is growing at a rate of 46% each year and is projected to reach $72.7 billion by 2024.

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    Spatial is attempting to take advantage of this double-digit growth at an early stage by developing foundational apps that will be needed as more and more individuals use augmented reality devices.

    This includes tools such as an app that puts remote team members in a virtual room, complete with whiteboards, monitors, and other devices used during meetings.

    Although the company’s shares aren’t available for trading on stock exchanges such as the Dow and Nasdaq just yet, it’s one of the best stocks to keep an eye out for when they eventually go public.

  4. Superhuman. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Superhuman offers an email client touted as the fastest in the world.

    In addition to basic email tools such as undo send and scheduled messages, the company uses community feedback to continually implement new features that prioritize useability and speed.

    The service currently has a long waitlist of members eager to join, offering a great sign for high future growth.

  5. Confirmation.com. Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

    Confirmation.com is a single platform that streamlines the auditing process for auditors, clients, and responders.

    Auditors are able to send requests to clients, who can review, sign, and return the confirmation. Responders then receive the confirmation and may log into the queue to return it to the auditor.

    Along the way, Confirmation.com validates each step and ensures auditors remain in control of the process.

    The Nashville-based company currently offers its products to hundreds of companies and plans to expand into other services such as credit inquiries.

  6. Pilot. Headquarters: New York, NY

    Pilot is a fiber-optic business internet provider that’s challenging the existing giants that dominate the telecom industry.

    The company sets itself apart by prioritizing common pain-points experienced by customers of larger competitors such as Comcast. These include aspects such as competitive pricing, reliability, and customer support.

    The strategy seems to be working as hundreds of businesses currently use Pilot’s fiber solution, with more constantly making the switch.

  7. PatientPop. Headquarters: Santa Monica, California

    PatientPop provides a comprehensive suite of tools for healthcare practices to manage many aspects of their business.

    These tools include solutions for healthcare providers to attract patients, manage online reputation, and automate their front offices.

    The ease-of-use of PatientPop’s software has allowed it to attract thousands of providers since 2014, with that figure only growing.

  8. Juniper Square. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Juniper Square offers an all-in-one investment management solution for commercial real estate.

    Their software provides tools for fundraising, investor reporting, and investment administration that are targeted specifically for real estate.

    Hundreds of investment sponsors have joined the platform since it was created in 2014, totaling over 14,000 real estate investments.

  9. LearnToLive. Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

    LearnToLive offers online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) programs to patients suffering from mental health problems but are too afraid to seek in-person help.

    They’ve built an ever-expanding user base by catering to employers, universities, and behavioral health organizations.

    The remote mental health assistance market is projected to grow tremendously in the coming years, with this Minneapolis-based startup capturing a large portion of the audience.

  10. GreatHorn. Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts

    GreatHorn enhances email security for its users by automating continuous threat detection, defense, and incident response.

    Their solutions can be integrated with Office 365 and G Suite and are used by businesses and millions of independent users alike.

    The company is seeing a rapidly growing interest in its main product and is continuously adding new features and making enhancements.

  11. WakaTime. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    This company offers personal analytics software for programmers to increase their efficiency.

    The program shows software developers how they spend their time, allowing them to improve their workflow.

    WakaTime currently supports over 43 IDEs and experiences millions of new users each month.

  12. Talkdesk. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Talkdesk offers a solution to help companies reduce their customer support costs.

    You can quickly create an online call center that integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, and similar services to provide information about customers.

    Using IVR routing, callers are routed to the most qualified agent to meet their needs. Companies also receive comprehensive data about their agents and callers.

    The addressable market is large, as most companies use completely in-house solutions for customer support. As Talkdesk offers an innovative and more efficient product, more and more companies are quickly switching over.

  13. Rappi. Headquarters: Bogota, Columbia

    Rappi is a Latin American company that offers a large variety of products and services.

    Their mobile app allows users to order groceries, medications, and other products to be delivered to their door. You can also send money quickly to other users and download music and games.

    The company has been compared to Amazon, as they invest heavily in infrastructure and acquisitions.

  14. The Wing. Headquarters: New York, NY

    The Wing is a network of community and workspaces designed for women. Their goal is to create opportunities, conversations, and ideas that lead to greater mobility and business success for their members.

    Although the company has suspended its spaces in 2020 due to the coronavirus, they are still poised for future success.

    Membership had been steadily increasing since The Wing was founded in 2016 and is expected to continue doing so once the pandemic is over.

  15. Passport. Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina

    Passport offers enterprise software that allows cities, transit agencies, and universities to manage all aspects of transportation.

    With a single platform, agencies can manage mobile pay parking, micro-mobility, and parking enforcement.

    This startup based in North Carolina has experienced massive growth since it was founded in 2010, increasing its revenue by 457% from 2017 to 2020.

  16. Swiftly. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    This company is helping cities and local governments improve urban mobility.

    Using big data and machine learning algorithms, Swiftly is able to show city planners how to improve transport service reliability and performance.

    Over 50 cities are already using Swiftly’s technology platform, with more to follow.

  17. Legalist. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Legalist is using machine learning and data to invest in lawsuits.

    By using public court records, AI, and statistical analysis, the company can identify ongoing lawsuits that are favored to win.

    They then generate profit by providing funding to the law firms and plaintiffs involved in these lawsuits and collecting a commission.

    No other company currently offers a similar solution, allowing Legalist to capture more and more of the litigation finance industry.

  18. FabFitFun. Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

    FabFitFun is a fast-growing subscription service that sends “mystery boxes” to members each month, containing curated health and beauty products.

    Despite already having millions of members across the United States and Canada, the company has plenty of room to grow.

