The 5 Best Ways to Start Your Cover Letter so it Gets Noticed

Maddie Lloyd
by Maddie Lloyd
Get The Job, Guides - 2 years ago

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One of the most important tools for landing a job is your perfectly-crafted cover letter. This is where you get to tell employers about your qualifications, show them why you’re the perfect fit, and let them know what you can bring to the table on day one.

Here’s the deal:

If you want employers to read all about why you’re the best person for the job, you’re going to have to reel them in with your opening lines. Hiring managers only spend a few seconds reading cover letters, so you’re going to need to grab their attention right off the bat.

So, how do you write a cover letter introduction so good that it immediately hooks an employer? Here are five tips for writing the best cover letter introduction so you can get the job of your dreams:

1. Start strong by directly mentioning the job title and your relevant accomplishments

Why waste time? Go ahead and get straight to the point and fill the employer in on which position you’re applying for, and how it relates to your impressive background. Make sure to emphasize your biggest and most relevant accomplishments to show off your candidacy or the job.

“I am interested in applying for the senior copywriting position at We Write Good Inc. As a content creator for We Write Pretty Good Co., I doubled our audience and increased pageviews by 30 percent.”

2. A little enthusiasm goes a long way

Go ahead and express your excitement for the job opportunity and the company. If there’s a specific company you’re excited about, go ahead and let them know. Enthusiasm could make all the difference between a what gets you a job offer, or a rejection letter.

When employers can see that candidates are excited, it shows that you’re motivated and dedicated to working with them. So go ahead and show them that you’re passionate — it could be what lands you an interview.

“I am very excited about the opportunity of working with We Do Good Things Industries. Your work with local animal shelters over the past few years has meant a great deal to me, as it is a cause that I care deeply for. I would love the opportunity to work alongside your company and put my professional experience as a fundraising coordinator to good use.”

3. Throw in those keywords to make your cover letter stand out

What’s one foolproof way to make your cover letter stand out? Sprinkle it with that magic secret ingredient that all employers love to find in cover letters and resumes — keywords! If you have any skills or qualifications that were included in the job listing, make sure to mention them throughout your cover letter.

These come especially handy when you’re applying at a big company, when your cover letter is going to be scanned for qualifications. Even if you’re applying at a smaller company, employers will definitely be impressed if they see their qualifications reflected in your application materials.

Using keywords throughout your resume and cover letter pretty much guarantees that they’re going to be read, and helps you show off your most impressive and relevant skills.

“I’m an ideal candidate for this position, as I have experience in public relations, managing social media platforms, and organizing detailed projects. Because I possess each of these qualifications, I feel that I would be the perfect candidate to lead your company’s public relations team.”

4. Go ahead and drop some names if you have them

If you have an “in” at the company who’s willing to vouch for you and your qualifications, go ahead and use that person to your advantage. Inside connections are a valuable tool when it comes to job searching, and it could be what gives you a leg up over another candidate.

If a friend or former coworker referred you to the job opening, the company, or to a specific hiring manager, mention this early on in your cover letter introduction. Dropping their name will give the employer a point of reference, and they may be interested to see why someone who’s already at the company thought you would be a good fit.

“My name is Johnny Bravo and I’m writing to you today in regard to the Operations and Maintenance opening at Townsville Solar Services. I recently spoke with your human resources coordinator, Danny Phantom, who informed me about the opening for the position. Mr. Phantom recommended that I contact you about the position because of my experience in the field.”

5. Bring up any current events

Another great way to show that you’re enthusiastic about a job opportunity would be to let the employer know that you’re up to speed on the company’s current events or projects in your cover letter introduction.

Look online for any recent news about the company and weave it into your introduction, but make sure to explain how the news ties into your candidacy.

“I recently read an article in Townsville Daily concerning your company’s humanitarian efforts in regions that have been impacted by environmental disasters. After reading these articles, I was very excited about the opening for a Solar Technician position with your company. As someone who cares deeply about maintaining a clean and healthy environment, I feel that I would be the best candidate for this job.”

Now you know how to write a cover letter introduction!

Every part of your cover letter should be focused on showing the employer why you’re the best person for the job. Your introduction is the first thing they’re going to read, so you’re going to want to start selling yourself right away.

Make sure to list your accomplishments, show your enthusiasm, and reflect major keywords. These things will catch a hiring manager’s eye, and make them curious as to what else you can offer the company.

If you use these tips to catch an employer’s attention with your motivation and your awesome qualifications, you’re sure to land an interview and get the job!

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