17 Best Seasonal Jobs (And How To Get Them)

By Chris Kolmar - Dec. 2, 2021

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A common misconception is that seasonal jobs only take place leading up to the holiday season.

In fact, seasonal jobs are available all year round. They can be a great way to make supplemental income, gain experience for your resume, or take a break from the daily 9 to 5.

Many people even make a career out of seasonal jobs, switching roles throughout the year to match their schedules or inclinations to travel.

We’ve researched a list of great seasonal jobs to suit all needs. Whether you’d like to make extra cash or see the world, we have you covered.

17 Best Seasonal Jobs

In this list, we’ve tried to include jobs from varying seasons, locations, and industries to appeal to people of different interests.

  1. European resort worker
    Average Yearly Salary: N/A

    During peak vacation seasons, countries like Spain, Italy, and France hire many native English speakers to work at resorts.

    While you’ll typically receive a low wage, your travel and living expenses are usually paid for.

    For those wishing to travel the world and experience different cultures, this job provides the perfect opportunity.

  2. Summer-camp counselor
    Average Yearly Salary: $22,000

    Camp counselors are needed during the summer to watch over groups of children or teenagers.

    Counselors must demonstrate maturity, trustworthiness, and excellent interpersonal skills. In addition to organizing camp activities, counselors must be able to provide assistance to camp goers and ensure their safety.

    Depending on the type of camp, you may be provided living expenses. This job provides an opportunity to spend time outdoors and make a positive impact on young lives.

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  3. Cruise ship worker
    Average Yearly Salary: $23,000

    Working on a cruise ship is among the most coveted seasonal jobs. Besides free food and living expenses, this job provides a cheap way to travel and see the world.

    You can pick cruises that visit locations you wish to see, such as Alaska or Europe, and use your weekends to enjoy the local community.

    Cruise ship jobs vary considerably, some paying much more or less than others. If you’re not willing to travel far, you may also work on ships that only cruise state rivers.

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  4. Social media assistant
    Average Yearly Salary: $32,000

    Social media assistants are responsible for updating social media statuses and responding to comments.

    Many companies experience greater business activity during certain times of the year, requiring increased assistance to handle their social channels.

    This is an excellent job for professionals with customer service or copywriting experience.

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  5. Customer service representative
    Average Yearly Salary: $29,000

    Many companies tend to hire more customer service representatives during peak sales seasons. Many of these jobs can be done remotely from home.

    Although the median wage is low, sales professionals and those with excellent communication skills can make considerable commission-based income in only a few months.

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  6. Tour guide
    Average Yearly Salary: $29,000

    Knowledgeable tour guides are highly demanded during vacation seasons. Many tourist locations will provide travel and living expenses in addition to a base wage during these times.

    Depending on the tourist attraction, this job could be a perfect opportunity to socialize, visit a beautiful location, and get paid at the same time.

    It’s a good idea to research different states to find the busiest tourist hotspots and opportunities.

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  7. Au pair
    Average Yearly Salary: $24,651

    An au pair is a helper from a foreign country who lives with a local family.

    Demand for this job peaks during the summertime, when parents need a trusted person to watch over their out-of-school children. You may also find yourself helping with housework.

    Au pairs are typically young and must be personable and trustworthy.

    Travel and living expenses are almost always paid for. You’ll likely also have plenty of free time to experience the local culture and enjoy the perks of travel.

    Financial compensation varies greatly depending on the host country and family.

    The base stipend in Sweden, for example, is $450 a month. Au pairs who build a good relationship with their host family are often paid much more.

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  8. Tax preparer
    Average Yearly Salary: $40,000

    Many tax companies mass-hire temporary employees during tax season to assist with tax preparation.

    If you’re proficient with math and accounting, this job is a great way to gain experience for your resume. This could assist in applying for related but much higher-paying jobs in the future.

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  9. Photographer
    Average Yearly Salary: $49,000

    Photographers experience peak demand during the following seasons:

    • Holidays

    • Wedding season (late spring to early fall)

    • Beginning and end of the school year

    During these times, freelance photography is a great way to turn your weekend hours into extra income.

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  10. Chef
    Average Yearly Salary: $44,000

    Hotels and resorts tend to hire more chefs during holiday times and the summer. Many resorts will provide you free-living and traveling expenses in addition to a base wage.

    If you have professional culinary experience, this job is a great opportunity to travel and work at upscale establishments.

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  11. Snow removal driver
    Average Yearly Salary: $41,000

    Businesses and homeowners require snow removal services each year during the winter months.

    Snow removal drivers may work independently or as contracted workers, clearing ice and snow from driveways, roads, and parking lots using snowplows. You may also deposit salt to dissolve ice.

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  12. Fitness trainer
    Average Yearly Salary: $41,000

    Demand for fitness trainers swells during the summertime, when people tend to vacation, go to resorts, and spend more time at gyms.

