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17 Best Desk Jobs: Office Jobs for Every Skill Level

By Amanda Postma
Jan. 31, 2023

Summary. Some high paying desk jobs include investment fund manager, information technology manager, and attorney. Entry level desk jobs include payroll specialist, receptionist, and communications associate.

We all had dream jobs growing up. Whether you wanted to be a movie star or a doctor. But then we grew up.

And if we’re being honest, all of those dream jobs just seem exhausting now. Having to stand up all day is the last thing we want to do now. So, maybe you should opt for a desk job.

We scoured the internet to find the best career options for all of you desk junkies and compiled a list of 51 careers that are tied to their desks. But first, check out these 10 excellent career choices that offer job growth opportunities and solid pay.

Key Takeaways:

  • Desk jobs provide a great environment for those who want to have a consistent workspace.

  • Many desk jobs are high paying.

  • Entry level desk jobs are quite common and accessible.

Best Desk Jobs: High Paying Office Jobs for Every Skill Level

12 Best Paying Desk Jobs

Desk jobs provide a great opportunity to make a lot of money. By having a consistent workspace, you can provide a service that is much needed in any industry. Consider the following high paying desk jobs:

  1. Investment Fund Manager

    Median Salary: $134,192
    Job Growth: 15%

    The majority of Investment Fund Managers go to college for a bachelor’s degree. So while you may have some student debt, that really won’t be much of an issue with a salary of $134,192. Plus with the career expecting to grow 15%, this desk job couldn’t get any better.

  2. Information Systems Director

    Median Salary: $123,456
    Job Growth: 11%

    By 2028, the Information Systems Director position is expected to grow a total of 11%. With the increasing number of job opportunities, you’re sure to find a job in this field in no time. If that isn’t enough to convince you that this is a great job, maybe the average salary of $123,456 a year will be enough. That’s enough to pay for at least a bachelor’s degree!

  3. Systems Software Developer

    Median Salary: $105,376
    Job Growth: 21%

    This desk job is sure to knock your socks off. A bachelor’s degree is a small price to pay for a salary of $105,376. But that’s not the best part about becoming a Systems Software Developer. No, the best part is the extreme growth the career is expected to have over the next eight years. At 21% growth, the position is expected to add 284,100 job opportunities. All you need to do now is apply.

  4. Information Technology Manager

    Median Salary: $110,398
    Job Growth: 11%

    Over the past decade, technology-related job opportunities have exploded with new technology and upgrades coming out every day. But one of those positions caught our attention. As an Information Technology Manager, you can expect a median salary of $110,398. Not too shabby for being able to sit at a desk all day.

  5. Actuary

    Median Salary: $90,264
    Job Growth: 20%

    So, out of the other desk jobs you’ve read about thus far, Actuaries offer the lowest median salary at $90,264. While that’s nothing to scoff about, it definitely isn’t the best part about this desk job. In fact, we think you’ll prefer to know the potential of this position. You see, the job is predicted to grow 20% by 2028. It won’t take much for you to grab this job, which means you’ll be sitting in that desk chair in no time!

  6. Chief Development Officer

    Median Salary: $124,996
    Job Growth: 8%

    For a Chief Development Officer, the desk life does not get any better. I mean, being able to lead a team of employees to success from the comfort of your desk chair (and probably your own private office) is the dream. That dream is about to get better. Especially when you find out that the average salary for a CDO is $124,996. Hello, moneybags! On top of that, the position is expected to grow 8% within the next eight years. That means an additional 6,300 job opportunities for you to take advantage of.

  7. Software Developer

    Median Salary: $84,632
    Job Growth: 21%

    Software Developers have it made in the shade when it comes to having a desk job. Not only do they get to stay off their feet, but they also make an average salary of $84,632. That’s not too shabby when it comes down to being comfortable at work. While the salary seems like the best thing about this desk job, it couldn’t be further from the truth. No, the best part is definitely the 21% growth rate this career is hurtling forward.

  8. Marketing Manager

    Median Salary: $106,445
    Job Growth: 8%

    As one of the most important jobs within a company, it’s likely you’ve come across some marketing jobs along your job search journey. But how great are those jobs actually? Well, for Marketing Managers, we’d say pretty good. I mean, an 8% growth rate is pretty great in comparison to other desk jobs. And don’t even get me started on that $106,445 salary. I mean you could pay off school debt faster than counting to three.

