20+ Easy Jobs That Pay Well (With Examples)

By Chris Kolmar - Jan. 19, 2021
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Choosing a career path is a complicated decision that affects the rest of your life. Most people want a position that isn’t extremely difficult but still brings in a high salary. Luckily, there is a bounty of super-easy jobs that pay more than $50,000 per year.

  1. Personal shopper. For individuals who prefer guiding clients on purchasing needs and wants, a job as a personal shopper might be the right fit.

    The position’s duties involve speaking with customers to determine precisely what they’re looking for and assisting them in making the purchasing process as easy as possible.

    They often lend a hand in every step, from recommending the best products to tracking the item until it’s at your front door.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Discussing shopping goals with clients

    • Advising on the best purchasing choices

    • Helping clients through the payment process

    • Handling any issues in purchase processing

    • Ensuring satisfactory customer experience by collaborating with stores

    Job requirements. While you only need to have graduated from high school to become a personal shopper, many people in the field also have a bachelor’s in marketing or a similar field. It’s helpful to have some customer service and sales skills to succeed in the role.

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    Median annual salary. $35,000-$50,000

  2. Insurance specialist. An insurance specialist acts as the liaison between an individual and their insurance provider. They assist from the beginning of an individual signing up for an insurance service to when a claim needs to be coded into the company’s administrative system.

    The position provides a healthy dose of customer support and administrative functioning for people who enjoy variety in their daily activities.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Answering customer inquiries about insurance products and services

    • Providing information about the insurance claims process

    • Assisting in the claims process

    • Determining potential client’s insurance eligibility

    • Keeping track of client documents and files

    Job requirements. Individuals interested in becoming an insurance specialist need to have graduated from high school and either complete postsecondary education or possess the equivalent work experience.

    Median annual salary. $45,000-$58,000

  3. Personal trainer. Assisting someone in the strenuous journey towards improving their health and fitness is a gift that continues to serve them for years. A personal trainer gets to know their clients and their physical abilities and devises a personalized plan for fitness success.

    In addition to guiding them through workouts one-on-one, they provide their clients with tools to continue this work on their own. Over time, they evaluate progress and make tweaks to exercise routines to improve performance when needed.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Establish a network of loyal clients

    • Assess the physical skills and health limitations of clients

    • Creating personalized workout routines

    • Track progress over time and provide advice

    Job requirements. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma, but earning a higher degree in a related study helps earn a higher paycheck. Physical fitness abilities must also be quite high to do well as a personal trainer.

    Median annual salary. $40,000-$60,000

  4. Massage therapist. A massage therapist’s job is to use the therapeutic practice of physical touch to handle muscles and soft tissue in the body.

    This form of physical therapy has many potential benefits, such as pain management, relieving stress, and improving relaxation to create an overall feeling of wellness.

    They often collaborate with other physical therapy professionals, like chiropractors and physicians, to create comprehensive treatments for mutual patients.

    This is a great option for people interested in working in a healthcare-adjacent field without needing many years of school or being in a high-stress environment.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Upkeeping facility protocol in terms of cleanliness and safety

    • Keeping clients comfortable and relaxed

    • Sterilizing equipment for every client

    • Consulting with clients about their issues

    • Doing targeted massage therapy to assist in these problems

    Job requirements. All that’s needed in the way of traditional education to become a massage therapist is a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

    However, massage therapists are required to complete training courses before becoming certified and taking on clients.

    Median annual salary. $40,000-$65,000

  5. Graphic designer. Graphic design is an excellent job for people passionate about creative endeavors but want this skill to be practical in a professional context. They design the media and graphics for various products and industries.

    The individual who created the hand-drawn cover of your favorite book was a graphic designer, as well as Terry Heckler, the creator of the iconic Starbucks double-tailed mermaid logo.

    There are a lot of possibilities in the realm of graphic design to explore, which is what makes it such an exciting and profitable industry.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Coordinating with clients to fulfill their graphic design needs for their company

    • Formulating a strategy for designs

    • Presenting rough drafts and ideas to clients for approval

    • Creating visual media using design software

    • Working with other creative personnel on the brand

    • Conducting tests on final products to ensure satisfaction

    Job requirements. The field of graphic design requires more provable skills rather than educational qualifications. Usually, a strong portfolio and experience with designing software are much preferred to a candidate with an extensive academic profile.

    Median annual salary. $45,000-$75,000

  6. Flight attendant. For job-seekers who are interested in an occupation in the air but don’t want to commit to the years of schooling it takes to become a pilot, becoming a flight attendant is a lucrative career possibility.

