25 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

By Chris Kolmar - Nov. 7, 2021
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Part-time jobs are great. They can supplement your main source of income or provide a steady stream of cash as you work your way through school or raise a family. Whatever you want out of a part-time job, we’re sure you also want it to pay well and be worth your while.

In this article, we’ll provide you with 25 of these well-paying part-time jobs. We’ve done extensive research to ensure that this list covers a wide range of industries, skill levels, and both in-person and work-from-home positions.

This way, no matter what your interests and abilities are or what your life situation looks like, you’ll likely find a job here that’s perfect for you.

Well-Paying Part-Time Jobs That You Can Work From Home

We’ll start with part-time jobs that you can do from home, allowing for ultimate flexibility.

  1. Paid survey participation
    Average hourly wage: $10

    This job allows for the most flexible time commitment out of any in this article.

    Many survey sites can be registered for and then left open in a browser tab in the background. You’ll receive a sound notification when a new survey becomes available.

    You can then pick and choose which surveys to participate in based on your interest or time availability.

    These websites usually won’t provide surveys regularly enough to pay rent by themselves, but they’re still worth doing.

    Taking surveys pays well relative to the amount of time spent, making this job a perfect way to flexibly supplement your income.

  2. Virtual assistant
    Average hourly wage: $11.95

    Virtual assistants do the same tasks ordinary assistants do, other than making the coffee.

    You’ll be scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, and making phone calls for co-workers.

    This job is great because it’s low intensity, allowing you to spend your plentiful free time on other part-time jobs.

    States with bustling tourism require many event coordinators. This is an excellent job for Miami and Las Vegas-based companies.

    Find Virtual assistant jobs near me

  3. Customer service representative
    Average hourly wage: $14.24

    Have you ever had to call customer support at a bank or company for help? That person on the other side could be you.

    Customer service representatives take customer calls and assist with their questions or problems.

    A college degree is not required for the vast majority of these positions. As long as you’re able to communicate well verbally and have basic critical thinking skills, you should be fine.

    The best part is that calls only come in sporadically. This allows for plenty of free time you can use to work other part-time jobs, as long as they’re ones that allow for interruptions at random times.

    Find Customer service representative jobs near me

  4. Freelance writer
    Average hourly wage: $27.6

    The type of work freelance writers do can vary greatly. This can range from creating detailed technical documentation to writing creative stories and articles for blogs, and everything in between.

    Freelance writing jobs typically all have flexible time commitments. Most will assign you a certain number of pieces to write over a period of time, but how that’s specifically scheduled is up to you.

    Most roles will not require a degree. The most important skill required is adequate English, followed by timeliness and the ability to communicate with clients clearly.

    Find Freelance writer jobs near me

  5. Online tutor
    Average hourly wage: $15.07

    This job is less time flexible than some of the others on this list. Most students will likely only be available between 5-8 pm, so that’s when you’ll have to work.

    You can specialize in tutoring specific subjects or age ranges, meaning a college degree isn’t usually required if you’re online teaching middle school or below.

    The greatest skill requirement is to be friendly and personable. You must be able to relate to students in order to engage them during lessons and spot their weaknesses.

    Find Online tutor jobs near me

  6. Digital marketer
    Average hourly wage: $26.78

    Ever seen an advertisement pop up while scrolling through social media or a company’s email in your inbox? Digital marketers created those.

    This job is a perfect fit if you’re both a creative person and have an analytical eye.

    The position is usually time flexible and has tremendous growth potential. If you find you’re skilled and love the job, you even can turn it into a high-paying career.

    Find Digital marketer jobs near me

  7. Market research analyst
    Average hourly wage: $23.87

    This position does usually require a degree. However, it doesn’t need to be in marketing.

    Market analysts aid companies in developing marketing strategies by researching prices, sales, and competitors’ marketing methods. These stats are analyzed and presented as reports.

