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By Chris Kolmar - Dec. 14, 2020

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The percentage difference between the amount of money that women make versus men has slowly but surely been narrowing over the past fifty years. Despite the wage gap standing its ground at 81 cents on the dollar in 2020, improvements have been made for women’s salaries in the workplace across many different professional fields.

With the current financial position of the average working woman continuing to improve, many are curious about the highest paying careers for women in 2020.

Top 25 Best Paying Jobs For Women

As higher-paying jobs become more widely available, more women are earning college degrees and seeking out lucrative careers when reaching adulthood than ever before. The median salary is an important aspect to consider when deciding on the professional path to choose.

If you’re interested in what careers will earn you the heftiest paycheck, review the list below of the top 25 best-paying jobs for women.

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO). A chief executive officer is the highest-ranking person within a company who oversees all facets of its success. They’re the personification of the corporation. Since a company depends so heavily on its CEO for growth, it’s one of the highest paying job titles that you can acquire.

    Professionals can become CEOs by either founding their own company or becoming elected by an established corporation’s board of directors after years of proving yourself through hard work.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A CEO Include:

    • Making big decisions for the corporation

    • Managing company operations

    • Acting as a liaison between employees, public, and board of directors

    • Being the public face of the company

    Average Salary Of Female Chief Executive Officer: $100,000-$300,000 Per Year

  2. Pharmacist. A pharmacist’s job involves handling prescriptions given by physicians and distributing medication to the patient who needs it. Individuals who hope to pursue a career as a pharmacist need to get a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, which can take around four years to complete after graduating from an accredited bachelor’s program.

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    The Job Responsibilities Of A Pharmacist Include:

    • Give out prescriptions to patients

    • Explain how to take prescriptions

    • Offer helpful advice to the patients about taking their medication

    • Oversee pharmacy technicians

    • Do administrative tasks

    • Communicate with physicians and insurance providers

  3. Average Salary Of A Female Pharmacist: $98,000-$111,000 Per Year

  4. Physician. Physicians have a rewarding career that involves diagnosing and treating physical injuries and illnesses, to put it briefly. It’s a high-stress position with a lot of responsibility on your shoulders that’s rewarded with a high salary.

    Like law, there are many different specialties you can focus on in a career as a physician. If you enjoy working with children, you can become a pediatrician. If you prefer the rush of working in an operating room, you can work towards a position as a surgeon.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Physician Include:

    • Work with a healthcare team to provide patient care

    • Analyze reports and test results

    • Diagnose conditions in patients

    • Prescribe medications

    • Follow department procedures

    • Educate patients on their diagnosis

    • Decide on treatment

    • Complete medical records

    Average Salary Of A Female Physician: $90,000-$207,000 Per Year

  5. Attorney. Lawyers act as representation and advisors for their clients in legal proceedings. An attorney’s clients can range from individuals to giant corporations. There are also many different specialties that you can pick from when you choose a career in law, such as criminal and international law.

    The process of becoming a lawyer is a long and grueling one. It requires a bachelor’s degree, followed by three more years earning a law degree. All leading up to taking one of the most intense tests known to man, called the bar exam, before you’re officially certified as a practicing attorney.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Lawyer Include:

    • Represent clients in court

    • Give legal advice

    • Communicate effectively with clients, judges, and other co-workers

    • Research in preparation for court cases

    • Interpret lawyers and present well-formed cases on behalf of their clients

    • Prepare legal documents

    Average Salary Of A Female Lawyer: $85,000-$98,000 Per Year

  6. Computer And Information Systems Manager. Women who work as computer and information systems managers handle computer-related activities within a company. They work directly with an organization’s executives to discuss and decide the best computing system for their needs.

