19 Best Companies To Work For In Atlanta

We used online company reviews to help us decide on our own list of the top companies to work for in Atlanta, GA.

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There’s a lot to do in Atlanta, like checking out all the great restaurants, enjoying the local culture, taking a walk through the town’s parks and museums, and overall just immersing yourself in all the stuff that makes Atlanta…well, Atlanta.

All the great things that make Atlanta home to thousands of families and individuals also make it a haven for job searchers of all stripes , some looking for the very first time, others seeking a change of pace, and others still who are desperately calling every business they can find and hoping that their next big interview will be “the one.”

But there are new companies springing up across the Atlanta area all the time, and this begs an important question for job searchers: which companies are the best for employees to work for?

We were curious, so, using company scores from websites that aggregate reviews like GlassDoor and Indeed as a baseline, we created our own list of some of the best companies to work for headquartered within Atlanta, GA.

The full list can be found further down, but first, here’s a quick top ten:

  1. Terminus
  2. Rigor
  3. Ally Commerce
  4. HUNTER Technical Resources
  5. Intellinet
  6. eVestment
  7. Red Clay Consulting
  8. SalesLoft
  9. Jabian Consulting
  10. Arrow Exterminators

Does your company make the top twenty? Read on or skip to a full table at the end.

Tips For Finding A Great Company In Atlanta From Local Pros

1. Terminus


Source: Facebook

Company Description: Terminus is a marketing software company that helps its customers reach their primary audience at all stages of the buying process through the use of Terminus’ account-based marketing platform.

Employees of Terminus enjoy being part of such a hardworking and collaborative team, as well as the company’s mentality of encouraging its workers to take risks when it comes to helping the company improve.

2. Rigor


Source: Facebook

Company Description: Rigor is a company based in Atlanta that works with other businesses — particularly e-commerce companies — in order to help them optimize their websites, speeding up these sites while improving the overall user experience.

Employees enjoy working for Rigor thanks to its flexible work hours, fair promotion process, and the tendency of management to give frequent feedback and recognize employees for their accomplishments.

3. Ally Commerce

Ally Commerce

Source: Glassdoor

Company Description: Ally Commerce functions as an e-commerce platform for manufacturers who want to sell their products directly to consumers rather than having to resort to an intermediary.

Employees of the company like the excellent co-workers that the company hires as well as the great corporate culture that Ally Commerce creates.

4. HUNTER Technical Resources

Hunter Technical Resources

Source: Facebook

Company Description: HUNTER Technical is a staffing company that provides contractors and personnel in fields related specifically to tech, such as computer science and engineering.

Employees of HUNTER enjoy the way that the company interacts with its workers, and specifically note the company’s recruitment and onboarding processes as being particularly effective.

5. Intellinet


Source: Glassdoor

Company Description: Intellinet is a technology services and consulting company that help its clients transform their businesses through cloud-, mobile-, and social-based solutions that all work toward the end goal of improving the user’s experience.

The company’s employees like the flexible scheduling offered by Intellinet, as well as the new technology and exciting, innovative projects that the employees get to work with.

6. eVestment


Source: Facebook

Company Description: eVestment provides an analytic software that uses datasets in order to research new investment strategies and create short lists of potential investments for investors.

Employees of eVestment take pride in the company for fostering a great work environment and for helping its employees seek a fulfilling work/life balance.

7. Red Clay Consulting

Red Clay Consulting

Source: Facebook

Company Description: A consulting and system integration company focused specifically on the energy field, Red Clay Consulting works to implement solutions using a framework known as Oracle Utilities.

Employees of Red Clay enjoy the way that the company’s small size makes individual accomplishments noticeable, as well as the fact that one of the management team’s directives is to keep their employees happy.

8. SalesLoft


Source: Facebook

Company Description: Salesloft is a platform that helps sales teams interact with customers over phone, email, or social media for the purpose of turning more and more target accounts into customers.

Employees of Salesloft love the company’s positive, uplifting culture as well as the high level of talent present in Salesloft’s employees.

9. Jabian Consulting

Jabian Consulting

Source: Facebook

Company Description: Jabian Consulting is a technology and consulting company based in Atlanta that helps companies maximize their investment returns and plan for future investments while also improving satisfaction for the company’s employees and customers alike.