    This job deserves a spot on our list as it’s time-flexible and pays extremely well once you’ve gained a year or two of experience.

    If you’re an organized person who loves statistics, this may be the role for you.

    Find Market research analyst jobs near me

  8. Blogger
    Average hourly wage: $0 to $100+

    Blogging is an extremely flexible job, both in terms of time commitment and topics to write about.

    If you’re knowledgeable in a niche topic, you can build an audience of readers by combining useful written content and SEO skills.

    This is a job that will pay absolutely nothing at the start. However, if done right, a few hours of work a week can turn into a website that produces constant income.

    Find Blogger jobs near me

  9. Document translator
    Average hourly wage: $20.41

    Document translators do precisely that – translate articles.

    This is an excellent way for multilingual people to put their skills at work. The primary skills you’ll need are attention to detail, timeliness, and fluency in at least two languages.

    Most of these jobs will assign you a certain number of documents per week, letting you decide the scheduling specifics.

    Find Document translator jobs near me

  10. Independent insurance claims adjuster
    Average hourly wage: $21.47

    When an insurance company or holder wants to dispute a claim, they call a claims adjuster. The adjuster considers the details of the situation and files a report for them.

    This job is included on our list for its time flexibility. Once you obtain a claims adjuster license, you’ll be able to take on work from clients based on your availability.

    Insurance is a bustling industry in states such as Connecticut.

    Find Independent insurance claims adjuster jobs near me

  11. Web Developer
    Average hourly wage: $34.87

    Web development is among the highest-paid and most time-flexible jobs out there.

    A web developer created the layout of any website you’ve ever been on. You’ll use a mix of programming, creative, and communication skills to design websites according to client needs.

    Although there is absolutely a skill curve that must be climbed before obtaining work, this job does not require a degree.

    Find Web Developer jobs near me

Well-Paying Part-Time Jobs

Plenty of part-time jobs aren’t remote, yet pay well and are highly flexible.

  1. Supermarket fresh delivery staff
    Average hourly wage: $18.97

    More people than ever are ordering their groceries online. If you have a car and navigate directions, then you’re qualified for this job.

    Many supermarkets allow you to flexibly schedule your hours and even provide you with insurance.

    Find Supermarket fresh delivery staff jobs near me

  2. Gig delivery driver
    Average hourly wage: $18.13

    This is similar to the last job, with a few differences.

    These are usually contractor-jobs, which means you won’t receive insurance. This also means that you completely schedule your own hours.

    Rather than an hourly wage, you’ll be paid based on how many deliveries you can make in a given period of time. This makes gig delivery driving a perfect job for dense cities such as Los Angeles.

    Find Gig delivery driver jobs near me

  3. Truck driver
    Average hourly wage: $24.55

    This job requires some certification and training.

    Freight companies hire drivers to schedule shifts and make deliveries. If you want to work longer hours, you can also transition to long-haul trucking.

    Due to state regulations, this is a particularly good job in Texas.

    Find Truck driver jobs near me

  4. Dog walker/pet sitter
    Average hourly wage: $9.96

    Many families hire people to walk their dogs or look after them when they need to leave the house.

    This is an effortless and time-flexible job as long as you’re friendly and responsible. Plus, it’s a great way to relieve stress.

    Find Dog walker/pet sitter jobs near me

  5. Growing microgreens
    Average hourly wage: N/A

    Growing cash crops is a great way to make productive use of any spare room in your house or apartment.

    With reasonably low time and financial investment, one can produce sustainable food to sell to local restaurants.

    You’ll need interpersonal skills to create relationships with buyers, as well as growing-specific skills that you can learn online.

    Sustainable food is a growing trend in many cities and states. This job sees more demand and higher pay in California and Virginia.

  6. Real estate agent
    Average hourly wage: $48.06

    Very simply put, real estate agents help clients rent, sell, or purchase properties. This job requires training and accreditation.

