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25 Essential US Construction Industry Statistics [2023]: Data, Trends And More

Research Summary. The construction industry is a vital part of the U.S. economy. However, success in this industry naturally comes with a number of challenges, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only added to these. To find out more about the state of the U.S. construction market, here are some statistics about the industry: As of […]

45+ Must-Know US Restaurant Industry Statistics [2023]: How Many Restaurants Are In The US

The US restaurant industry attracts millions of patrons each year.

20+ Riveting Ridesharing Industry Statistics [2023]: Average Ridesharing Revenue, Market Share And More

Research Summary. Whether you were on vacation or simply wanted to get around the neighborhood, odds are you’ve used a ridesharing app before. From Uber to Lyft, these popular apps have completely changed how we approach travel in urban areas. When it comes to ridesharing, our extensive research shows that: The global ridesharing market is […]

26 Jobs That Pay $50,000 Or More A Year

The best paying jobs that make $50,000 a year include pharmacist, surgeon, and air traffic controller.

35+ Key LinkedIn Statistics [2023]: Users, Businesses, And Must-Know Recruiter Facts

Research Summary. LinkedIn has firmly established itself in the social media universe, especially where job searches and B2B marketing is concerned. Here are some statistics about LinkedIn: It’s estimated that there are 900 million LinkedIn members worldwide. There are about 66.8 million monthly active LinkedIn users in the U.S. LinkedIn has users across over 200 […]

21 Important Food Truck Statistics [2023]: Analysis, Trends, And Projections

Whether they’re at a festival or a farmers’ market, food trucks allow customers to taste local cuisine without having to pause what they’re doing and take time to go to a restaurant.

20+ Dazzling Jewelry Industry Statistics [2023]: Facts, Data, Trends And More

From engagements to anniversaries to simple self-expression, jewelry is a major player in American culture and the American economy.

15 Jobs That Can Make You A Millionaire

The top jobs that can make you a millionaire are professional athlete, actor or actress, and pilot.

24 Video Game Industry Statistics [2022]: Facts, Trends, And Stats On The Gaming Industry

Advancements in technology have made gaming more accessible than ever. In fact, since the introduction of Nintendo consoles decades ago, the gaming industry has continued to grow bigger and bigger in the U.S.

How To Write A Plan Of Action (With Examples)

An action plan is a plan that allows you to achieve your goals.

How to Label an Envelope

How To Label An Envelope (With Examples)

To label an envelope you should write the recipients address in the middle of the envelope and centered.

How to Write an Awesome Elevator Pitch

How To Write An Awesome Elevator Pitch (With Examples)

Take Your Elevator Speech to the Next Level.

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What Percentage Of Jobs Are Remote? (And Percentage Of Companies That Allow Remote Work)

26% of U.S. jobs are remote and 56% of companies allow for remote work for at least some of their workforce as of 2022. While remote jobs and companies that offer flexible work arrangements were already on the rise pre-pandemic, 2020 saw a dramatic (and persistent) increase in the frequency of both. Key statistics on […]

What Percentage Of People Are Fired? [2023]

40% of people are fired from a job in their lifetime. Research Summary: Getting fired isn’t fun. But the percentage of people who get fired is higher than you’d think. So don’t feel bad if you’ve been terminated from a job in the past, because our research shows that: 40% of Americans have been fired […]

20+ Compelling Paramount Plus Statistics [2023]: User Count, Facts, And Stats On ViacomCBS’ New Streaming Service

Now that Paramount Streaming’ new streaming service, Paramount Plus, is up and running, there have been some notable changes to the streaming industry.

19 Impressive Costco Statistics [2023]: Revenue, Store Count, Trends, Facts, And Predictions

Costco Wholesale is a household name. The company operates a global chain of membership warehouses that carry quality, brand-name products at substantially lower prices than typical retail sources.