    Computer and information systems managers need to have strong technical and organizational skills to direct the tasks associated with their job. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field and work experience is required to secure a top position in this field.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Computer And Information Systems Manager Includes:

    • Determine a company’s computing needs

    • Creates a plan to implement computer systems

    • Performs routine maintenance

    • Accounts for cybersecurity

    Average Salary Of A Female Computer And Information Systems Manager: $90,000-$100,000 Per Year

  7. Nurse Practitioner. A nurse practitioner has sought advanced education in their field and tends to everything that concerns patient care. It’s an excellent job for individuals who prefer to spend their days working with and helping people.

    To become a nurse practitioner, you need a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and a few years of experience in the field.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Nurse Practitioner Include:

    • Educating patients

    • Conducting physical assessments

    • Ordering tests

    • Providing disease management care

    • Prescribing medicines (sometimes)

    Average Salary Of A Female Nurse Practitioner: $90,000-$110,000 Per Year

  8. Software Developer. The duties of a software developer involve designing computer programs. Through in-depth analysis, they create and edit software by writing code. Software development is becoming an increasingly popular field with the rise in demand for technically skilled workers who can work remotely.

    Most software developer positions require at least a bachelor’s in computer science or a related study, but some may only need relevant experience.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Software Developer Include:

    • Researching and analyzing user data

    • Designing and managing software programs

    • Evaluating program success

    • Training users on how to use software

    • Identifying areas that can be improved

    • Writing code

    Average Salary Of A Female Software Developer: $80,000-$100,000 Per Year

  9. Human Resources Manager. A human resources manager functions as the connection between a company and its employees or job applicants. They handle tasks from recruiting and onboarding to staff management and meeting coordination. It’s a job that requires juggling a lot of balls in the air, but it comes with a high salary.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Human Resources Manager Includes:

    Average Salary Of A Female Human Resources Manager: $85,000-$100,000 Per Year

  10. Physician Assistant. A physician assistant acts as a doctor’s right hand in examining patients and running diagnostic tests in healthcare facilities. They’ll often run through the routine of checking out a patient and consulting with the physician for more information.

    A master’s degree is required to work as a physician assistant, in addition to many long hours of training at a hospital.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Physician Assistant Include:

    • Examining and discussing with patients to figure out a diagnosis

    • Ordering tests

    • Giving health advice

    • Prescribing medications

    • Doing routine minor procedures, like stitches

    • Giving vaccinations and other shots

    • Administrative duties

  11. Engineer. Engineers solve technical problems with a combination of mathematics and science. There is a lot of variation between the jobs that fall under the category of engineering, such as computer, mechanical, and chemical engineering.

    An engineer requires about eight years of schooling, a bunch of stressful tests, and practical experience before becoming officially qualified.

    The Job Responsibilities Of An Engineer Include:

    • Outlining budgets and estimates

    • Determining project specifications

    • Performing engineering experiments

    • Always considering safety

    • Creating technical reports

    • Communicating results with clients and co-workers

    Average Salary Of A Female Engineer: $65,000-$75,000 Per Year

  12. Psychologist. Psychologists use varying therapeutic techniques that all have the same goal of helping their patients. Through various tests and evaluations, they assist in improving people’s mental health and well-being to become the best possible version of themselves.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Psychologist Include:

    • Speaking empathetically with patients

    • Evaluating mental health

    • Devising strategies for improving well-being and treatment plans

    • Studying and researching aspects of human behavior

    Average Salary Of A Female Psychologist: $70,000-$80,000 Per Year

  13. Financial Analyst. The financial health and performance of a business are crucial to its success, and that’s where financial analysts come in to help. Their job is to examine, utilize, and project all things financial for a particular business that they work with. Their role involves assisting executives in making the best financial decisions.

