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Average Annual Raise [2023]: Industry, Demographic, Regional Averages, And More

Everyone likes getting a raise. Even if you’re not changing jobs or gunning for that next promotion, understanding what to expect out of an annual raise is important.

30 Essential Hybrid Work Statistics [2023]: The Future Of Work

During the COVID-19 pandemic, employers and employees alike have recognized the benefits of remote work.

15+ Essential Social Media Recruitment Statistics [2023]: How Effective Is Social Media Recruiting?

Research Summary: Recruitment isn’t always easy, but social media can make the process a whole lot simpler. In fact, many recruiters now use social media as a valuable networking tool. To find out more, we’ve investigated all of the essential facts about social media recruitment. According to our extensive research: 57% of job seekers use […]

25+ Critical Communication In The Workplace Statistics [2023]: How Effective Is Good Communication?

Research Summary: Everyone knows communication is important, but in the workplace, proper communication can make or break a team. From ensuring tasks are completed on time to understanding the company’s strategy, communication is truly key. To find out more, we’ve investigated all of the essential facts about communication in the workplace. According to our extensive […]

30+ Essential U.S. Child Care Statistics [2023]: Availability, Costs, And Trends

Across the United States, child care accessibility places a large burden on the economy and the labor force.

20+ Must-Know Side Hustle Statistics [2023]: How Much Does The Average Side Hustle Earn?

Research Summary: Whether you need to cover childcare or that expensive vacation to France, side hustles are more popular than ever with Americans. In fact, working two or more jobs is more common than ever. But why? Luckily, we’ve investigated all of the essential facts about side hustles in the US, and according to our […]

20+ Must-Know Startup Statistics [2023]: Average Time to Reach Profitability At A Startup

Startup companies are typically founded by eager entrepreneurs looking to bring a unique product or service to market.

How To Prioritize Your Work

To prioritize your work, create a master list, then choose a method that breaks up tasks based on importance and urgency, schedule the tasks accordingly, and evaluate your progress.

20+ Essential Hiring Statistics [2023]: Everything You Need To Know About Hiring

We’ve all been through the hiring process. For some, it can be a breeze, while others might spend a harrowing five weeks bouncing back and forth between interviews.

20 Incredible Online Business Statistics [2023]

Whether they own a giant retail building or create crafts from a 250 sq. ft. apartment, most business owners see the value in moving their shops online.

How To Answer “How Do You Handle Stress?” (With Examples)

To answer "how do you handle stress?" in a job interview, make sure to give a specific example that shows your coping techniques successfully put to test. Additionally, provide examples that show growth in your skills and professional development.

Domain Knowledge: What Is It And Examples

Domain Knowledge is the knowledge of a specific, specialized discipline, profession, or activity, in contrast to general knowledge.

20+ Vital Work-Life Balance Statistics [2023]: The Difficult Importance Of Maintaining It

With the advent of mobile devices has come the ability to be constantly connected, even when it comes to work.

Interview Questions For Managers (With Answers)

To answer manager interview questions, strategize and prepare stories that show off your leadership qualities such as communication or conflict management.

20+ Transportation Industry Statistics [2023]: The State of American Transportation

Research Summary: If you’ve ever left your house, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of cars and trucks in the U.S. In fact, except for major cities and towns, any other form of transportation is often non-existent in this country. But, what is the American transportation system really like? Luckily, we’ve investigated all […]

35+ Compelling Workplace Collaboration Statistics [2023]: The Importance Of Teamwork

The ability to work well in a team is a skill highly desired by employers and hiring managers in almost every industry across the United States.

22 Must-Know Employee Engagement Statistics [2023]: Trends, Benefits, And More

In the United States, employee engagement is essential to productivity and profitability.