25+ Incredible US Smartphone Industry Statistics [2023]: How Many Americans Have Smartphoness

Research Summary. Smartphone and cellphone use is at an all-time high in the United States. Across the nation, more and more people depend on their smartphones to communicate, stay connected, and be informed daily. After extensive research, our data analysis team concluded: There are 307 million smartphone users in the United States as of 2022. […]

24 Powerful Cosmetics Industry Statistics [2023]: What’s Trending In The Beauty Business?

Research Summary. The cosmetics industry is one of the most valuable markets globally, and the United States is largely to thank for that. With more and more people across the nation buying personal care and beauty products, the cosmetics industry is growing fast. After extensive research, our data analysis team found: Approximately $49.2 billion is […]

23 Gripping Book Industry Statistics [2023]: Average Book Sales Over Time And By Genre

Research Summary. From riveting romance novels to the latest political science theories, the U.S. book industry plays a massive role in education, entertainment, and more. After extensive research, our data analysis team concluded: The U.S. book industry made $29.33 billion in revenue in 2021 Including self-published and commercially published, over 4 million new books were […]

22 ZipRecruiter Statistics [2023]: Facts, Users, Revenue, And More

With an estimated 10.7 million people across the United States looking for work, ZipRecruiter offers a streamlined and easy-to-use platform to help job seekers find career growth.

Workplace Communication: What Is Active Listening?

Active listening means giving the speaker your full attention, engaging with them to fully understand their meaning, and responding in a way that shows you are focused on their words.

How To Ask For A Salary Advance (With Examples)

To ask for a salary advance, schedule a meeting and prepare documentation to support the request.

Best Colors To Wear To A Job Interview (With Examples)

The best colors to wear to a job interview are neutral colors without overly distracting patterns.

Airline Industry Statistics [2023]: 28 Facts To Know Before You Fly

The airline industry is one of the biggest in the US but has seen massive fluctuations as of late. The coronavirus hit the US airline industry hard, causing their revenue to drop significantly.

18+ Food Delivery Statistics [2023]: Online Ordering Industry Numbers You Need To Know

hen it comes to eating out, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some drastic changes to the food delivery industry.

40+ Peacock Statistics [2023]: Users, Subscribers, And Growth

NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock, is up and running.

30 Striking Cryptocurrency Statistics [2023]: Market Value, Bitcoin Usage, and Trends

Cryptocurrency is one of the most recently-introduced and fastest-growing industries around the globe.

A Helpful Guide To Business Professional Attire

Business professional is the classic, "old-fashion" formal wear that includes well groomed suits, blouses/skirts, button downs, ties, dress pants, and dress shoes.

28 Astonishing U.S. Healthcare Industry Statistics [2023]: U.S. Healthcare Industry Overview

The U.S. healthcare industry is the third-largest in the country, and it impacts the life of almost every American.

When Are Cover Letters Necessary (With Examples)

Cover letters can be necessary and important to clarify a confusing resume, fill in employment gaps, and to add information that doesn’t fit in your resume.

Tough Interview Questions (With Answers)

15 Tough Job Interview Questions (With Answers)

Tough job interview questions are designed to show hiring managers what you actually bring to the table.

14 Best Jobs For Empaths (And 8 To Avoid)

The best jobs for empaths include nurse, social worker, writer, psychologist, web developer.

20+ Fascinating US Fast Food Industry Statistics [2023]: Revenue, Trends, And Predictions

Research Summary. Fast food is mass-produced food designed for commercial resale, with a top priority being service speed. Fast food was created as a strategy to accommodate commuters, travelers, and wage workers. Our research team found: The United States has 201,865 fast food restaurant businesses as of 2023 The US fast food industry has a […]

28 Vital B2B Statistics [2023]: How Many B2B Companies Are There

Research Summary. B2B, or business-to-business, transactions are a crucial part of what keeps the market going. After all, you wouldn’t be able to buy your favorite holiday candle if the candlemaker couldn’t buy wholesale wax. Especially considering the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, reliable B2B is more important than ever. But, what is the true […]

35+ College Grad Earnings Statistics [2023]: Average Starting Salary Out Of College

Once college students start getting nearer to graduation day; they often start wondering how much they’ll make once they begin working.

How Many Freelancers Are There In The U.S.?

There are 70.4 million freelancers in the U.S., as of 2022.

