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Quarantine 15

How much weight will you gain
working from home?

Will YOU be one of the many Americans who will put on the 'Quarantine 15?' Research has shown that many of us will put on some weight while we're stuck at home during the pandemic.

40 days

Snacks 🍿

Drinks 🍺

How Much Weight Did You Gain?

Jobs Where You're More Like To Work Remotely Or From Home

These are the types of jobs where the Quarantine 15 might be more of an issue:

How To Avoid Your Quarantine 15 During A 40 Day Quarantine

Based on other countries' time from full, country-level lockdown until release, you can expect quarantine to last about 40 days. With that in mind, and limited access to grocery stores, you should start meal planning on how to avoid putting on the pounds.

The Snack Plan

  1. Pick a snack. Veggies are a healthy choice all of the time.
  2. Try not to graze. The key to keep your weight down is to keep food off of your home office desk.
  3. Don't choose a night cap. Avoid drinking alcohol even though we're sure your stress levels are higher right now.
  4. If you do drink, moderate. One is better than two.
  5. And, of course, exercise. Before, during, or after work. Research shows you'll be more productive at work and keep the pounds off.


Adhering to the quarantine diet described above will make you LOSE 1 to 2 pounds when it's all over.

Or you can always just remember to set your zoom settings to improve your appearance and snack away.

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