    Securing a role as a financial analyst usually involves having a bachelor’s degree in a finance-related field of study, at a minimum.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Financial Analyst Include:

    • Analyzing financial data to determine a company’s performance

    • Creating reports and presentations to reflect these findings

    • Evaluating the financial standing of a company

    • Establishing plans for financial growth

    Average Salary Of A Female Financial Analyst: $60,000-$85,000 Per Year

  14. Computer Programmer. Computer software runs from written code, and it’s a computer programmer’s job to write it. It’s a position that needs a lot of creativity and diligence to be performed well. There are more requirements in terms of demonstrated skills than degrees, with many companies accepting employees with just an associate or high school degree.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Computer Programmer:

    • Debugging computer software

    • Writing in a variety of coding languages, like Java

    • Troubleshooting

    • Writing instructions

    • Updating and editing existing programs

    Average Salary Of A Female Computer Programmer: $65,000-$80,000 Per Year

  15. Dental Hygienist. Smiles matter, and dental hygienists aim to keep their patients’ smiles beautiful. Their workday includes tasks like cleaning teeth and advising patients about how to care for their teeth properly.

    Women who plan to become dental hygienists need to graduate with at least an associate degree from an accredited dental program and get licensed.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Dental Hygienist Include:

    • Complete exams and prescreening on new patients

    • Clean teeth

    • Apply tooth protection, like fluoride

    • Take and develop x-rays

    • Educate patients on proper dental hygiene

    Average Salary Of A Female Dental Hygienist: $60,000-$80,000 Per Year

  16. Occupational Therapist. An occupational therapist’s job description involves taking care of sick, disabled, or injured individuals with therapeutic activity techniques. Their goal is to give patients the tools they need to regain physical strength and improve skills for daily functioning.

    The Job Responsibilities Of An Occupational Therapist Include:

    • Analyzing each patient’s particular needs and condition

    • Creating short and long term treatment plans

    • Targeting goals for patients to reach

    • Training patients to use equipment

    • Evaluating patient progress

    Average Salary Of A Female Occupational Therapist: $65,000-$83,000 Per Year

  17. University Or Postsecondary Teacher. The role of a postsecondary teacher can vary based on the subject. It often refers to university professors but can be instructors of any kind beyond high school. In addition to teaching students, postsecondary teachers may also publish scholarly papers or books in their discipline.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Postsecondary Teacher Include:

    • Instructing students

    • Developing teaching resources and class structure

    • Helping students meet their performance goals

    • Creating new lesson plans for each topic covered

    • Grading papers and tests

    • Adhering to school curriculum and requirements

    Average Salary Of A Female Postsecondary Teacher: $65,000-75,000 Per Year

  18. Marketing Manager. A marketing manager’s job is to bring attention to the company they work for by employing marketing strategies. A large part of their responsibility is tending to how consumers perceive the brand and product identity.

    Most women who go into careers as marketing managers have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business before getting hired.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Marketing Manager Include:

    • Developing marketing strategies to improve profits

    • Creating a brand that considers its customers

    • Managing project budgets

    • Identifying potential customers

    • Generating advertising campaigns

    • Evaluating strategy success

    Average Salary Of A Female Marketing Manager: $65,000-$75,000 Per Year

  19. Education Administration. A school or learning facility’s structure relies on hard work from education administrators to handle staff supervision, account for budgets, and make decisions that affect the school community. While education administrators are often employed at different schooling levels, they can also work for museums and correctional facilities.

    Education administrators need to have earned a master’s degree and have around three years of teaching experience before they’ll be considered for hire.

    The Job Responsibilities Of An Education Administrator Include:

    • Manage daily activities

    • Direct individual programs

    • Monitor both student and teacher success

    • Build rapport with parents

    • Train staff

    • Prepare and managing budgets

    Average Salary Of A Female Education Administrator: $65,000-$80,000

  20. Registered Nurse (RN). A registered nurse’s job is similar to that of a nurse practitioner, but it requires less schooling and experience. Many registered nurses go on to pursue an education as a practitioner later in their careers. They spend their days caring for patients and their families in all the ways they need.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Registered Nurse Include:

    • Following through with physician’s orders for patient care, such as performing tests and administering treatments

