These Are The 100 Largest Companies In Idaho

We looked at over 7 million resumes to find the companies in Idaho that have the most employees.

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If you live in Idaho and you’re looking for a job, you have come to the right place.

Because, sure, you can google things like ‘biggest companies in Idaho’ and get a fairly long list of companies with a lot of employees, or perhaps that have the biggest names — but here, we bring you the companies with the most current employees that are actually headquarted in Idaho.

Below, we’ll give you a complete list of Idaho’s 52 largest companies, but first, here’s a look at the top 10:

  1. Albertson’s Inc
  2. Albertsons
  3. Micron Technology
  4. WinCo Foods
  5. Acme Markets
  6. J.R. Simplot
  7. Melaleuca:The Wellness
  8. St. Luke’s Health
  9. University of Idaho
  10. Boise Cascade

Albertson’s Inc comes in at the top, with more current employees than any other company in the . We’ll get to specifics in a moment; first, here’s a look at our methodology.

If you’re interested, you can read more about the Idaho job scene here:

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How we identified the biggest companies in Idaho

Here at Zippia we have developed a database of over 250,000 companies that spans the entire country.

For this report, we looked at the companies headquartered in Idaho with at least 100 employees. That left us with 52 companies.

We then ranked each company from most to least current employees to determine the biggest companies in Idaho.

As it turns out, Albertson’s Inc looks to the be the biggest company in Idaho clocking in with 280,000 employees.

Now, check out how the 52 biggest companies in Idaho ranked.

For more reading, check out:

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Detailed List Of The 52 Biggest Companies In Idaho

Rank Company City Employees
1 Albertson’s Inc Boise 280,000
2 Albertsons Boise 164,000
3 Micron Technology Boise 31,400
4 WinCo Foods Boise 15,000
5 Acme Markets Boise 10,001
6 J.R. Simplot Boise 10,000
7 Melaleuca:The Wellness Idaho Falls 6,750
8 St. Luke’s Health Boise 4,500
9 University of Idaho Moscow 3,750
10 Boise Cascade Boise 2,136
11 MWI Veterinary Supply Boise 1,732
12 Shaw’s Supermarket Boise 1,500
13 Idaho Power Boise 1,500
14 Scentsy Meridian 1,000
15 Norco Boise 1,000
16 Portneuf Medical Center Pocatello 1,000
17 Kootenai Health Coeur d’Alene 905
18 Amalgamated Sugar Boise 900
19 Jacksons Food Stores Meridian 810
20 Fleetwood Homes Nampa 720
21 MPC Corporation Nampa 680
22 Boise 600
23 Boise 548
24 Idaho Central Credit Union Pocatello 510
25 Mountain View Hospital Idaho Falls 480
26 Mission Aviation Fellowship Nampa 434
27 Western States Cat Meridian 420
28 Bonner General Health Sandpoint 375
29 Madison Memorial Hospital Rexburg 360
30 Hecla Mining Coeur d’Alene 349
31 Idahoan Idaho Falls 330
32 West Valley Medical Center Caldwell 330
33 Sun Valley Resort Sun Valley 323
34 Western Power Sports Boise 270
35 Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort Hotel Worley 270
36 Bingham Memorial Blackfoot 267
37 Idaho Forest Group Coeur d’Alene 240
38 D. L. Evans Bank Burley 210
39 C-A-L Ranch Stores Idaho Falls 210
40 Agri Beef Boise 189
41 bankfirstfed Twin Falls 180
42 Idaho Independent Bank Coeur d’Alene 180
43 D&B Supply Caldwell 180
44 Webb Landscape Bellevue 175
45 Beau Jo’s Idaho Springs 175
46 Larry H Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Boise Boise 175
47 Idaho Housing and Finance Association Boise 150
48 Standlee Hay Kimberly 150
49 Great American Appetizers Nampa 120
50 Guardian Home Care and Hospice Nampa 120
51 Center for Behavioral Health Boise 120
52 Larsen Farms Hamer 120

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