23+ Essential Gig Economy Statistics [2023]: Definitions, Facts, And Trends On Gig Work

Interest in gig work has grown immensely in the past few years, likely in part because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

20+ Compelling Event Industry Statistics [2023]: How Events Improve Marketing

Research Summary: From marketers to organizers, there are a plethora of people who can benefit from events. And while the COVID-19 Pandemic has certainly impacted event organization and attendance, they may just be making a comeback. But, what are some of the key benefits of events? Luckily, we’ve investigated all of the essential facts about […]

25+ Crucial Average Cost Per Hire Facts [2023]: All Cost Of Hiring Statistics

Hiring new employees with the appropriate experiences and qualifications is essential to the continued success and profitability of nearly every U.S. company.

20+ Shocking American Savings Statistics [2023]: Average Personal Savings Accounts, Demographics, And Facts

Research Summary: Whether you’re a home-owner, renting, or living with family members, nearly every American struggles with saving their hard-earned cash. In fact, debt has become a way of life for most of us, ensuring that our savings are eaten away by monthly payments. But, what is the average American savings? Luckily, we’ve investigated all […]

7 Reasons You Have No Motivation To Work (And How to Overcome Them)

Reasons for a lack of motivation at work can include an overloaded schedule, exhaustion, lack of time-management skills, or boundary issues between your professional and personal lives.

How To Write A Retirement Resignation Letter

To write a retirement resignation letter you should state your intent to retire with a clear date in your first line of the letter.

How To Handle Multiple Job Offers (With Examples)

When you have multiple job offers, you should first think before you act and ask for some time to decide.

20 Must-Know Layoff Statistics [2023]: Who’s Being Terminated From Their Jobs

In 2022, there were 15.4 million layoffs in the U.S.

Dear Sir Or Madam: When To Use It And Alternatives

Saying "Dear Sir or Madam" is still acceptable, it should be avoided because it can make you look lazy and make it sound generic.

40+ Vital Outsourcing Statistics [2023]: How Many Jobs Lost To Outsourcing?

With more and more businesses across the U.S. looking for ways to increase profit margins and cut costs, outsourcing has become a popular business tool for both big and small companies across the nation.

28+ Incredible Meeting Statistics [2023]: Virtual, Zoom, In-Person Meetings And Productivity

For many workers, meetings are a daily or weekly part of their regular schedule.

36+ Alarming Automation & Job Loss Statistics [2023]: Are Robots, Machines, And AI Coming For Your Job?

Many Americans are worried that automation will threaten their jobs, and it’s important to understand where exactly these fears are coming from.

How to Write a New Employee Welcome Message (With Examples)

To write an employee welcome message, start by explicitly welcoming them and introducing yourself, and move to details about their schedule, dress code, and first-day expectations, as well as any documents they need to bring.

Virtual And Zoom Meeting Distraction Statistics [Survey]

Survey Summary. Social distancing has more workers dialing in from home, trying to focus on all the distractions and temptations of home. Other workers are struggling with technical issues. Some are stuck putting up with their coworkers’ tech issues and sick of saying, “Can you mute yourself?” for the one-thousandth time. With that in mind, […]

16 Retail Job Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

Retail job interview questions will likely cover both your soft and hard skills, so practice answering common interview questions such as, "Do you work well with others?" and "What products and services have you sold in your previous roles?"

15+ Average Commute Time Statistics [2023]: How Long Is the Average American Commute?

Whether you live in the middle of the city or have to drive in from the country, almost all Americans have to deal with some form of commute.

20 Great Jobs For Deaf People

The best paying jobs for deaf people include audiologist, animator, and electrician. Entry level jobs include data entry clerk, stocker, and housekeeping cleaner.

15+ Email Subject Line Statistics [2023]: Trends In Sales + Marketing

You probably know that marketers and business owners around the country rely on emails for effective advertising and communication with clients.

