23 Awesome Stay-At-Home Mom Jobs For 2022

By Chris Kolmar - May. 4, 2021

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Being a parent is already a full-time job and then some. For any number of legitimate reasons, many parents sacrifice their careers to raise their children from home. However, if you are, or plan to be, a stay-at-home parent, know that work opportunities exist remotely and within your community if you want them.

Whether you need supplemental income or want more financial freedom, you have a wide variety of job opportunities. The trick is to find one that fits your needs. To be effective in your search, start with your values. For example, know the amount of time you want to spend working and how that will coincide with your duties as a parent.

Your values will guide you to appropriately fitting jobs by clarifying your goals. Then you should look for professions that match your skills and meet your needs. You could find a job based on your current skills, particularly your transferable ones, or if you want to break into a new field, you could learn new skills to increase your choices.

Whatever your needs and wants are, the options to work as a stay-at-home parent are available. As long as you have realistic expectations that complement your home life, you can pick from any number of professions to add new sources of money and fulfillment to your life.

  1. Consultant Jobs (Overview)

  2. Blogger Jobs (Overview)

  3. Freelance Writer And Photographer Jobs (Overview)

  4. Teaching Assistant Jobs (Overview)

  5. Social Media Marketer Jobs (Overview)

  6. Baby Sitter Jobs (Overview)

  7. Dog Walker-Pet Sitter Jobs (Overview)

  8. Graphic Designer Jobs (Overview)

  9. Telemarketer Jobs (Overview)

  10. Life Coach Jobs (Overview)

  11. Videographer Jobs (Overview)

  12. Virtual Assistant Jobs (Overview)

  13. Data Entry Clerk Jobs (Overview)

  14. Transcriber Jobs (Overview)

  15. Proofreader Jobs (Overview)

  16. Product Test Specialist Jobs (Overview)

  17. Bookkeeper Jobs (Overview)

  18. Craft Artist Jobs (Overview)

  19. Web Designer Jobs (Overview)

  20. Software Developer Jobs (Overview)

  21. Legal Assistant Jobs (Overview)

  22. Community Organizer Jobs (Overview)

23 Examples of Jobs for Stay-At-Home Moms

  1. Consulting
    Average Annual Salary: $74,000

    Consultation is a big component of every industry. You may be able to use your knowledge to assist firms and individual clients meet their goals. In most cases, you can do this remotely. Examples include financial consultants, software consultants, travel consultants, and marketing consultants.

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  2. Blogger
    Average Annual Salary: $41,000

    You would be wrong to think there is no money in blogging. As long as you can create a marketable brand and discover your target market, blogging is a great opportunity to make money from the comfort of your home. With the help of analytics and blog design services, you can attract advertisers and begin generating revenue.

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  3. Freelance writer
    Average Annual Salary: $52,025

    Maybe you do not want to start your own site but you still enjoy writing. If this sounds like you then consider freelance writing. Many sites and services need help with content creation. To break into the field you will need a portfolio of work and a robust professional network to reach clients.

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  4. Virtual teacher or Teaching assistant
    Average Annual Salary: $32,000

    Depending on the topic, you may be able to do this remotely or at your house. You can offer tutor assistance for elementary school kids to university students. You can also get teaching certifications, such as an ESL teaching certificate, to increase your opportunities.

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  5. Social media marketer
    Average Annual Salary: $44,687

    You can help expand a company’s brand on social media sites by either generating content or analyzing data. This job is great if you are interested in the intricacies of social media and the work allows for a lot of creativity.

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  6. Baby sitter or in-home child care
    Average Annual Salary: $20,000

    Since you are looking after your kids already, you can look after others as well. Small-scale babysitting offers flexible scheduling to meet your needs. If you wish to go bigger, you can turn your home into a daycare provided that you meet necessary regulatory requirements.

    Find Babysitting or in-home child care jobs near me

  7. Dog walker/Pet sitter
    Average Annual Salary: $20,000

    There is a lot of money to be found in animal care. You can look after other people’s pets while you are home with your kids. If you already take walks, you can earn a little extra money by bringing a dog or two along.

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  8. Graphic designer
    Average Annual Salary: $45,000

    If you have the creative talent and technical skills, then a graphic designer position can fit well with your stay-at-home schedule. Since most work is project-based, you can adjust your hours around your home life. You could work while your kids are at school or in the evening after they have been put to bed.