$100k After-Tax Income By State [2023]

Research Summary: There’s nothing like tax season to make you realize just how much of your income is taken from your clutches. Sure, your hard-earned dollars will go to maintaining parks, public programs, and, theoretically, the roads, but that yearly realization still stings. Of course, not all states are created equal, with some having much […]

Average Cost Of Groceries By State [2023]

Research Summary: Unless you’re living off the grid with your own flock of chickens and an apocalypse-ready garden, you’ve likely felt the strain of inflation. From $6 eggs to nearly $2 bread, things can add up quickly. There’s no doubt about it; food prices are simply going through the roof. Of course, not all states […]

Legit Data Entry Jobs You Can Do From Home

Excellent Remote Data Entry Jobs

Summary. Great data entry jobs that you can work remotely include being a data entry clerk, a transcriptionist, or data entry keyer. These jobs require you to have the proper equipment and robust typing skills. Online-based jobs that allow you to work from home are becoming increasingly common, and one of the fields that offer […]

25 Incredible Employee Referral Statistics [2023]: Facts About Employee Referrals In The U.S.

As job hunting evolves, so too does the importance of employee referrals.

11 Tips For Decorating Your Office Cubicle

When you decorate your office cubicle, take the opportunity to add your personality to your space while still being respectful of others in the office.

How to Write a Scholarship Thank-You Letter (With Examples)

To write a thank-you letter for a scholarship, open with a straightforward "thank you," being sure to mention the particular scholarship, then move into an explanation of who you are and how this scholarship will impact you.

25 Alarming US Nursing Shortage Statistics [2023]: How Many Nurses Are In The US?

Research Summary. Nurses are the foundation of the global healthcare field. However, in the past few years, we’ve crawled toward a massive nursing shortage in the United States and around the world. It’s projected that over the next decade, this shortage will only worsen, and it won’t be long until we’re lacking millions of nurses. […]

employee compensation cost

What Are The Average Employer Costs For Employee Compensation In 2023?

The average employer cost for employee compensation in the US is $41.03 per hour. Maintaining an employee is expensive for employers, putting an emphasis on just how important hiring the right person really is. For instance, employers are responsible for paying not only wage and salary costs but also for benefits like retirement, medical care, […]

25+ Amazing Virtual Reality Statistics [2023]: The Future Of VR + AR

Research Summary. Augmented and virtual reality technology has become increasingly accessible and widely used over the past few years and only seems to be growing in popularity. Here are the key AR and VR statistics: The global VR market is projected to reach $26.9 billion by 2027. There are 65.9 million VR users in the […]

The Best Time To Interview: What It Is And How To Schedule It

The best time to schedule an interview is usually mid-week and mid-morning or mid-afternoon, as these are the times both you and your interviewer will probably be the most focused and alert.

How to Write a LinkedIn Headline

How To Write A LinkedIn Headline (With 12+ Real Examples)

When writing a LinkedIn headline, avoid using the default and tailor it to include important keywords and skills.

How to Answer What is Your Greatest Weakness

How To Answer “What Is Your Greatest Weakness?”: Job Interview Question

When answering "what is your greatest weakness?" you should choose a real professional weakness that is not a huge part of your job.

30 Important Cybersecurity Statistics [2023]: Data, Trends And More

With more and more people relying on modern technology and an increasing number of U.S. and international businesses using digital devices and web-based software, cybersecurity poses a greater threat than ever before.

15+ Incredible Job Search Statistics [2023]: What Job Seekers Need To Know

If you’re in the market for a new job, chances are the process can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven’t looked for a new position recently.

25+ Useful User Experience Statistics [2023]: What Is The Value Of UX?

User experience (UX) is a crucial component of any successful brand.

What Is A Non-Compete Agreement? (Everything You Need To Know)

A non-compete agreement is a contract that prohibits an employee from beginning work with a company considered to be a competitor for a certain length of time after their termination.

17 Incredible Onboarding Statistics [2023]: HR Trends In Hiring, Training, And Retention

Onboarding a new employee can be a more daunting task than many realize, including things such as advertising expenses, recruiting events, fees for a recruitment software, and relocation expenses, among other things.

8 Types of Detectives

The different types of detectives include missing persons detective, cold case detective, and private detective.

25 Must-Know Mobile Commerce Statistics [2023]: Facts About M-Commerce in the U.S.

With the ever-growing importance of the internet and mobile technology, the rapid growth of mobile commerce is unsurprising.

20+ Essential Part-Time Job Statistics [2023]: Who Works Part-Time And Why?