    While flight attendants are responsible for passengers’ comfort on board by providing food and drink service, their job also involves maintaining safety on board.

    They execute tasks such as performing an example of emergency procedures pre-takeoff and directing passengers around the plane in an orderly fashion.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Keep safety procedures and equipment in mind before, during, and after the flight

    • Explaining safety precautions to passengers on every flight

    • Maintaining order in the event of an emergency

    • Creating a friendly and comfortable environment for passengers by greeting them and helping them on board

    • Serving beverages and food during the flight

    Job requirements. The minimum education that flight attendants need is a high school diploma, and they must be at least 18 years old. After being hired by an airline, flight attendants undergo formal training with their employer, usually taking about six weeks.

    Median annual salary. $50,000-$75,000

  7. Electrician. People don’t realize how much they rely on the lighting systems in their homes and workplaces until they stop working. That’s where a local electrician steps in to save the day. Their job is to maintain the functioning of commercial and residential electrical, lighting, and wiring systems.

    While there’s a fair amount of background knowledge that comes with being an electrician, it’s an attainable goal with a trade school education.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Installing and repairing electrical systems in homes and commercial properties

    • Understanding technical lighting blueprints

    • Performing general maintenance on lighting systems

    • Repairing equipment and wiring issues

    • Keeping regulations of the National Electrical Code in mind

    • Performing tests to evaluate lighting and electrical functioning after fixing

    Job requirements. Beyond a high school diploma, individuals interested in becoming electricians need to attend a vocational school to complete a licensing course.

    Once these requirements are met, an electrician apprenticeship of anywhere from 3-5 years is necessary.

    Median annual salary. $55,000-65,000

  8. Freelance photographer. Achieving a position as a freelance photographer is a dream for many hopeful amateurs with a camera. Their job includes discussing photography goals with clients, shooting within these guidelines, and editing the results for the best outcome.

    Freelance photographers often work within a niche, such as portraits, events, or natural landscapes. Since most photographers work freelance as opposed to as an employee of a company, the position offers a lot of freedom to do the job in a way that you enjoy.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Market their photography services to get clients

    • Evaluating the shooting scene and discussing photo needs with clients

    • Choosing the ideal props, lighting, and lens to capture the perfect photo

    • Planning and scheduling photography shoots with clients

    • Take photographs for clients that are professional and measure up to their requests

    • Editing post-Photoshop to create the best end product and eliminate imperfections

    Job requirements. A degree of some level in a photography-related subject helps build the knowledge that a freelance photographer needs, but it is not required.

    A candidate who is creative, experienced in the art of photography, and can produce a great shot can thrive in the industry without formal qualifications.

    Median annual salary. $55,000-$65,000

  9. Food critic. Most people have experienced such an impactful meal at a restaurant, whether it be good or bad, that they could write a five-page review on every dish they encountered. A food critic gets paid for these services.

    They work for media outlets, like newspapers and travel guides, to find the greatest meals and restaurants all over the world.

    It’s a fairly glamorous occupation because half the job involves being wined and dined by restaurants in the hopes of receiving a positive review.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Attending various restaurants

    • Evaluating dishes for taste, presentation, and other factors related to the experience

    • Considering the environment and aesthetic of restaurants

    • Writing comprehensive reviews of restaurants and meals for publications

    • Proofreading and editing work

    Job requirements. Food critics almost always have a bachelor’s degree or higher in a major related to journalism since a lot of the job responsibilities involve writing and reporting.

    Median annual salary. $50,000-$80,000

  10. Fashion designer. Every piece of clothing that you’re wearing began as a design drawn on paper. The person who brings clothing from a sketch to reality is a fashion designer.

    This creative position involves designing and producing various clothing items while following style trends and public appeal. It’s a competitive industry to get involved in, but if you can find a place for yourself, it’s incredibly profitable.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Draw and plan designs for clothing

    • Deciding on the best materials to use

    • Staying up to date on fashion trends in the market

    • Formulating prototype pieces for analysis

    • Considering production costs

    • Collaborating with team members in the production and marketing of clothing

    Job requirements. While fashion designers aren’t required to have any formal education to get involved, most successful people in the field have a bachelor’s in fashion design and have participated in internships.

    Median annual salary. $50,000-$97,000

  11. Librarian. The peaceful vocation of a librarian provides a low-stress environment to work in. Their daily tasks include reviewing information resources, book organization, and assisting people in a library. Librarians work with students to teach them the beauty of books and research tools in the library system.