20+ Incredible Creator Economy Statistics [2023]: Facts, Charts & Trends

Research Summary: Places like the internet have made it easier than ever for inventive minds to create goods, content, or anything else their heart desires. In fact, most of these creators can be successful with little more than a smartphone or computer. To find out just how important the creator economy has become, we’ve investigated […]

75+ Essential Human Resources Statistics [2023]: Figures, Salaries, and Stats

Recruiting professionals earn good money and are in demand, although the current market is candidate-driven.

Percent Of People Drinking At Work [Survey]

Survey Summary. We surveyed 2,000 workers to find out who is drinking on the clock- and what they’re drinking. You can see which states have the most people saying “cheers” during work hours, and our most interesting findings below: 34% of workers admit to having had alcohol during work hours. You’ve heard of the wheat […]

How to Calculate Marginal Utility (With Examples)

How To Calculate Marginal Utility (With Examples)

To calculate marginal utility, take the change in total utility and divide it by the change in units.

Problem-Solving Interview Questions And Answers (With Examples)

Problem-solving questions are used to focus on a candidates past experience with managing conflicts and overcoming obstacles in the workplace.

25 Alarming Data Breach Statistics [2023]: Frequency Of Exposed Records

Research Summary: There’s nothing more terrifying than knowing your data has been exposed. After all, criminals around the world can take advantage of massive company breaches to steal your money, identity, and other valuable information. Data breaches are one of the most impactful security breaches in the U.S. today. So, how costly are data breaches? […]

How to Calculate Probability

How To Calculate Probability (With Examples)

To calculate probability, divide the number of ways the event can occur by the total number of outcomes.

Teacher Resignation Letter (With Examples)

To write a resignation letter for a teaching position, open with a formal salutation, then quickly get to the point of why you're writing and state your resignation (including the date).

29 Worthwhile Union Statistics [2023]: Membership, Union Vs. Non-Union Jobs, And Facts

Whether you’re in one or not, you’ve likely heard about the importance of unions in the United States.

Figurative Language

What Is Figurative Language? (With Examples)

Figurative language is when words or phrases are amplified from their literal meaning to provoke more imagery or to create writing that is more engaging.

The Most Important Personal Skills

The Most Important Personal Skills (With Examples)

Important personal skills to have include communication, leadership, and problem solving skills.

Most Important Negotiation Skills

Top 10 Most Important Negotiation Skills You Need To Know

Important negotiation skills to have include communication, organization, and persuasion.

40+ Worrisome Workplace Stress Statistics [2023]: Facts, Causes, And Trends

Workplace stress is one of the largest hurdles you can experience on the job.

Show Multiple Positions at the Same Company on a Resume

Show Multiple Positions At The Same Company On A Resume

To show multiple positions that you have held while at the same company, you can either stack your entries, split them, put them in the prior experience section, or put them in the reverse-chronological format.

Sample Memo

Sample Memo: Format And Examples

A memo is a type of communication to share news, updates, or any other relevant information.

Leadership Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

Summary. To answer leadership interview questions effectively, know your leadership style and use the STAR method to provide engaging structure. Strong leadership is invaluable to a company. That’s why the interview process is so important. Employers need a way to see if you can be an agent of change for their organization. Hiring managers and […]

25+ Alarming Age Discrimination Statistics [2023]

Despite federal and state laws that protect older workers against age discrimination and harassment, ageism in the workplace remains prevalent.

36 Powerful Leadership Statistics [2023]: Things All Aspiring Leaders Should Know

Leadership plays a huge role in the success of a business.

25+ Telling Paternity Leave Statistics [2023]: Average Paternity Leave Length

The popularity of taking paternity leave is growing slowly in the United States, but research shows that the length of paternity leave in the US may still lag behind expectations.