    Agents make commission-based income, meaning if you’re willing to acquire the skills and put in the work, your income can skyrocket past the hourly average.

    In addition, this job often does not have regular hours, meaning you can work other jobs simultaneously.

    Real estate agents make the highest salaries in New York, which has the country’s largest real estate market.

    It’s also a great job in Connecticut, which has recently seen a real estate boom.

    Find Real estate agent jobs near me

  7. House cleaner
    Average hourly wage: $11.25

    House cleaning is an excellent part-time job, as you can find hours to fit almost any work schedule.

    Many house cleaners also say that the job works up a sweat, meaning you’re getting a free workout at the same time.

    Find House cleaner jobs near me

  8. Landscaper
    Average hourly wage: $12.7

    Landscaping is hard physical work. It mainly involves tasks such as blowing leaves, trimming, planting, and pruning.

    You’ll also need good communication skills, as you’ll be listening to your clients’ needs and working with them.

    This job deserves a spot on the list as it’s time flexible and does not require a degree.

    It also provides a good workout, meaning the time you would have spent on exercise can be utilized differently.

    Find Landscaper jobs near me

  9. Dental assistant
    Average hourly wage: $18.67

    Dental assistants assist other dental workers by handing them tools and handling general reception work.

    Certification can usually be obtained in a little over a month.

    This is a great part-time job because while you get paid, you can build experience to eventually become a dental hygienist, a position that can pay over $75,000 each year.

    Dentistry is among the highest paying industries in Arizona.

    Find Dental assistant jobs near me

Easy Part-Time Jobs

While the term “easy” is relative, the jobs below offer ease of entry and lower than average stress. If you’re looking for a lowkey, stress-free way to make some extra cash on the side, try looking into one of these part-time jobs:

  1. Data Entry Clerk
    Average hourly wage: $13.88
    Data entry certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t mind spending your time looking at spreadsheets and the like, it can be an easy way to earn money part-time. The job mostly involves manually inputting data into forms and documents.

    Earning potential for these jobs is usually tied to your speed and accuracy; the faster and more accurately you can input data, the more you can expect to earn. But if you don’t care about maximizing your hourly rate, data entry can be a simple and stress-free addition to your income, whenever your schedule allows.

    Find Data entry clerk jobs near me

  2. Test Proctor
    Average hourly wage: $16.05

    Test proctors have a pretty straightforward job of checking students’ identifications before exams and preventing cheating or disorderly conduct during exams. They’re also responsible for protecting confidential and valuable documents.

    These types of jobs tend to be somewhat seasonal, as SATs and other standardized tests usually concentrate around the spring and fall. But once you’re trained, this can be a very easy side gig that you take whenever the chance comes up and you’re available.

    Find Test proctor jobs near me

  3. House Sitter
    Average hourly wage: $20+

    House sitting has got to be one of the easiest jobs out there. Not to mention that you’ll be able to work most other remote jobs while house sitting. Duties include watering plants, maintaining security, ensuring household systems like AC and heating continue working, and generally keeping the place clean and tidy while the owners are away.

    These types of jobs usually pay well and in big chunks, but they’re also typically irregular with variable payment plans depending on the home and its needs. Still, if you make yourself available to the right community, this can be a great way to pad your wallet whenever the opportunity arises. Networking is very big for getting started as a house sitter.

    Find House sitter jobs near me

  4. Small-Scale Retail
    Average hourly wage: $11.83

    Jobs at big-time retail chains like Walmart and Target aren’t necessarily difficult, but the huge scope of the job and variety of customers can make it a stressful environment. Working for a small-scale, mom-and-pop type operation can be a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

    The typical downside to these types of jobs is that they usually lack the perks offered by the larger national chains (like health insurance, retirement plans, etc.). But as a part-time job, many of these perks aren’t available regardless, so going with the less stressful retail option is the better option for many.

