50 Jobs That Use Python The Most

If you’re skilled with python, these jobs are right up your alley.

Chris Kolmarby Chris KolmarRankings, Skills - 1 year ago

If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the job hunt, and if you’re on the job hunt, you’re probably about ready to throw your hands in the air in frustration.

It’s difficult out there–and made only more difficult by a lack of helpful tools. Which is why we’re here.

We’re a database for all your “Finding a Job Need to Knows”. And today, we’re going to help whittle down the list of jobs to choose from, per your skillset.

And the good news is, if you’re skilled in python, there are a lot of great jobs to choose from.

Here are the top 10:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Senior Software Engineer
  3. Research Assistant
  4. Software Developer
  5. Graduate Research Assistant
  6. Software Engineering Internship
  7. Developer
  8. Web Developer
  9. Quality Assurance Engineer
  10. Researcher

For the full list of 50, jump to the bottom of the article. But now, here’s how we came up with this list of the jobs that use python.

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How we identified the jobs that use python the most

One of the easiest ways to advance in your career is to develop the skills that are most in demand by future employers.

Lucky for us, we have a database of over 7 million real-world resumes to identify which jobs require which skills. So, we looked through each resume to identify which job titles had ‘python’ listed as a skill the most.

We did our best to find fuzzy matches, meaning something like ‘PYTHON’ or ‘pytHON’ would match our search. We then divided the number of matches by the total number of resumes to see which job titles had the highest percentage of matches.

Detailed List Of The 50 Jobs That Use Python The Most

Rank Job Title Hits
1 Software Engineer 914
2 Senior Software Engineer 862
3 Research Assistant 467
4 Software Developer 373
5 Graduate Research Assistant 360
6 Software Engineering Internship 301
7 Developer 275
8 Web Developer 238
9 Quality Assurance Engineer 216
10 Researcher 189
11 Teaching Assistant 181
12 Build-Release Engineer 177
13 Data Analyst 174
14 Data Scientist 167
15 Hadoop Developer 164
16 Programmer 149
17 Software Test Engineer 147
18 Devops Engineer 136
19 Software Quality Engineer 132
20 Engineer 121
21 Senior Quality Assurance Engineer 117
22 Program Development Internship 117
23 Test Engineer 115
24 GIS Analyst 112
25 Senior Engineer 100
26 Data Engineer 90
27 Software Engineer Senior In Quality 80
28 Principal Software Engineer 77
29 Research Scientist 75
30 Lead Developer 73
31 Graduate Teaching Assistant 73
32 Software Development Engineer 71
33 Software Engineer Lead 70
34 Postdoctoral Research Associate 69
35 Research Associate 60
36 Senior Test Engineer 56
37 Quality Assurance 55
38 Research Fellow 53
39 Web Application Developer 50
40 Senior Linux Engineer 50
41 Research Associate/Postdoctoral Research Fellow 49
42 Senior Software Engineer/Senior Tester 47
43 Software Systems Engineer 46
44 Development Engineer 44
45 Application Engineer 44
46 Lead Engineer 43
47 Principal Engineer 43
48 Automation Engineer 41
49 Teaching & Research Assistant 41
50 Chief Technology Officer 40

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