Cover Letter

A good cover letter can highlight your achievements, address any questions or red flags that might be on your resume, and round you out as a candidate. On the other hand, a poorly written and sloppily formatted cover letter can seal your fate as the candidate that didn’t get the job offer.

We’ve broken down the different aspects of the mysterious and sometimes tedious process of writing a cover letter so that you can be confident in submitting yours with your next job application.

Our guides in this section cover:

  • Examples of cover letters for a variety of industries.

  • Tips on how to correctly format your cover letter.

  • How to write a cover letter with no experience.

  • Troubleshooting help for questions like, “What if I don’t know the recipient’s name?”

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How To Write A Cover Letter For An Internship (With Examples)

To write a cover letter for an internship you will want to start with a header and a professional greeting. Then, your opening paragraph will hook in your reader with your interest and qualifications, while the following paragraphs will tell a story that underscores your value.

How to Write a Career Change Cover Letter

How To Write A Career Change Cover Letter (With Examples)

To write a career change cover letter you should first start with a professional header with your information as well as the hiring managers information.

When Are Cover Letters Necessary (With Examples)

Cover letters can be necessary and important to clarify a confusing resume, fill in employment gaps, and to add information that doesn’t fit in your resume.

How To Start A Cover Letter (With 30 Examples)

When starting your cover letter, you should show your excitement about the organization and the passion for what you do.

Dear Sir Or Madam: When To Use It And Alternatives

Saying "Dear Sir or Madam" is still acceptable, it should be avoided because it can make you look lazy and make it sound generic.

How To Write A Letter Of Intent For A Job (With Examples)

To write a letter of intent start strong with a greeting to the correct person and briefly explain why you are writing.

Cover Letter Highlighted Articles

How To Use “Dear Hiring Manager” On Your Cover Letter

Use "Dear Hiring Manager" as an acceptable alternative when you are unable to address your cover letter directly by name, which is always preferable.

How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internal Position or Promotion

How To Write A Cover Letter For An Internal Position Or Promotion (with Examples)

When writing a cover letter for an internal position or promotion you should have an explanation of how you are qualified for the position.

Who to Address Cover Letter To If Unknown

Who To Address Cover Letter To If Unknown (With Examples)

When the hiring managers name is unknow, try to be as specific as possible by using their job title or company name such as "dear [company name] hiring manager" or "dear [department name] hiring manager."

The Best Way To Say “Thank You For Your Consideration”

A "thank you for your consideration" email or letter is sent to a recruiter or hiring manager after an interview to express your gratitude for their time.

How To Write An Address (With Examples)

Although the internet and digital technologies have taken over our life, we are still relatively reliant on snail mail. This can be anything from general mail, bills, important documents, and packages of all shapes and sizes. Of course, you can send a package from any corner of the earth now that we have access to […]

Miss, Mrs., Or Ms.: When To Use Each

How you address a person can make a huge difference in how your correspondence is received. When you’re writing a professional letter or speaking to someone in a position of authority, it’s polite to use established formal titles to address them. For men, their titles remain the same regardless of their stage in life or […]

6 Tips On How To Address Your Cover Letter

A guide to help you properly address your cover letters and impress employers without sounding like you're 100 years old.

How To Write A Cover Letter With No Experience

Writing a cover letter can be intimidating, especially if you don’t have any experience. Not knowing which skills to put down and what the company is looking for can deter anyone. But don’t worry, it can be pretty easy to write and sell yourself as the best candidate for the position. Luckily for you, we’ve […]

How To Sell Yourself In A Cover Letter (With Examples)

When sending in a job application, cover letters are your chance to show off your personality and why you’re a great fit for the position. It can be difficult to strike a good balance between talking about your qualifications and adding some personality and flavor to your cover letter. Making sure your cover letter shines […]

Free Cover Letter Templates

Free Cover Letter Templates

A good cover letter adds personality and context to your resume, and it is your chance to tell hiring managers why your skills and experiences make you the perfect candidate for the job. However, as important as this document is, it can be difficult to know where to start. This article will provide you with […]

The Best Cover Letter Examples (And Tips)

The Best Cover Letter Examples (And Tips)

Writing a cover letter can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a frame of reference for what a good one looks like. That’s why we’ve put together a few examples of excellent cover letters and tips on how to make yours shine. Key Takeaways A strong cover letterer opening is key to drawing in […]

Cover Letter Examples for Every Situation

If you’re in the job market right now, you need to find a job and you need it now, but how do you do that when the market is flooded with people who are desperate to find a job? The answer is in a well-written cover letter that stands out. How do you do that? […]

Cover Letter Templates To Help You Get The Job

Cover Letter Templates To Help You Get The Job

Writing a cover letter from scratch can be challenging, so using a template can save you both time and effort. To that end, we’ll share a cover letter template and examples of how you can personalize them. We’ll also give you some tips on how to write a cover letter that meets all of your […]

Creative Cover Letters (With Examples)

When cover letters are done right, they can immediately set you apart from the rest of the applicant pool, but they can be tricky to perfect. Without overwhelming your reader, there’s a lot of information you need to cover in a limited amount of space. You can make your cover letter stand out in two […]

How To Include Salary Requirements In A Cover Letter (With Examples)

When you apply for a job, you may be asked about your salary requirements. Answering this question correctly is crucial. If you ask for an amount that is too high, you may be priced out of an interview or job offer. If you ask for an amount that is too low, you will find yourself […]

How To Mention A Referral In Your Cover Letter (With Examples)

When applying for a new job, it may be to your benefit to have a connection with someone already at the company or someone who may recommend you for the position. Having a relationship with someone the hiring manager or recruiter already knows can help you get better visibility when applying for a job. Providing […]

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job With No Experience In That Field

Most people run into this problem at least once in their professional careers. They’re looking to get a job but have no experience. This can happen if you’re just entering the workforce for the first time. It also happens to people who have decided to take their career in a different direction. So what do […]

How To Write A Short Cover Letter (With Examples)

When applying for a job you will want to make sure your cover letter has your qualifications and why you are the right person for the job. This sounds like an easy task, right? While it may sound easy to do, recruiters and hiring managers don’t have the time to read through every application in […]

Tips For Sending Email Cover Letters

A candidate’s application materials need to be alluring enough for a hiring manager to want more. A resume lists out an applicant’s education and former experiences in a bullet-point, digestible form. Many people think this is enough to land the job, but sending a cover letter in an email enhances your chances even more. In […]

How To Address A Cover Letter (With Examples)

How do I address a cover letter correctly when I don’t know who the hiring manager is? How formal does addressing a cover letter need to be?