  9. Public Relations Manager

    Median Salary: $87,478
    Job Growth: 8%
    Public Relations Manager is the ninth desk job we looked over and decided it was worth your time to look at as well. The majority of employers tend to look for those who have earned a master’s degree, but with a median salary of $87,478, you won’t have to worry about settling your school debt for too long. That’s not the only excellent positive about this desk position. The job is expanding every year and will continue to do so at an 8% growth rate. That means your job prospects just got a whole lot better.

  10. Director of Operations and Finance

    Median Salary: $118,001
    Job Growth: 6%

    A director of operations and finance position is great for someone who loves to take charge. A director of operations and finance makes sure oversees the financial transactions of a business. If you have an interest in developing financial revenue procedures and identifying new opportunities for your company to grow, then this is the job for you.

  11. Regulatory Affairs Manager

    Median Salary: $111,940
    Job Growth: 6%

    Most industries come with certain regulations, so a regulatory affairs manager makes sure a business follows those regulations. They advise organizations on how to follow these guidelines while maintaining business goals. This is a job that combines a lot of time at a desk with travel opportunities.

  12. Attorney

    Median Salary: $119,052
    Job Growth: 6%

    The last, but not least, desk job we thought was worth your time is the position of Attorney. While you’ll be spending your time helping people who are down on their luck, you’ll never have to worry about being down on your own luck. Not with an average salary of $119,052, at least!

5 Best Entry Level Desk Jobs

If you are interested in a desk job, but aren’t sure where to get started, fear not! There are plenty of entry level desk jobs that allow you to begin a career in such an environment.

  1. Payroll Specialist

    Median Salary: $45,348
    Job Growth: 5%

    Payroll specialists collect data and maintain employee databases, calculate working hours, bonuses, benefits, and tax deductions to make sure employees are paid correctly. It is a great job for anyone who loves numbers and people.

  2. Medical Billing Clerk

    Median Salary: $33,437
    Job Growth: 5%

    If you want to break into the healthcare industry consider this position. Medical bill clerks process payments and create billing arrangements in hospitals and healthcare clinics. They gather and verify patient information and identification, handle insurance information, code, maintain records, and update databases.

  3. Receptionist

    Median Salary: $29,180
    Job Growth: 5%

    A receptionist position is a desk job that comes with a lot of communication. Receptionists facilitate calls between the company and clients, as well as provide helpful information and administrative assistance.

  4. Help Desk Analyst

    Median Salary: $37,578
    Job Growth: 10%

    This is a great desk job for anyone who is good with computers and other technology. A help desk analyst helps customers with technical IT problems over the phone, via email, live chat, or remote-controlled screen sharing.

  5. Communications Associate

    Median Salary:$53,191
    Job Growth: 6%

    It is important for everyone at a company to be on the same page, especially during important projects. As a communications associate you will work across various departments to ensure communication about the activities or nature of your company is robust and consistent.

Is A Desk Job Right For Me?

Consider the following facts about desk jobs:

  • People who work desk jobs are twice as likely to be earning six-figure salaries as non-desk job people.

  • 86% of workers sit for work.

  • Desk jobs have increased 83% since 1950.

Now picture this: You’re sitting at your desk, looking out the window as the successful worker you are, while making enough money to be comfortable.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The only menacing thing about your job is walking to the copier or water cooler for some hot gossip, but even that seems great.

Desk jobs definitely aren’t for everyone. But it is for you.

Maybe you won’t sit at your desk all day. Maybe your office has sweet perks like an on-site gym or a game room. That makes desk jobs look even more appealing.

Now, that we’ve examined our top desk jobs, it’s time for you to pick the best one for you.

Desk Job FAQ

  1. What is an example of a desk job?

    A reception position is an example of a desk job. A receptionist is typically tasked with administrative tasks such as answering phones, receiving visitors, and providing information about the organization to visitors. This job typically requires a high school diploma and good communication skills.

  2. What are some benefits of desk jobs?

    Benefits of desk jobs include comfortable working conditions and predictability. Desk jobs allow for more accommodations than a job that requires a lot of standing. This can be beneficial to anyone who has a disability or have a hard time standing for long periods of time. Desk jobs are also more predictable with the day-to-day expectations. This can be helpful to anyone who likes to know exactly what they will be doing at work.

  3. What is a common problem for people who work at a desk?

    Bad posture is a common problem for those who work at a desk all day long. Sitting at a desk and typing all day can cause your arms to be too high or too low in proximity to the keyboard which can cause issues with neck and shoulder pain. If you sit at a desk all day, try lowering or raising your chair that way you are at a better angle. You should also try different stretches that allow for your posture to improve.


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Amanda Postma

Amanda Postma is a writer for the Zippia Career Advice blog with a focus on creating entertaining content to help you through your job search. She received her BA from the University Of Missouri-Columbia.

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