Salary Survey: Half Of Workers Are Willing To Share Their Salary (And The Other Half Are Losing Out)

Salary Sharing Research Summary On average, 50% of workers are willing to share their salaries at work. Salary sharing is most popular in Iowa, where 84.6% of workers share their salaries. No workers are sharing their salaries in these 2 states: Idaho, and Rhode Island. On average, 30% of workers aren’t comfortable sharing their salaries […]

21 Crucial Career Change Statistics [2023]: How Often Do People Change Jobs?

Changing jobs can seem like a momentous and even nerve-wracking experience, but you may be surprised to learn just how many career changes happen in a lifetime.

20+ Compelling Internship Statistics [2023]: Data, Pay, And Trends

In nearly every industry across the nation, internships present an effective pathway to finding employment after graduation.

Remote Work Survey: Covid-19 Has Changed The Future Of Work

Research Summary. There’s never been a more unprecedented shift from in-office work to remote work than there was in 2020. The fact is that most Americans now favor remote work over any in-person options, so we surveyed 2,000 American workers to find out why. According to our research: Key Takeaways: 63% of workers are more […]

25+ Amazing Cold Calling Success Statistics [2023]: Data, Trends, Opinions And More

You, like many others, may be wondering, "Does cold calling work?" Cold calling statistics indicate that the process is effective -- and necessary -- for businesses looking to boost their bottom line.

How to Prepare for a Pre-Employment Physical

How To Prepare For A Pre-Employment Physical (With Examples)

To prepare for a pre-employment physical you should read up on the expectations for your physical abilities and what tests you may have to complete.

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Top 100 Best Companies for Visa Sponsorships

If you’re looking for a job and need sponsorship to work in the US, you have come to the right place. Because, sure, you can google things like ‘jobs that sponsor visas’ and get a fairly long list of articles and sites that promis, or perhaps that have the biggest names — but here, we […]

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The Best College For Getting A Job In 2020

Not all colleges are created equal. While college can be a lot of fun (mixed in with a lot of work) and a time of self-growth, it is also a pricey investment in obtaining a job to pay off all those college loans. And while you’d hope that every college education nets you the opportunity […]

A Peak into American Hero Dr. Fauci’s Resume

Physician. Scientist. Educator. Humanitarian. Public Health Leader. Dr. Anthony Fauci has been many things for millions of people throughout his career. Now as we sit at home waiting to rejoin the outside world, he is a COVID-19 task force leader. Since we’ve all been leaning on his guidance for the past few months, we thought […]

It’s Official, Politics Makes It Hard To Focus At Work (2020 Election)

Discussing Politics In The Workplace Research Summary There’s no avoiding politics in Rhode Island, with 71% of workers discussing it in the workplace. “Leave it at home”, says Nebraska and Montana, where only 25% of workers discuss politics in the workplace. A total of 54% of all US workers do not talk about politics at […]

40 Stand-Out Small Business Statistics [2023]: How Many Small Businesses Are In The United States?

Although almost every industry took a hit from mandated covid closures, small businesses are bouncing back and continue to represent the backbone of the United States business community.

20+ Crucial Minimum Wage Statistics [2023]: Facts, Predictions, And More

Since last raised 14 years ago, the federal minimum wage has lost 37.4% of its purchasing power.

Survey: Here’s Why Your Coworkers Are Getting You Sick

Research Summary. It’s unsettlingly common how many Americans show up to work sick. Whether due to a lack of PTO, a mountain of work that waits for no flu, or seasonal allergies, workers come in spewing their germs all over the place. To better understand why your coworkers are so disgusting, we surveyed 1,000 American […]


Survey: The majority of workers are exhausted, here’s why

Research Summary. There’s nothing worse than exhaustion in the workplace, and it’s a huge problem in the US. From stress and anxiety to terrifying family obligations, we’ve surveyed the main causes of workplace exhaustion in the US, as well as how we most often cope. According to our research: Key Takeaways: Stress is the number […]

Survey: 33% Of Workers Admit To Stealing Food From Coworkers

Stealing Food From Coworkers Research Summary 33% of workers admit to stealing food from their coworkers 47% of workers have been victims of food theft by coworkers Alaska is the worst state for food theft in the workplace, with 64.3% of workers swiping food there. Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont all have […]

