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The 10 Best Lending Companies To Work For In New Jersey

Even if you enjoy your actual job, the company you work for can make or break your overall satisfaction at work. Because of this, it’s important to find employers that will treat you well and provide plenty of career opportunities. To help you with this, we’ve put together a list of ten of the best […]

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What Is On-The-Job Training? (With Examples)

On-the-job training is a method of training that teaches you how to do a job after you've already been hired and are doing the job.

How To Set Career Goals (With Examples)

To set career goals, align them with your values and needs, consider how they provide you agency, competency, and relatedness to others, and use the SMART goal framework as a guide to build your game plan.

How To Write An Effective Self Performance Review (With Examples)

An effective self performance review should display your self-awareness and your ability to process feedback.

24 Examples of Personal Development Goals For Work

Personal development goals are designed to help you improve yourself and increase your value as an employee.

How To Find A Mentor

How To Find A Mentor (With Examples)

If you’ve ever been asked “Who is your mentor?” in an interview and a name didn’t come to mind right away to you, you’re in the right place. Mentors are excellent resources for helping you meet your career goals and succeed in your job, and in this article, we’ll discuss what a mentor is, how […]

How To Plan For A Layoff

The thought of being laid off is a frightening one. Unfortunately, Layoffs are part of life. The unpredictable nature of them can cause a lot of stress because, in most cases, you aren’t being terminated due to poor work performance or even factors within your control. Many layoffs happen because of bigger issues such as […]

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What To Do When You’re Overqualified For The Job

Applying for a job you’re not qualified for is one thing but applying for a job you’re overqualified for is a whole different situation and it can be a tricky one. Interestingly, both situations can have a great outcome, or there could be a very bad one. In this article, we will go over why […]

10 Signs That You’re A Control Freak (And What To Do About Them)

A single control freak looming in a work environment or relationship can negatively impact the experience of everyone who has to deal with their tendencies. Being controlling is one of the most despised qualities that a supervisor or co-worker can have because people hate to be micromanaged. It trickles into their lives and often ends […]

Performance Review Examples

Everyone needs feedback about what they’re doing well and what they need to improve on, and your employees are no different. As a manager, you need to regularly provide this for your workers, as even the most qualified hires need accountability and encouragement to continue growing. This is why many companies require regular performance reviews […]

10 Tips To Avoid Distractions At Work

Whether it’s hearing the sound of a notification on your cell phone or thinking about that new video game you picked up last night, it can be difficult to stay focused during a boring or stressful workday. Cutting out distractions improves workflow, but can also improve your fondness for your job, both of these being […]

What Is A Digital Nomad (And How To Become One)

The average person will spend 3,750 days of their lives at work. While the idea of nearly four thousand long and back-breaking days paid to the debt of employment feels heavy, the consistency of that time is up to you. You can pay your dues whether those 90,000 hours are spent working within the confines […]

101 Questions To Ask Yourself In Life

Asking yourself questions every day is a great way to achieve personal growth. The kinds of questions you ask yourself during different experiences, situations, and events can significantly impact the way you live your life. The questions you ask can determine what your mind chooses to focus on, which results in certain thoughts, actions, and […]

What Is Career Development?

A person’s career is rarely a single goal but rather a series of steps that lead down a path. First, an individual must analyze the things that they enjoy and are good at to decide what profession they want to pursue. Then, they need to develop their skills in this industry by going to school […]

How To Get A Promotion

Getting a promotion can mean more autonomy, a more prestigious title, and a pay raise, all without having to go job hunting. Who wouldn’t want that? It can be difficult to obtain that promotion, however. Sometimes companies will offer them to employees when they’re restructuring, and sometimes you can apply for one within your company, […]

“Why Don’t People Like Me?” — 12 Reasons And How To Fix Them

Some people are just naturally likable — you’ve met them, the ones others seem to just gravitate towards. And, some people aren’t. Now, not everyone will like you all of the time. Some dislike even the most likable people. However, some have negative personality traits that rub people the wrong way. The naturally likable people […]

What To Do When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

What To Do When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing

If you’re like most people going through a rut, a big career change, or a life milestone, chances are that you don’t know exactly what you should do next. Not having a clear idea of what you’re doing, whether in your professional or personal life, is completely normal, even though it probably won’t feel that […]

9 Common Reasons Why You Are So Indecisive

While decision making is simply coming to a conclusion after taking the time to express all of your thoughts and feelings, the truth is that many people don’t even know what they’re thinking or feeling. If that feels like you, you’re not alone. So what do you do? Well, knowing the common causes of any […]

How To Challenge Yourself At Work (With Examples)

Challenging yourself at home can be reflected in your professional life. You will learn how to handle difficult tasks with ease. Since you are choosing to do something outside of your comfort zone, you are increasing your problem-solving skills. When you are entering the job market, you will notice that many prospective employers are looking […]

SMART Goals: Time Management Training

Many experts recommend that to get ahead in the business world, you will need to create SMART goals for yourself and the company. A SMART goal is a technique used by many small business owners and individuals to save time and energy. This is a tool that helps enhance productivity and increase the chances of […]

25 Things To Do When You’re Bored At Work

Everybody has those days where they’re simply bored. Maybe there’s no work motivation, maybe you’re having a bad day, or you didn’t sleep well, or it could be that you just hate your job. Usually, feeling bored at work is fleeting, and that’s a good thing. But what do you do when you have those […]