    Many librarians also work behind a screen to remotely answer any related questions and publish research-related content online.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Adhere to appropriate library practices

    • Organizing books properly according to a system

    • Answering questions in person or through email

    • Teaching research skills and the library system to students

    • Educating the public on library resources

    Job requirements. The requirements for becoming a librarian are drastically different depending on the state that you live in.

    Some states require librarians to only complete high school, but they must do 2,000 hours of unpaid library work. Others require librarians to have a master’s degree in library sciences (MLS).

    Median annual salary. $60,000-$75,000

  12. Loan officer. Aspiring businesses who need to get their financial footing and individuals looking to invest in real estate turn to loan officers to authorize their approval.

    Loan officers assess the financial situations of an applicant to determine whether they’re an eligible borrower. Usually, these individuals work with large lenders, such as mortgage companies or credit unions.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Speak with loan and credit applicants to evaluate their borrowing requirements

    • Providing advice and recommendations about loans

    • Submitting loan applications for clients

    • Explain the outcome of eligibility to the applicant

    • Respond to any questions that the applicant has throughout the process

    Job requirements. Loan officers are usually required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a business field, like finance.

    Individuals who specialize in mortgage loans also need to attain a license in this focus, which requires a course, exam, and work hours.

    Median annual salary. $63,000-$76,000

  13. Respiratory therapist. The treatment of people with various breathing issues is done by a respiratory therapist. They work with patients who have various respiratory conditions, including asthma and premature infants with underdeveloped lungs, to create a targeted treatment plan.

    It’s an attractive option for people interested in working in healthcare because it requires less schooling than many other related careers.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Evaluate and treat a variety of respiratory conditions in varying age groups

    • Work directly with physicians to provide patient care

    • Using best judgment to create respiratory treatment plans

    • Performing lung functioning and respiratory health evaluations

    • Treating patients with oxygen and medications

    • Supervising respiratory therapy

    Job requirements. Respiratory therapists must have at least an associate’s degree, which only takes about two years or less to achieve.

    Additionally, they need to pursue state licensing before being hired by a hospital or healthcare facility. This involves passing the Certified Respiratory Therapist Exam (CRT).

    Median annual salary. $62,000-$78,000

  14. Voice actor. A voice actor’s job allows participants to creatively portray characters in animations, video games, sound effects, and other media without being seen on camera.

    The majority of their job is done from the comfort of a recording studio. Individuals who develop a career as a voice actor often have a knack for vocal performances because they need to be able to connect with an audience and influence without being seen.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Discuss the needed vocal content with media producers

    • Formulate content based on this discussion

    • Recording voiceover projects

    • Maintaining a portfolio of previous voice acting work

    Job requirements. While there are no formal requirements for becoming a voice actor, it’s useful to take a few classes in the skill to formulate a strong technique. A lot of the knowledge needed to perform as a voice actor is attained on the job.

    Median annual salary. $65,000-$76,000

  15. House sitter. The general responsibilities of a house sitter aren’t far off from their title. They take care of a house or property while the owner is away to guarantee that they don’t return to any surprises.

    A house sitter usually gets the benefit of free accommodation on the property they’re watching to keep it secure.

    The small tasks associated with house sitting change depending on the individual you’re working for. Often cleaning, taking care of pets, and forwarding mail are the basic duties.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Watching over homes and property to maintain security and cleanliness

    • Performing tasks specified by the homeowner (cleaning, watering plants, etc.)

    • Caring for pets in a specified manner by the homeowner

    • Following up with the homeowner if any issues arise

    Job requirements. Having a high school diploma and being over 18 is required by most house sitting companies. Beyond that, there aren’t many requirements as long as you have a clean criminal record.

    Median annual salary. $70,000-$82,000

  16. Technical writer. A technical writer’s duties require superb written communication, but not as much of the creativity that other work in the industry does. People who work as technical writers often have a superior understanding of technological topics.

    They use this knowledge of complex concepts that are difficult for the average Joe to understand and write explanatory documents like instruction manuals, product descriptions, journal entries, and how-to guides.

    The significant benefits to this occupation are that it pays well, and you can work from home comfortably and collaborate with your team virtually.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Understanding detailed and complex information about a technical niche

    • Establishing what the users need to know about these subjects

    • Creating easy-to-understand write-ups to convey the technical knowledge

    • Collaborating with technical staff to form content for products and services

    • Editing and proofreading content for any errors

    Job requirements. A college degree comes in handy when working as a technical writer because there are a lot of complex topics to break down; however, only an ability to create excellent work is required.