    If you’re knowledgeable about athletic and nutritional education, you can convert your knowledge into income.

    You may even convince a client to refer you to their family and friends and teach them as a class.

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  13. Tutor
    Average Yearly Salary: $33,000

    Demand for tutors peaks during examination seasons, such as before the GRE or SAT.

    For those highly qualified in certain topics, you could earn up to $50 an hour.

    An additional perk is that customers are increasingly willing to receive tutoring services through webcam, allowing you to work-from-home.

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  14. Personal gift shopper
    Average Yearly Salary: $49,000

    Millions of people dislike the crowded stores and hectic nature of holiday shopping, instead choosing to outsource the task to personal gift shoppers.

    If you don’t mind either of the above, you could make considerable money by simply visiting a store and standing in line.

    Some gift shoppers even turn the gig into a pseudo-consulting job, charging extra to provide advice about picking savvy gifts and clothing.

    Christmas-related jobs like this one tend to pay much more in certain states.

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  15. Event planner
    Average Yearly Salary: $44,000

    Event planners experience peak demand during three seasons:

    • Spring. High school and college graduation.

    • Early fall. Companies start planning for year-end celebrations.

    • Mid-winter. Companies renew budgets, and families make resolutions to connect more closely.

    These periods offer opportunities for individuals with organizational, communication, and creative skills.

    Many leverage marketing and social media skills to offer their event planning skills to as many clients as possible during busy seasons. In a few months, it’s possible to make enough money for the entire year.

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  16. Gig food delivery driver (Doordash, Grubhub, etc.)
    Average Yearly Salary: $29,000

    Delivering food through apps such as Postmates and Grubhub can be done all year-round. However, wages tend to multiply during colder seasons as demand for deliveries increases.

    This higher demand results in more delivery orders and tips, as well as promotional bonuses.

    If you want to make some extra cash during the winter and around holidays, this is a convenient job that requires little commitment.

    Drivers may make much more in some states and areas.

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  17. Rickshaw driver
    Average Yearly Salary: N/A

    This one might seem strange, but rickshaws have grown in popularity considerably over the last decade. In many European countries and even American cities, rickshaw drivers provide a fun and unique mode of transport to tourists and locals alike.

    When demand peaks for rickshaw drivers depends on the region. For example, many drivers receive very generous tips in Munich around Oktoberfest.

    Although this job can pay well, make sure your physical fitness and stamina are sufficient.

How to Get Hired for a Seasonal Job

When seeking a seasonal job, the critical factor is to begin your job-search early.

Companies usually start the recruitment process a season early, making it essential to get your foot in the door before positions are filled.

For those planning on working seasonal jobs full-time or multiple seasons in a row, it’s even more critical to plan ahead of time.

Many high-paying seasonal positions are geographically specific. You want to ensure that your final day at one job allows for enough transition time before the first day of the next.

Lastly, keep in mind that Zippia has countless employment resources. Take advantage of our career research tools to find the pay and duties of your favorite seasonal roles, as well as apply to listings.

Seasonal Job Tips

  • Use a seasonal job to re-enter the workforce. For people who have left the workforce for one reason or another, seasonal jobs are a great way to start your career up again.

    On the one hand, you can try to leverage a temporary position into something more permanent, especially if you show that you’re a hard worker who’s committed to progressing within the company. Industries with high turnover, like retail, food service, and hospitality, are usually happy to keep someone on board who knows the ropes.

    On the other hand, you can also use a seasonal job as a resume booster to show that you’re currently employed and have a recent reference. Even if the seasonal job isn’t directly tied to what you want to do with your career, there’s always a way to spin your skills and experiences to match the job requirements.

  • Consider your skill set and interests. Seasonal work is a great opportunity to dip your toes in an industry and see if it’s something you want to pursue further. It’s also a wonderful chance to develop skills that can help land you other jobs or progress at your current day job.

    For example, if you’re interested in starting your own health food blog, getting a seasonal job working at a local farm, serving at a vegan restaurant, or being a representative at a health food store could all help round out your knowledge and credentials.

  • Set intentions. Seasonal work can mean a whole host of things. From college students picking up a few extra bucks over the summer to ice road truckers who make a living on three months of work each year, seasonal work is certainly not a one-size-fits-all term.

    That’s why it’s important to know what you want out of your seasonal work experience. Are you just hoping to pick up some extra spending money for a vacation, or are you trying to make a career out of chasing seasonal employment around the globe? For most, it’s probably something in between.

    The point is you should try to be deliberate about what seasonal work you choose. The best seasonal jobs are the ones that you’re actually passionate about and can help develop your skill set for more permanent positions (or continuous contract work, if you’re a freelancer).

  • Apply early. We mentioned this above, but it bears repeating — seasonal job openings typically start popping up about three months before the actual season. The early bird gets the worm, so don’t dawdle once you’ve identified what sort of seasonal job you’d like to have.

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