Employees of Jabian Consulting like the way that the company really seems to care about individuals, with a large part of the company’s focus set on maintaining the company’s excellent culture.

10. Arrow Exterminators

Arrow Exterminators

Source: Facebook

Company Description: Arrow Exterminators is an extermination and pest control company located in Atlanta that was founded over 50 years ago; today, the company is the sixth biggest extermination company in the US.

Employees of the company love its friendly sales environment and the way that management goes out of its way to encourage its employees to do better and better at their work.

11. Fire Inc.

Fire Inc. Atlanta

Source: Facebook

Company Description: An Atlanta-based marketing firm, Fire Inc. works to increase the brand loyalty of its clients through honesty and high quality in-person sales experiences.

Employees of Fire Inc. enjoy the fact that the company provides significant training and advancement opportunities for its employees to take advantage of.

12. Speakeasy Inc.

Speakeasy (Georgia)

Source: Facebook

Company Description: Speakeasy Inc. is dedicated to helping its clients better communicate with both their customers as well as their employers and coworkers by teaching them to strengthen their public speaking abilities.

Employees of Speakeasy note the excellent perks and company benefits as being some of the best reasons to work for the company, as well as the fact that Speakeasy’s CEO and other upper management frequently make themselves available to lower level employees.

13. MiLEND


Source: Facebook

Company Description: MiLEND helps those who own homes or are in the process of purchasing homes by offering them the best mortgaging options possible alongside the knowledge of expert loan officers.

The company’s family-like culture and the high earning potential of its sales positions are listed by employees as being some of the best reasons to work for the company.

14. The CS BlackBell Agency

The CS BlackBell Agency

Source: Facebook

Company Description: The CS BlackBell Agency is a marketing company that prides itself on being a “top-performing partner” for its clients in matters related to advertising and promotions.

Employees of CS BlackBell Agency enjoy the company’s team-oriented, family-like atmosphere, specifically pointing at the company’s culture as being one of the best reasons to work for the company.

15. CF Real Estate

CF Real Estate

Source: Facebook

Company Description: CF Real Estate is a real estate services company that provides specifically multifamily services related to consultation and property management — the company itself boasts decades of multifamily industry experience amongst its workforce.

Employees of the company like the company’s flexible work schedule along with the excellent opportunities the company provides for advancement.

16. MailChimp


Source: Facebook

Company Description: MailChimp is the world’s biggest marketing automation platform and is particularly used by small businesses, today serving millions of users across the world.

MailChimp’s employees appreciate the company’s dedication to inclusivity, great compensation and benefits, and the way that the company cares deeply about its employees as individuals.

17. McKenney’s, Inc.


Source: Facebook

Company Description: McKenney’s is a building and design company that offers contracting services at all levels of the building process, from design and ideation all the way to the construction itself.

Employees of Mckenney’s particularly like the fact that the company is a family business with an excellent culture that encourages engaging with projects and doing great work.

18. PrimeRevenue


Source: Facebook

Company Description: PrimeRevenue is a company that processes financial transactions on a massive scale, overseeing around $100 billion in transactions every year in over 70 different countries.

The company is loved by its employees for its huge, high-value client base, its dedication to its values, and the fact that it conducts its business around the globe.

19. Pindrop



Company Description: Pindrop is a startup company that is working to make people’s voices into viable user interfaces by increasing both the security and overall technical quality of voice interactions with technology.

Employees of Pindrop appreciate the fact that the company hires only the best employees it can find, as this contributes to the company’s overall driven, geeky, and low-drama culture.

Now You Know The Best Places To Work In Atlanta

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Detailed List Of The Top Employers In Atlanta

Rank Company
1 Terminus
2 Rigor
3 Ally Commerce
4 Hunter Technical Resources
5 Intellinet
6 eVestment
7 Red Clay Consulting
8 SalesLoft
9 Jabian Consulting
10 Arrow Exterminators
11 Fire Inc. Atlanta
12 Speakeasy (Georgia)
14 The CS BlackBell Agency
15 CF Real Estate
16 MailChimp
17 McKenney’s, Inc.
18 PrimeRevenue
19 Pindrop

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