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  9. Telemarketer
    Average Annual Salary: $29,000

    Call centers are going remote, which means as long as you have the equipment and network connection, you can set up a telemarketing job in your own home. Companies will want someone they can trust to give expert customer service, so this is a great position if you love reaching out to others.

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  10. Life coach
    Average Annual Salary: $38,105

    Many people out there seek out guidance from life coaches. In your role, you watch how your clients develop and offer advice to meet their goals. Depending on your situation you can either offer remote sessions or else have people meet you at your house.

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  11. Freelance recording artist
    Average Annual Salary: N/A

    With the right skills and equipment, home recordings have reached new levels of professional quality. Many producers and musicians now send their work from their own personal studios. If you have the ability, you can look into roles such as writing jingles or producing audio tracks for clients.

  12. Photographer or Videographer
    Average Annual Salary: $38,000

    This is a reasonable profession for stay-at-home parents who have the skills and availability. Many photographers and video professionals work with flexible schedules that allow them to schedule projects based on logistics.

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  13. Virtual assistant
    Average Annual Salary: $24,000

    As the name implies, a virtual assistant is a type of administrative assistant who works remotely. You can help professionals organize their work by providing services such as scheduling, communication, and note-taking. If you are interested, search for virtual assistant positions and be surprised by the options.

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  14. Data entry clerk
    Average Annual Salary: $28,000

    Data entry is great for those who don’t mind repetitive tasks and for those who do not want a job that requires heavy thinking while they raise a family. However, you need to have extreme attention to detail, so make sure you are not too distracted when you work.

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  15. Transcriber
    Average Annual Salary: $41,000

    Many services need their audio recordings transcribed for either customer-facing or internal needs. As a transcriber, you listen to audio samples and write down what you hear.

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  16. Proofreader
    Average Annual Salary: $50,000

    Though not as skill-heavy as an editor, proofreaders are needed by organizations and individuals who need their work read before publication. You can become a proofreader and use your free time to read over projects. Afterward, you will be asked to give feedback and possible corrections.

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  17. Product test specialist
    Average Annual Salary: $64,000

    Before a company rolls out their product, they want to test it with consumers to see how expectations are met. Product testing can either be digital, such as for a website or piece of software or else as a tangible object that can be mailed to you.

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  18. Bookkeeper
    Average Annual Salary: $38,000

    If you are good with numbers and enjoy accounting, then you can offer your services as a bookkeeper. Certain businesses can be very accommodating to remote bookkeeping. However, much material is time-sensitive, so you must be able to provide your services consistently.

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  19. Craft artist
    Average Annual Salary: $60,000

    Crafting is great to do at home and provides you a way to fuel your creativity. The crafts you make can vary depending on the scope of your operation. You could make small gifts for friends and family, or if you find success, you can post your products in an online store.

    Find Crafting jobs near me

  20. Web designer
    Average Annual Salary: $61,000

    If you have technical skills, web design is an occupation in high demand. You could provide your services either for a specific company or act as a freelancer. The work can be time-sensitive but is very lucrative.

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  21. Software developer
    Average Annual Salary: $80,000

    Similarly, software development can be achieved remotely and for a big payoff. With the skills and time available, you can bring in plenty of money for your family without having to be far from them.

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  22. Legal assistant
    Average Annual Salary: $40,000

    Legal assistants are a special type of administrative assistant who needs to be familiar with the language and process of the law. The legal line of work that is done digitally can be done remotely. Many lawyers work out of home offices, so you could also land a job that is close to your neighborhood.

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  23. Community organizer
    Average Annual Salary: $38,000

    Speaking of neighborhoods, get involved with yours as a community organizer. Take advantage of your stay-at-home parenthood by taking action to improve your community. From local schools to aesthetic improvements, there is much that can be done. Either join an established organization or make your own.

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These are just some of the many different jobs awaiting stay-at-home parents. It comes down to your situation, what your skills are, what time you have available and what type of work interests you. Also, it depends on the age of your children. Toddlers will need more time, attention, and energy than teenagers, so your profession will be determined by this factor.

Don’t worry if it seems overwhelming. Many other moms and dads have succeeded in finding the perfect balance at their homes between work and family. As technology makes remote work more and more available for different careers, your choice as a stay-at-home parent with a job means there will be a bigger community to be encouraged by.

The most important thing is that you find satisfaction in the job you pick. It needs to be one that will allow you and your family to grow together. The opportunity is out there, you just need to take the first steps and look.

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