Part-time workers make up a large part of the U.S. workforce, as many seasonal industries rely on them to keep their businesses operational.

11 Tips for a Successful Onsite Interview

11 Tips For A Successful Onsite Interview

To have a successful interview, you should prepare for common interview questions, research the company and interviewers, and dress for success.

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What Is The Average Amount Of PTO Days In America?

The average amount of PTO days in America is 10 days each year.

100+ Important Sales Statistics [2023]: Figures, Salaries, and Statistics

Research Summary. Sales positions make up a significant portion of the job force, although most never intended to work as a salesperson. Despite these high numbers, few buyers believe they can trust salespeople or that they can understand their needs. After extensive research, our data analysis team concluded: According to 40% of salespeople, prospecting is […]

What Is Accountability In The Workplace? (With Examples)

Accountability in the workplace is the willingness to accept responsibility for your actions.

23 Incredible Cord Cutting Statistics [2023]: Why Americans Are Moving Away From Cable

Research Summary. Online TV streaming services have taken the world by storm, and more and more people are cutting the cord and canceling their traditional cable and satellite TV subscriptions. Here are some statistics on cord-cutting. An estimated 5.2 million households intended to end their cable subscriptions by the end of 2021. An estimated 4.9 […]

Personal Day: What Is It? (With Examples)

Personal days are an employee benefit that companies offer in addition to PTO and vacation days.

How To Answer “What Do You Know About Our Company?”

Advice for giving the best answer to this common interview question.

20+ Revelatory Return To Work Statistics [2023]: Data, Facts, And More

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shaken up the way we work well into the conceivable future.

25+ Incredible Machine Learning Statistics [2023]: Key Facts About The Future Of Technology

Research Summary. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming the world of technology both in the private world and in business. Here are the key statistics on machine learning in business: 82% of companies need employees with machine learning skills. 73% of business leaders believe machine learning will double productivity for their employees. The global […]

25+ Cart Abandonment Rate Statistics [2023]: Ecommerce Industry Facts You Need To Know

Online shopping is easier and more popular than ever, but it can be frustrating to retailers when they’ve successfully gotten their potential customers to their website and are interested in making a purchase, only for them to abandon their cart and not convert.

25 Crucial Remote Work Burnout Statistics [2023]: How To Recognize And Avoid Workplace Stress

Research Summary. Remote work has been growing more commonplace, and the COVID-19 pandemic only increased this. Companies realize that many remote workers are burnt out, however. Here are the key employee burnout statistics from the latest 2022 data: 86% of employees who work from home full-time experience burnout. 67% of remote workers report feeling pressured […]

33 Incredible Millionaire Statistics [2023]: 8.8% Of US Adults Are Millionaires

There are more millionaires in the U.S. than you may think, and chances are you even know one or two.

How To Start A Cover Letter (With 30 Examples)

When starting your cover letter, you should show your excitement about the organization and the passion for what you do.

15+ Nursing Burnout Statistics [2023]: The Shocking Truth About Nursing

Whether you’re currently in the field or studying to become one, nursing can be a very demanding and strenuous line of work.

27 Odd Jobs That Pay Well

The top odd jobs that pay well include color expert, astronomer, and costume attendant.

What Are Your Work Values? (With Examples)

Work values are the qualities and principles that an individual strives to embody in their day-to-day operations.

23 Recruitment Statistics [2023]: What HR Professionals And Hiring Managers Need To Know

With an abundance of job search websites and social media platforms available to us, you’d be surprised to know just how many job seekers are considered passive.

The Cost Of A Bad Hire [2023]: How Bad Hires Impact Business

Research Summary. The process of hiring a new employee can be strenuous and expensive, but it’s worth taking the time to do it right the first time because a bad hire will cost your company even more. Here are some statistics on the costs of a bad hire: The average cost of a bad hire […]

25+ Important Networking Statistics [2023]: The Power of Connections In The Workplace

With so many jobs filled by personal and professional connections, it's easy to see that Americans underestimate the power of networking.

53 Stunning Social Media Statistics [2023]: Facts About Social Media Phones In The U.S.

For well over a decade now, social media has permeated our everyday lives.

22 Stunning Employee Theft Statistics [2023]: Facts Every Employer Should Know

Employee theft is an unfortunate consequence of running a business.

