10 Largest Security Companies In The World

By Caitlin Mazur
May. 25, 2021

A security company is a business that provides armed and unarmed security services and expertise to residential and commercial clients. These companies engage in providing guard and patrol services.

These things can include bodyguards, guard dogs, parking security, and security guards. Most organizations also provide advanced special operations services such as the prevention of unauthorized activity or entry, traffic regulation, access control, and fire and theft prevention and detection.

These services generally protect people, property, or information, depending on a client’s needs. This industry is rapidly growing across the world. In the United States alone, the security industry is a 350 billion dollar industry.

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Here are the 10 largest Security Companies in the world

  1. G4S Secure Solution. London, England, UK

    Revenue (2020): $9.76 billion

    The company was founded in 2004 when Securicor, a London-based company, merged with Group 4 Falck, a Danish business. The business offers clients various services, including supplying security personnel, monitoring equipment, response units, and securing prisoner transportation.

    G4S is also involved in foreign governments to deliver security. The company has operations in over 90 countries and is the world’s third-largest private employer. It also posts the title of the largest European and African private employer and one of the largest companies on the London Stock Exchange.

    The business segments its services in two areas. The first is security solutions that include any services for commercial and government organizations in areas of risk consultation, manned security, and security systems.

    Their second is cash solutions which is the outsourcing of cash cycle management for establishments like banks, financial institutions, and retailers.

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  3. Securitas Services. Stockholm, Sweden

    Revenue (2020): $9.23 billion

    This security services, monitoring, consulting, and investigation group is present in 53 countries worldwide. Founded in 1934 in Sweden, the company initially expanded through acquisitions of several small security companies in Sweden.

    Securitas AB owns and operates the security company Protectas AG in Switzerland and is also the parent company of Pinkerton Detective Agency. In 1991, Securitas was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and expanded rapidly from there.

    In 1994, the group distributed ASSA AB to its shareholders. Throughout the 90s, the company made a number of foreign acquisitions in Europe and the United States. Their company is split into three main business segments, including Security Services North America, Security Services Europe, and Security Services Ibero-America.

    The company provides clients with specialized services that include brand protection, due diligence, background checks, security assessments, intellectual property protection, executive protection, investigations, cyber surveillance, computer forensics, social compliance, and IT security.

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  5. Allied Universal. Santa Ana, California, USA

    Revenue (2020): $8.3 billion

    This American provider of security systems and services and janitorial services and staffing was formed in 2016 by the merger between Universal Services of America and AlliedBarton Security Services.

    The combination of these two businesses created the largest provider of security guards in the United States, with 140,000 trained officers at the time of the merger.

    The company provides security products and services, including access control, intrusion, alarm detection, and IP-based video systems, janitorial, transition planning, green cleaning, and staffing services.

    AlliedBarton was formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a provider of security guards and related Services. Universal Protection Service was founded in 1965 as a janitorial company, expanding into security by 1969.

    After the merger, the organization faced a number of allegations and a ransomware scheme in 2019. Most recently, in 2020, the Board of Directors and Shareholders for G4S unanimously accepted a takeover offer of $5.1 billion USD from Allied Universal.

    These combined companies would reportedly bring in a revenue of over $18 Billion USD.

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  7. Booz Allen Hamilton. McLean, Virginia, USA

    Revenue (2020): $6.7 billion

    This company’s core business is to provide consulting, analysis, and engineering services to the public and private sector organizations, as well as nonprofit organizations.

    Founded in 1914 in Evanston, Illinois, by Edwin G. Booz, the service was based on his theory that companies could be more successful if they could call someone outside of their organization for expert advice.

    This service attracted Goodyear Tire Rubber Company, Chicago’s Union Stockyards, and Transit Company, and the Canadian Pacific Railway, to name a few.

    Over the next few decades, the company experienced different name changes and business models. More recently, Booz Allen Hamilton was named the world’s most profitable spy organization by Bloomberg.

    In 2010, the company went public. In 2013, the commercial arm of the company was acquired by PwC and renamed Strategy, and today, the company is the SEC’s major provider of cybersecurity services after securing a ten-year contract worth $113 million.

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  9. ADT. Boca Raton, Florida, USA

    Revenue (2020): $5.13 billion

    Formerly known as the ADT Corporation, ADT Inc. is an American company that provides clients with electronic security, fire protection, and other related alarm monitoring services for both residential and commercial establishments.

    In 1863, founder Edward A. Calahan invented a stock ticker, forming the Gold and Stock Telegraph Company. Their system sent instructions to and from the stock exchange floor.