Average Paid Maternity Leave In The US [2023]: US Maternity Leave Statistics

Research Summary. People often talk about how the U.S. is behind other countries on paid maternity leave, but is this really the case? For the most part, yes. A majority of American workers still don’t have access to paid maternity leave, and the typical maternity leave policy offers far less time-off compared to other countries. […]

23+ Artificial Intelligence And Job Loss Statistics [2023]: How Job Automation Impacts the Workforce

Artificial intelligence and job loss statistics indicate that the worldwide economy could lose hundreds of millions of positions to AI over the coming decades, especially in industries where soft skills aren’t a meaningful part of the job description.

15+ Shocking Ransomware Statistics [2023]: Trends + Facts

Research Summary: From small businesses to massive tech companies, ransomware targets anyone and everyone. In fact, ransomware has been growing at an alarming rate in recent years, increasing the threat to businesses around the world. Today, it’s even more essential for businesses to guard against ransomware attacks. To find out more, we’ve gathered an extensive […]

30+ Concerning Cybercrime Statistics [2023]: The Cost, Trends + Facts

Research Summary: When you think of a massive robbery, you might picture a gang of hooded criminals invading an important bank before speeding away in their cars. What you might not have thought of is the fact that over $8 trillion was stolen through cybercrime in 2022 alone. What makes cybercrime so insidious, among other […]

How To Answer "What Gets You Up In The Morning?"

How To Answer “What Gets You Up In The Morning?” (With Examples)

To answer, "What gets you up in the morning?" in an interview, talk about what motivates you professionally and personally.

26 Average Salary Increase When Changing Jobs Statistics [2023]

Research Summary. Changing jobs can be an uncertain endeavor. Maybe you feel stuck in your current position because you doubt your ability to land a new job. However, the truth is that most people receive a salary increase when switching jobs. And those who stay in the same place for over two years actually tend […]

How To Answer “Are You Willing to Travel?” Interview Question (With Examples)

To answer, "Are you willing to travel?" in an interview, give an example that demonstrates your willingness to travel and communicate any boundaries or limitations you may have.

50+ Telling Paid Time Off (PTO) Statistics [2023]: Average PTO In The United States

While the U.S. federal government doesn’t require companies to provide paid vacation to employees, they typically offer between 5 and 15 days of PTO per year.

Here’s How Much It Takes To Be Middle Class In Each State (Most and Least Expensive States)

Middle-Class Income By State Research Summary The state with the lowest barrier of entry to becoming middle-class is Arkansas, where an average annual income of $40,928 is enough. The state with the highest middle-class income is Hawaii, where you haven’t made it unless you earn at least $122,695 per year. Nationally, the average annual income […]

43 Incredible Job Satisfaction Statistics [2023]: Average Job Satisfaction In The US

With millions of people looking for new jobs in the wake of a shaken economy, it may be surprising to hear that most Americans are satisfied with their work.

20+ Vital Employee Loyalty Statistics [2023]: Engagement Trends + Data

For any business that wants to improve retention and reduce turnover, maximizing employee loyalty is important.

Paid Holiday Statistics [2023]: Average Paid Holidays In The United States

Despite the fact that there are many holidays registered as federal or state holidays, employers are not required to grant employees time off or provide extra pay.

60+ Incredible Diversity In The Workplace Statistics [2023]: Facts You Need To Know

Although the American labor force is more diverse than ever before, some issues surrounding workplace diversity continue to persist.

How Many Applications Does It Take To Get A Job? [2023]

Getting a job is no easy task, especially with tight competition and increased challenges during the application and recruitment process.