    Find Retail jobs near me

  5. Transcriptionist
    Average hourly wage: $13.91

    Like data entry, transcription requires fast fingers and general comfort with computers. The job boils down to listening to audio recordings and typing what you hear. These roles range from adding closed captioning to TV programs to writing down arguments made in depositions and court cases.

    Some transcription jobs also involve a bit of editing, as you clean up the imperfect grammar of ordinary speech for a more readable written document. Also like data entry, your pay is somewhat dependent on your speed and accuracy.

    Find Transcriptionist jobs near me

How to Start Working Part-Time or as a Freelancer

You can start working part-time or as a freelancer almost immediately.

The great thing about our list is that most of these positions require very little training.

There are part-time jobs out there covering every interest and level of time commitment. Whether you want to apply your technical and creative skills or interact directly with clients, there’s something for you.

Take advantage of the job-search tools provided by Zippia.com or similar services and good luck.

Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well FAQs

  1. What is the highest-paying part-time job?

    Real estate agent is the highest-paying part-time job. Real estate agents earn an average of $48.06 an hour, which is even high for many full-time jobs.

    Note that you aren’t guaranteed this salary on your first day as a real estate agent, as your pay will depend greatly on your level of experience and what area you work in. Areas with higher housing costs will often pay realtors better than areas with lower costs of living, and these rates may vary wildly within the same state.

    Areas with booming real estate markets will also provide realtors with higher paychecks. This is because a hotter housing market means that realtors are in higher demand, which means that people are willing to pay more for your services.

    Realtors’ schedules are mostly flexible, as you’ll still have to meet clients to show houses and fill out paperwork even if you aren’t working at a desk 40 hours a week. The number of hours you work will also impact your paycheck.

  2. Can you make a living off a part-time job?

    Yes, you can make a living off a part-time job. Typically it won’t be a luxurious living, but many people pay their bills with jobs considered part-time positions.

    For example, landscapers, realtors, and web developers work flexible hours but can earn a livable wage, and many bloggers, document translators, and market research analysts do the same.

    How much you earn will depend greatly on where you live, as if there is little to no demand for someone in your field in your area, you’ll have a harder time making a living than you would somewhere where there is high demand.

    Before you quit your job to jump into a part-time gig, it’s important to note that it typically takes at least a year or two to gain experience and build credibility to begin making good money from many of these jobs. Most of these positions earn livable wages by building a solid client base, which takes time and energy.

    It’s best to assume you will make little to no money the first year or two you work part-time unless you join another company that offers you a guaranteed paycheck. However, the downside to those is that they usually don’t pay as much as many freelance-style roles can.

  3. What is the highest-paying hourly job?

    The highest-paying hourly job is anesthesiology. Anesthesiologists are medical doctors whose specialty is administering drugs that control pain and cause patients to be unconscious during surgeries.

    This is an incredibly important and high-stakes job, as a mistake could cost a patient a significant amount of medical problems or even their lives.

    As a result, anesthesiologists are highly trained and paid very well. This is partly to allow them to pay off their student loans and partly to compensate them for their expertise, the long hours they often work, and the high-pressure tasks they complete.

    While it may not line up with people’s usual idea of what an hourly job is, anesthesiologists and many other medical professionals are, in fact, paid hourly. Commercial airline pilots are also paid this way, putting them in the category of high-paid hourly workers as well.

  4. What are the best part-time jobs from home?

    Market research, web development, and digital marketing are the best part-time jobs from home. All of these typically pay well once you get a solid client base, and they allow you to work flexible hours from the comfort of your couch.

    Freelance writers, virtual assistants, and online tutors also work part-time from home, and bloggers do as well. These roles are highly flexible but require you to find and keep clients, which some people may not like as much as others do. These can also very easily turn into full-time positions.

    If you’d rather work for a single company, many people work as remote, part-time document translators or customer service representatives.

    While these roles may not have the same pay potential as freelance jobs, they make it easier to simply log in and log off whenever you want instead of requiring you to find clients and manage your finances.

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