    Median annual salary. $65,000-$94,000

  17. Realtor. Purchasing a house is one of the biggest decisions and commitments that people make in their adult lives. Realtors work side-by-side with homebuyers and sometimes renters during this exhausting process.

    It’s an interesting position to work in because you’re continually selling new properties and working with different people.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Forming a client base by following leads

    • Advising home buyers on current market tendencies and average prices

    • Creating listings for real estate properties containing all needed information

    • Show potential buyers a variety of homes for sale

    • Organizing negotiations between buyer and seller

    • Preparing contracts and purchasing agreements

    Job requirements. Realtors need a high school diploma and a real estate license. The process of getting a real estate license varies depending on the state you live in and takes about four months to complete.

    Median annual salary. $75,000-$89,000

  18. Commercial pilot. Commercial airline pilots have the exciting position of flying planes for their job. They transport passengers or cargo to various destinations across the world and get compensated well for the service.

    In addition to the notable responsibility of flying the aircraft, commercial pilots also uphold safety precautions and consider factors like weather conditions.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Inspecting all areas of the aircraft before take-off

    • Making calculations to accommodate for altitude and temperature

    • Developing flight plans for smoothest travel

    • Monitoring outside factors, like weather

    • Manage a flight crew while flying

    • Uphold safety precautions while on the ground and in the air

    Job requirements. While you won’t need to attend postsecondary school to become a commercial pilot, you do need a commercial pilot’s license.

    It takes about two years of work and 1500 hours of experience before this license is earned. Becoming a pilot also requires a passport and passing a criminal background check.

    Median annual salary. $75,000-$90,000

  19. Construction manager. Each of those construction jobs you pass on your way to work is being led and watched over by a manager. Being a construction manager comes with a lot of control over project direction, but it’s also a role with a lot of responsibility.

    Being in charge of long-term construction projects involves juggling many tasks, such as delivering cost estimation to clients and negotiating contracts with workers.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Oversee the progress of construction projects from start to finish

    • Create a schedule for completing construction projects

    • Hire and coordinate with construction workers

    • Determine the best equipment to use for each project

    • Preparing progress reports and reviews

    • Drafting contracts with workers

    • Obtaining needed permits and licenses for projects

    • Maintaining the safety of contractors and civilians

    Job requirements. Becoming a construction manager involves attaining a higher education degree in a field related to construction management.

    Additionally, the position demands at least five years of experience working in the construction industry.

    Once these goals are reached, though, the job’s daily tasks are straightforward and rewarded handsomely with a high salary.

    Median annual salary. $90,000-$120,000

  20. School principal. A role as a school principal is ideal for people who want to work in an educational environment, but are more interested in overseeing the entire school’s functioning.

    They work to keep students on their educational path by maintaining a strong administration and upholding a safe learning space through teacher monitoring. The school principal is the foundation of the community that a school becomes.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Managing daily school functioning

    • Handling educational budget

    • Outlining learning objectives for students and curriculum goals for teachers

    • Keeping track of the school’s educational data based on testing

    • Upholding school policies to ensure the safety of students and staff

    • Organizing student body events

    • Staying current on educational trends

    Job requirements. School principals almost always need to have a master’s degree in educational administration or a related field and extensive experience in the educational system. The long road it takes to become a school principal is rewarded with an impressive salary.

    Median annual salary. $95,000-$110,000

  21. Petroleum engineer. While the title of this job comes across as intimidating, the role is actually fairly straightforward. Petroleum engineers design drill equipment and decide the best ways to retrieve oil and gas from the earth. They take into account factors such as cost and manual labor to arrive at solutions for efficient extraction.

    Petroleum engineers often take on a leadership role and manage a team to follow through with their strategic planning.

    Basic Job Responsibilities:

    • Create effective equipment and processes for oil and gas extraction

    • Hiring and managing staff to carry out these procedures

    • Overseeing drilling activity

    • Performing inspections of gas and oil wells

    • Testing equipment and processes for safety

    Job requirements. Becoming a petroleum engineer requires more investment in education than some of the other positions on this list.

    You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or a related field, but a master’s degree is often preferred. Fortunately, the job compensates well for putting in the extra years of studying.

    Median annual salary. $100,000-$120,000

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Chris Kolmar

Chris Kolmar is a co-founder of Zippia and the editor-in-chief of the Zippia career advice blog. He has hired over 50 people in his career, been hired five times, and wants to help you land your next job. His research has been featured on the New York Times, Thrillist, VOX, The Atlantic, and a host of local news. More recently, he's been quoted on USA Today, BusinessInsider, and CNBC.

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