    In addition to their base subscription model, they make money by partnering with brands that want to expose their products to a broader audience.

    Fabfitfun also leverages its large subscriber base to create an audience for their editorials, videos, and social media posts.

    In this way, FabFitFun is not only a subscription service, but also an advertisement platform and media company in one.

    This is a stock to watch out for when it becomes a publicly-traded company.

  19. Dave. Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

    Dave is a banking app that focuses on improving common pain-points individuals experience when banking with major companies such as Chase and Wells Fargo.

    Each feature, such as overdraft protection, automated budgeting, and no-interest cash advances, is targeted towards the needs of ordinary Americans.

    This strategy seems to be working, as the Los Angeles based startup has amassed millions of loyal members and is growing quickly.

  20. ParkWhiz. Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois

    This company offers a website and mobile app that allows users to quickly and easily find parking spots before they arrive at a destination.

    By building partnerships with major event companies such as ShowClix and Eventbrite, they’ve put themselves in a prime position to take over the $100 billion parking industry.

  21. Activ Surgical. Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

    A 2017 study by Purdue University determined that medical errors cause an average of 251,000 deaths each year in the United States.

    Activ Surgical offers software that leverages computer vision and AI to improve the accuracy and patient outcomes of surgical operations.

    The Boston-based biotech company’s solution is currently patent-pending but offers a unique solution to a critical problem.

  22. Everfest. Headquarters: Austin, Texas

    Everfest is an Austin-based startup that connects festival organizers, artists, and sponsors to a single ecosystem.

    Festival providers can post information about upcoming events to users, who can then comment and connect with friends.

  23. Instacart. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Instacart is a groceries delivery mobile app.

    Users can submit orders for nearby supermarkets such as Walmart and Publix. Drivers pick up these orders, deliver them to the user’s home, and collect a fee in the process.

    Instacart has shown tremendous early promise and growth.

    Since the app first launched in 2012, they have experienced order volumes surging 500% year over year. Their grip on the online grocery market has tightened such that Walmart’s share in the market halved from 2019 to 2020.

    Additionally, Instacart is already profitable. This is notable as other forms of mobile delivery and rideshare apps such as Doordash and Lyft are still experiencing negative cash flow.

    Despite the app already becoming an industry giant, Instacart still has much room to grow.

    Only 2.4% of daily shoppers currently use online services to do so. This figure is expected to increase over the next few years, with Instacart grabbing a large portion of those users.

    The company is still privately held, but keep an eye out once it becomes publicly traded.

  24. Fetch Robotics. Headquarters: San Jose, California

    This company develops robotics products that streamline logistics operations, provide real-time warehouse information, and improve productivity.

    Their suite of products includes robots that transport packages of all sizes within factories, distribution centers, and warehouses.

    The company’s earnings growth has only accelerated since its founding in 2014 and is expected to continue to do so.

  25. Codecov. Headquarters: Miami, Florida

    Codecov offers an API development workflow solution that shows developers meaningful reports and statistics about their tested code.

    The tool is currently used by over a thousand companies, with user growth only accelerating.

    The Florida-based startup is also continually enhancing its services using a data-centric and customer feedback approach.

  26. Hyliion. Headquarters: Cedar Park, Texas

    Hyliion is a Texas-based startup that’s developing a variety of products to help the trucking industry transition to renewable energy sources.

    They currently offer a hybrid drivetrain system that runs on renewable natural gas (RNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), and traditional diesel fuel.

    As CNG and RNG are cheaper per gallon than diesel and crude oil, trucking fleets can use Hyliion’s hardware to lower their costs while meeting carbon footprint quotas.

    These products are expected to see tremendous demand in the next decade, as more and more states regulate carbon-positive vehicles in a bid to fight climate change.

    The company has been around since 2016 and recently went public through a reverse-merger.

  27. Washlava. Headquarters: Tampa, Florida

    Washlava is a laundromat that allows customers to reserve and pay for laundry through a mobile app. Users can also monitor their laundry status in real-time.

    While this Tampa-based company may not be the next Uber, it’s innovating in an old industry using a unique solution.

    Washlava plans to expand its business by offering the same mobile solution to campuses, hotels, and other laundromats.

  28. Looplist. Headquarters: Denver, Colorado

    Looplist allows users to endlessly scroll through product listings. By using machine learning, the app identifies what products are most likely to fit an individual’s interests and needs.

    Although many online marketplaces tailor what’s shown to users, this Denver-based startup differs in its extremely simple interface and ease-of-use.

    The founders plan to offer public stock on the New York Stock-Exchange (NYSE) in 2021.

  29. Bandpage. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Bandpage is a website that allows musicians to share their music and information, just like Spotify.

    However, it differs by offering a customizable platform where artists can offer merchandise and VIP experiences in addition to just music.

    The company has shown promising early growth, with 500,000 artists currently signed up.

    There is also increasing discontent and controversy regarding Spotify in the music industry, offering an advantage to potential competitors such as Bandpage.

  30. Calm. Headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Calm is currently the #1 sleep, mental wellness, and meditation app on the App Store.

    Despite this, they still have a large remaining addressable market to capture.

    The company plans on developing a range of additional digital and physical products, leveraging their existing audience.

    The app also only supports a few major languages currently, meaning many more users are expected to join as more language options are added.

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Chris Kolmar


Chris Kolmar

Chris Kolmar is a co-founder of Zippia and the editor-in-chief of the Zippia career advice blog. He has hired over 50 people in his career, been hired five times, and wants to help you land your next job. His research has been featured on the New York Times, Thrillist, VOX, The Atlantic, and a host of local news. More recently, he's been quoted on USA Today, BusinessInsider, and CNBC.

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