    • Ordering and evaluating diagnostic tests

    • Using the best judgment when handling patients and their families

    • Provide care for injuries and illnesses

    • Collaborate with a nursing team

    Average Salary For A Female Registered Nurse: $63,000-$73,000 Per Year

  21. Public Relations Specialist. A public relations specialist’s job is to build and maintain a company’s reputation. They use media to accomplish tasks related to creating a company brand. Most specialists who handle a brand’s public image have a bachelor’s degree in public relations or communications.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Public Relations Specialist Includes:

    • Develop materials for dealing with the media, like press releases and written articles

    • Determine targeted company identity and brand

    • Creating strategies to strengthen brand image

    • Analyze public opinion

    • Build rapport with media outlets

    • Track and keep a record of the progress of public relation strategies

    Average Salary Of A Female Public Relations Specialist: $60,000-$70,000

  22. Physical Therapist. A physical therapist’s goal is to help their patients manage pain post-injury through movement and exercise regimes. They focus on each patient individually and devise plans specifically for their needs.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Physical Therapist Includes:

    • Consulting and discussing with patients

    • Diagnosing dysfunction

    • Determining a strategy to help them with their condition and symptoms

    • Teaching patients exercises in their regime

    • Providing healing massages

    • Tracking progress and maintaining patient records

  23. Flight Attendant. Flight attendants have the dual responsibilities of keeping their passengers comfortable while also maintaining safety on the aircraft. They perform a range of tasks before, during, and after flying, making the experience more enjoyable for passengers.

    Becoming a flight attendant is more about proper training than having higher education degrees. Most positions only require a high school diploma or GED.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Flight Attendant Include:

    • Provide assistance to aid the comfort and safety of passengers on board

    • Conduct safety checks before the flight

    • Greet customers and help them to their seats

    • Prepare food and drinks to serve

    • Monitor cabin

    • Assist in the event of an emergency

    Average Salary Of A Female Flight Attendant: $50,000-$77,000 Per Year

  24. Editor. Published written work needs to be edited to perfection before publication, and that’s the responsibility of an editor. There are many outlets for written work, such as magazines and commercial scripts. For each of these mediums, there need to be editors to assess content before publishing.

    Many female editors get training for their job by earning a bachelor’s degree in a subject like English or journalism. Some will go on to receive formal editing training or internships post-graduation.

    The Job Responsibilities For An Editor Include:

    • Read written content

    • Correct spelling and grammar errors

    • Edit text to make it more readable

    • Conduct research to verify written facts

    • Discuss with writers to improve their work

    • Finalize written content before approving for publication

    Average Salary Of A Female Editor: $58,000-$65,000 Per Year

  25. Paralegal. Lawyers need help to complete the tasks of their job well, and they hire paralegals to assist them in this. Paralegals act as an assistant to a lawyer, doing tasks like organizing and drafting documents.

    Becoming a paralegal doesn’t have nearly as many requirements as a law career does. However, some employers may want you to seek paralegal licensing options.

    The Job Requirements Of A Paralegal Include:

    • Contributing to preparation for trials

    • Assisting the lawyer in any background work they need to be done

    • Drafting legal documents

    • Arranging meetings

    • Investigating details of cases

    • Organizing and managing files

    Average Salary Of A Female Paralegal: $49,000-$59,000

  26. Graphic Designer. Graphic design is a creative career path that focuses on making graphics for things like labels and advertising. Women in this role come up with innovative designs to capture consumer attention.

    The majority of women who find success as a graphic designer have a bachelor’s degree, but it’s possible to make a design career out of stockpiling experience.

    The Job Responsibilities Of A Graphic Designer Include:

    • Creating concepts for designs based on relevant brand information

    • Communicating concepts with clients to receive feedback

    • Illustrating designs from these concepts

    • Editing art until completion

    • Working with agencies and design teams

    • Collaborating on ideas

    • Reviewing final product

    Average Salary Of A Female Graphic Designer: $40,000-$50,000

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