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Job In 2023 (With Examples)

As one recent survey found that 52% of hiring managers pay more attention to a resume that is accompanied by a cover letter. The same study revealed that the percentage is even higher for application materials that are tailored to the position. Writing a cover letter is even more important to your chances of employment […]

How to Format a Cover Letter (With Examples)

How to Format a Cover Letter (With Examples)

Writing a cover letter is an important part of the job application process, as it’s your opportunity to explain why you’re the perfect person for the job you’re applying for. It’s also a reflection of what you’d bring to the company if they hired you. As a result, the content of your cover letter is […]

Best Font For Cover Letter When Applying For A Job

Having fantastic content is the most important part of a cover letter. However, your text needs to be presented in a way that makes it easy to read. If your cover letter is hard to read, many people will give up and toss your job application aside. There are so many things to consider when […]

How To Write A Cover Letter Body (With Examples)

You’ve got the basic formatting and structural elements figured out, but now it’s time to focus on writing the body of your cover letter. This is the area where most job seekers begin looking for some help, because the body (also called the argument) is the most important part of the document. It will also […]

How Long Should Should A Cover Letter Be? (With Examples)

Along with your resume, crafting a standout cover letter is one of the most important things you can do to get an interview for your dream job. In almost all cases, you should send a cover letter when applying for a job, unless the job posting explicitly says not to. Now comes the tricky part: […]

Cover Letter Tips To Help You Land The Job (With Examples)

Cover Letter Tips To Help You Land The Job (With Examples)

How do you sell yourself in 200 words or less? We have the tips to get you there.

How to Sign a Cover Letter (With Examples)

With so many applicants competing for the same job, you want to make sure every element of your application leaves the right impression. Regardless of your letter’s contents, an improper closing section conveys a sense of unprofessionalism and ruins the entire application. This article will show you exactly how to sign and end your cover […]

Cover Letter Spacing and Margins

Writing a standout cover letter is about more than just having great content. Coming off as professional in both form and function is going to help you get noticed by hiring managers. That means using proper spacing, margins, indentation, and length. Do these things correctly and your cover letter will be well-organized, clear, and easy […]

Choosing The Best Font And Size For Cover Letters

Your job application’s cover letter is the first impression your employer has of you and your work ethic when applying for a job. That’s why attention to detail when you write a cover letter is incredibly important to emphasize that you are the ideal candidate. One of the first things to focus on is what […]

What to Include in a Cover Letter

What To Include In A Cover Letter (With Examples)

Have you ever gone to write a cover letter, but had no idea what you were supposed to say? Lucky for you, we have everything you need to know about what to include in the guts of your cover letter.

15 Cover Letter Mistakes You Might Not Realize You’re Making

Writing a cover letter can be a challenge, and it's easy to overlook the do's and do not's of cover letter rules. We're here to save you from yourself.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Government Job

How To Write A Cover Letter For A Government Job (With Examples)

When you’re applying for jobs, you shouldn’t write one cover letter to send out with all your applications: You need to tailor your letter to the particular job you’re applying for. This article will explain how to write and tailor your cover letter for government positions. We’ll also provide a template and an example government […]

How to Write a College Student Cover Letter

How To Write A College Student Cover Letter (With Examples)

While crafting a professional cover letter can be difficult for anyone, college students might be wondering how to get started when they lack work experience. Even without years of professional experience, you can still write an excellent cover letter that convinces hiring managers that you’re the right person for the job. To help you with […]

How to Write an Official Business Letter

How To Write An Official Business Letter (With Format And Examples)

While letter writing may sound a bit old-fashioned to some, it still has plenty of uses within the professional world. Writing an official letter is one of the most straightforward ways to relay important information or express a point. Official letters get the point across professionally while avoiding taking up too much of the reader’s […]

How to Write a Legal Job Cover Letter

How To Write A Legal Job Cover Letter (With Examples)

While your application shows hiring managers that you check their boxes, your cover letter shows them why they should hire you over any other highly qualified candidate. For this reason, it’s important to write a solid cover letter when you’re applying for a legal job. To help you with this, we’ve put together some instructions […]

How to End a Cover Letter

How To End A Cover Letter (With Examples)

How to end your cover letter so that you stand out to a good way.

How To Write An Entry-Level Cover Letter (With Examples)

What you need to have on your first cover letter out of college.

How To Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out In 12 Easy Steps

When you're looking for a job, it's important to stand out against everyone else. These tips are sure to make your cover letter shine in a sea of boring, generic garbage.

How To Write A Cover Letter Opening (With Examples)

You’ve written your resume, you’ve filled out your job application, and now you just have to write that cover letter. “Easy enough,” you think. You start by writing the recipient’s name and address, as well as your own. You type in the date, you write the salutation, and then… you stare at the blinking cursor […]

How to Close Your Cover Letter Like a Boss

We walk you through some of the tips and how-to's (and how to not's) of closing your cover letter, including the statistically best sign-off.