Each State’s Favorite Valentine Candy

State’s Favorite Valentine Candy Summary 45 out of 50 states prefer to buy chocolate on Valentine’s Day. 56% of all US consumers buy candy on Valentine’s Day. Up to 36 million boxes of heart-shaped chocolates are sold each year for Valentine’s Day. 47% of people say they’ll buy themselves a box of chocolates in 2023. […]

How Much Time Remote Workers Saved Not Commuting During The Pandemic

Commute Time Saved By Remote Workers Research Summary New Yorkers saved the most time on their commutes during the Pandemic, at an average of 291 hours per year. Workers in South Dakota must not have a lot of traffic, as they only saved 149 hours. Workers in New York City, NY saved a whopping 360 […]

How To Answer “Why Do You Want This Job?” (With Examples): Job Interview Question

To answer the job interview question "Why do you want this job?", explain how your skills make you a good fit for both the position and the company. Be sure to research the company beforehand to help you answer this question.

20+ Fascinating Online Shopping Statistics [2023]: Online Shopping Vs. In-Store Shopping

Online shopping has completely transformed the consumer market over the past few decades. However, it still has a long way to go before it overtakes in-person shopping.

How To Ask For A Promotion (Step-By-Step Guide)

To ask for a promotion, make preparations ahead of time and be ready to demonstrate your accomplishments.

20+ Telling Password Statistics [2022]: Why You Should Change Your Password Habits

Research Summary. There’s always that frustrating moment when you realize not only do you not remember your password, but you also don’t remember how to access that decade-old Gmail you attached it to. Trust us; we’ve all been there. For that reason, many people opt to use similar passwords, or the same password, across all […]

17 Shocking Spam Statistics [2022]: Facts + Data

Research Summary. There’s nothing more annoying than spam and not the meat variety. Often, it feels like we’re just flooded with junk emails while trying to await an important message or that the company that keeps calling us won’t take no for an answer. Unfortunately, dealing with spam is a common and regular occurrence for […]

Average US Employment Statistics[2023]

Research Summary. With a new year comes a new national employment report, which provides us with all of the essential facts about the current employment situation. So, if you want to find out more about what jobs are booming and which companies are going layoff-happy, stay tuned. We’ve gathered all of the essential trends and […]

17 Essential Startup Statistics [2023]: Reasons For Failure, Profitability, And More

Research Summary. Nothing says “living the American Dream” like creating a successful startup. While startups can be full of risks and expenses, they’re also incredibly rewarding when successful. Of course, as exciting as kicking off a startup might be, the process comes with a whole host of challenges. From a lack of capital to low […]

WordPress Market Share + Statistics [2023]: How Many Websites Use WordPress?

Research Summary. Having a reliable, functional, and attractive website can be the difference between a successful or struggling online business. Websites not only make a statement about a brand but also have the ability to encourage new sales. When it comes to websites, no open-source content management system dominates the scene quite like WordPress, even […]

17 Essential Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Statistics [2023]

Research Summary. Security is regularly on the mind of most internet users, and given the fact that one in three American accounts has been hacked, it’s safe to say that concern is warranted. To combat security breaches, websites and users have a whole host of tools in their arsenal. One of the most useful and […]

40+ Profound Freelance Statistics [2023]: Facts, Trends, Predictions

Research Summary. As more and more people have adapted to working at home, the number of them adopting freelance work has been growing at unprecedented rates. Even despite the fact that the COVID-19 Pandemic is starting to have less of a hold on the U.S., many Americans who got a taste of freelancing are eager […]

The Most Dangerous Jobs In America

Key Takeaways: There were 5,190 US work-related fatalities in 2021. Motor vehicle operators have the most dangerous job in the US, with 1,103 fatal work injuries per 100,000 FTE workers in 2021. Workers between 55-64 years old face the highest risks, accounting for 1,140 fatal work injuries in 2021 Transportation incidents are the deadliest incidents […]

50 Most Common Interview Questions

50 Interview Questions And Answers [2023]

If you know the most common job interview questions, then you can practice them before your interview. As a result, you will be prepared to demonstrate your qualifications.