45 Crucial Call Center Statistics [2023]: Metrics, Performance KPIs, And Industry Data

Research Summary. It’s basically a central human experience to worry about calling up a company’s call center to fix a problem or ask a question. That’s why the businesses that can provide an organized and effortless customer service experience through their call centers end up beating out their competition. Here are the key call center […]

Average Cost Of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance [2023]: What Percentage Of Health Insurance Do Employers Pay?

Affordability remains a big concern for companies and employees alike, as health insurance premiums have increased much faster than overall income or salaries.

21 Compelling Retail Statistics [2023]: How Many Retailers Are In The US?

From companies as large as Walmart to local businesses like your Uncle’s furniture store, you likely rely on the retail industry for goods and services almost every day.

25 Gamification Statistics [2023]: Facts + Trends You Need To Know

In recent years, gamification has taken the country and world by storm.

20+ Crucial Website Statistics [2023]: How Company Success Depends On A Good Website

Whether you’re a consumer or business owner, websites are no doubt a part of your daily life.

How to Answer “When Can You Start?” Interview Question (With Examples)

To answer, "When can you start?" in an interview, provide a realistic range of when you'll be available and then ask when they would prefer you start.

15 Jobs That Make People Happy Across Industries

High paying jobs that make people happy include human resources manager and engineer.

20 Shocking White-Collar Crime Statistics [2023]: The State Of White Collar Crime In The U.S.

White-collar crime refers to a range of fraud committed by business and government professionals. You might be shocked to discover just how prevalent white-collar crime is and how little it gets prosecuted.

26 Incredible U.S. Pharmaceutical Statistics [2023]: Facts, Data, Trends And More

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry is often a controversial topic, but there is no denying that it is a huge part of the U.S.’s economy and has produced many life-saving and life-improving drugs.

How To Answer: Why Did You Decide To Become A Teacher?

To answer, "Why did you decide to become a teacher?" in an interview, be honest and frame your answer with a personal story.

How to Include LinkedIn on Your Resume

How To Include LinkedIn On Your Resume (With Examples)

When including your LinkedIn profile on your resume, you should create a hyperlink and add it to your contact information section.

How To Decide When To Quit Your Job

When deciding when it's time to quit you should first identify why you want to quit and make a plan.

“What Should I Do With My Life?” 12 Ways To Find the Answer

When you find yourself thinking, "I'm not sure what I want to do with my life," explore your interests, learn from people you admire, identify your priorities, and be patient.

The 10 Best Environmental Jobs

The top three environmental jobs are conservation scientist officer, wind turbine technician, and Marine biologist.

Resume Summary Statement

How To Write A Resume Summary Statement (With Examples)

To write a resume summary statement you should begin with a title that will explain your professional identify.

How to Write a Professional Out Of Office Message (With Examples)

To write a professional out of office message, briefly explain why you're out, when you'll return, and who they can reach out to during your absence.

What Is A Good Pay Raise In The US?

The typical pay raise in the U.S. is between 3%-5%.

How To Write A Short Resignation Letter (With No Notice Examples)

To write a short resignation letter, start by stating that you're resigning from your position, remembering to state the title and your final day of employment.

Average Annual Raise [2023]: Industry, Demographic, Regional Averages, And More

Everyone likes getting a raise. Even if you’re not changing jobs or gunning for that next promotion, understanding what to expect out of an annual raise is important.

30 Essential Hybrid Work Statistics [2023]: The Future Of Work

During the COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees alike have recognized the benefits of remote work.

15+ Essential Social Media Recruitment Statistics [2023]: How Effective Is Social Media Recruiting?

Research Summary: Recruitment isn’t always easy, but social media can make the process a whole lot simpler. In fact, many recruiters now use social media as a valuable networking tool. To find out more, we’ve investigated all of the essential facts about social media recruitment. According to our extensive research: 57% of job seekers use […]

25+ Critical Communication In The Workplace Statistics [2023]: How Effective Is Good Communication?

Research Summary: Everyone knows communication is important, but in the workplace, proper communication can make or break a team. From ensuring tasks are completed on time to understanding the company’s strategy, communication is truly key. To find out more, we’ve investigated all of the essential facts about communication in the workplace. According to our extensive […]