    Three years later, he woke up to a burglar in his home, which inspired him to create a telegraph-based alert system. This system later connected 50 neighbors to a central station where the alerts were monitored.

    In 1901, ADT was incorporated into Western Union. In 1909, Western Union and ADT came under the control of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (ATT), allowing ADT to expand into new areas like fire alarms and security systems.

    In the 1960s, ADT became publicly traded. Most recently, in February 2016, the company was acquired by Apollo Global Management.

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  11. CACI International. Arlington County, Virginia, USA

    Revenue (2020): $4.35 billion

    Originally the California Analysis Center, the Consolidated Analysis Center, Incorporated (CACI) is an American multinational professional services and information technology company that was founded in Santa Monica.

    This organization provides essential services to many branches of the United States, including defense, homeland security, intelligence, and healthcare. The business was born in 1962 by Herb Karr and Harry Karowitz, who were looking to commercialize the SIMSCRIPT simulation programming language.

    The company went public in 1968. The business engages in transformation for intelligence on behalf of the national defense and federal civilian customers. It is a widely recognized IT company.

    In the early 2000s, the organization grows primarily through acquisitions of other IT companies that they partner with. In February 2020, CACI announced the hiring of former White House staffer Daniel Walsh as a corporate strategic adviser and senior vice president.

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  13. The Brink’s. Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Revenue (2020): $3.94 billion

    This American private security and protection company owns and operates both Brink’s Inc and Brink’s Home Security. These two organizations operate separately. Brink’s brand is globally recognized.

    In 2013, its international network served customers in over 100 countries. Brink’s is well known for its bullet-resistant armored trucks that can carry money and valuables. They provide security services for banks, retailers, governments, mints, and jewelers.

    The majority of Brink’s business is conducted internationally, bringing in about 82% of their annual revenue. In January 2012, Brink acquired Kheops, SAS, a logistics software provider and related services in France.

    This allowed Brink’s to control software used primarily in cash-in-transit and money processing in France. In 2013, Brink’s acquired Rede Transacoes Electronicas Ltda. This organization distributed electronic prepaid products, including mobile phones.

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  15. DynCorp. McLean, Virginia, USA

    Revenue (2020): $3.04 billion

    DynCorp is a private military contractor. The business’s origin can be traced back to two companies formed in 1946. California Eastern Airways was an air freight business, and Land-Air was an aircraft maintenance company.

    DynCorp provides flight operations support, training and mentoring, international development, intelligence training and support, contingency operations, security, and operations and maintenance of land vehicles.

    The majority of its annual revenue comes from the U.S. federal government. DynCorp has been the organization that has provided services for the U.S. military in several theaters, including Bolivia, Bosnia, Somalia, Angola, Haiti, Colombia, Kosovo, and Kuwait.

    Additionally, they have provided security for the Afghan interim president Hamid Karzai and trains most of the police force in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have provided solutions to the disasters in the United States, including the recovery in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

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  17. Garda Security Canada. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Revenue (2020): $666.79 million

    This Canadian private security firm is involved in various business fields.

    These include protective services (such as security officers, mobile patrol, loss prevention, and investigations services.), aviation services (including pre-board screening in 28 Canadian airports, international protective services (including diplomatic protection and crisis management.), and cash services.

    The international division of the company, GardaWorld International Protective Services, began operations in 1984. During the mid-2000s, GardaWorld began acquiring companies, the most crucial being a $391 million deal for ATI Systems International.

    Unfortunately, the acquisition hurt GardaWorld more than helped them, pausing acquisitions until this past year, driving their debt to $639 million.

    Most recently, BC Partners bought a 51% stake in Garda World Security in a deal that values them at $5.2 billion CAD. As part of this deal, the CEO and founder of GardaWorld will retain a 49% stake in the company.

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  19. Control Risks group Holdings. London, United Kingdom

    Revenue (2020): $223.3 million

    Control Risks is a privately held company that provides risk consultancy services and specialized in surfacing political integrated security risks to the government and the United Kingdom.

    The company is headquartered in London but has helped many prominent companies understand and manage risk in various complex or hostile environments. Control Risks supports their customers, including foreign governments, by providing consultancy, expert analyses, and investigations into potentially sensitive political issues.

    Formed in 1975, it was initially meant to be a professional advisor to the insurance industry. However, the subsidiary of insurance broker Hogg Robinson focused on minimizing exposure to kidnapping and ransom payouts.

    Later, the business expanded its capabilities with political and security risk analysts. In addition to its major services, the company also helps to detect security risks in travel, maritime services and enterprise, and crisis management and business continuity training.

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