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Whether you’re wondering which states are right-to-work states or what the average number of working hours is, you’re likely going to do a lot of research on a variety of subjects as an employer.

If you find yourself looking for facts and figures, you’re in the right place: We’ve compiled statistics on a plethora of topics relevant to employers for your use in your research.

In these articles, you’ll find information on topics such as:

  • Employee retention statistics and strategies.

  • Project management strategies and pitfalls.

  • Some of the top workplace distractions and their cost to employers.

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Happy Employees Are More Productive [2022]: Facts, Data, Trends

Uncover how employee happiness and productivity are linked statistically, explore the reasons why happy employees tend to be more engaged and motivated, and get tips on how to create a positive and supportive work environment.

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15+ AI Recruitment Statistics [2023]: Hiring Trends, Facts, and Data

Research Summary: Recruitment can consume a lot of company resources, even if it’s worth the ROI. Luckily, AI recruitment is a new and innovative way to go through the process that has been becoming more popular. To find out more about AI recruitment, from opinions to results, here are some crucial insights our research uncovered: […]

25+ Essential Lead Generation Statistics [2023]: Facts And Trends

Research Summary: Identifying and growing new customers is an essential part of any successful business. This process is typically referred to as lead generation and is a varied process used by businesses and marketers, large and small. If you want to find out more about the importance of lead generation, here are some crucial insights […]

35 Key Employee Training And Development Statistics [2023]: Data + Trends

Research Summary: Prior experience can be an important part of what makes a good employee, but the value of employee training and development cannot be understated. Often, some of the best employees are the ones who feel as though they’ve been trained properly and have the opportunity to advance their careers. To learn more about […]

20+ Employee Monitoring Statistics [2023]: Benefits, Trends, and Legal Risks

Research Summary: Employers and employees can be at odds for many reasons, and employee monitoring is often one of those reasons. While employers worry about theft, lack of productivity, and other out-of-sight issues, many employees feel violated by certain types of surveillance. Is there a balance to be had between these two points of view? […]

30 Brilliant Business Trends [2023]: Competition, Marketing, And Trends

Research Summary: Keeping up with business trends can often feel like a neverending game of catch-up, especially for small business owners. However, your business will be far more successful if you can stay on top of the latest trends. To do so, we’ve gathered an extensive list of business trend statistics. According to our extensive […]

Employer Statistics Highlighted Articles

15+ Alarming Workplace Microaggression Statistics [2023]: Trends + Facts

Research Summary: Discrimination in the workplace comes in many forms, and even discrete actions or comments can have an extremely detrimental effect on your experience in the workplace. Unfortunately, marginalized groups often deal with discriminatory actions, incidents, and words that could be considered microaggressions. To find out more about how common microaggressions are in the […]

15+ Crucial Offboarding Statistics [2023]: Why Offboarding Matters

Research Summary: While everyone knows about the importance of effective onboarding, discussions about offboarding are few and far between. This is a shame, as professional offboarding practices are essential for any successful business. From mitigating security risks to maintaining a positive reputation, there are many benefits associated with effective offboarding. To find out more, we’ve […]

Average Working Hours [2023]

Research Summary: The 40-hour work week may seem tough at times, but would you believe it’s a modern luxury we actually take for granted? Between 1880-1890, the average American worker was on the job for 60-100 hours every week. However, that doesn’t mean many Americans aren’t overworking themselves today. From grinding for that next promotion […]

Average Freelancer Rates [2023]

Research Summary: One of the biggest trends set by the COVID-19 Pandemic has been the explosion of freelancers. Many employees realized they prefer the freedom afforded to them by remote work, and just as many companies have seen the benefits that come with hiring freelancers. So, if you’re interested in becoming a freelancer yourself, it’s […]

17 Concerning Workplace Distraction Statistics [2022]: Facts + Trends

Research Summary: Whether it’s hearing the sound of a notification on your cell phone or thinking about that new video game you picked up last night, it can be difficult to stay focused during a boring or stressful work day. Distractions are everywhere, and they affect the majority of American workers. To find out more, […]

9 Must Know Employee Productivity Statistics

9 Must Know Employee Productivity Statistics

At OnTheClock, we are always doing research on making our employee time-tracking system easier and better. Here, we decided to give you a summary of nine important employee productivity statistics. Enhancing productivity is something you should look into regardless of whether you are an employer or employee. This is because being productive or having a […]

8 Compelling Reasons Remote Jobs Are On The Rise

Virtual working arrangements are revolutionizing the way that people work. It is preferred by employers and employees alike because they can both benefit from this arrangement. Here are some of the leading reasons why remote jobs are on the rise.

6 Reasons Why There’s a Place for Mature Workers in the Workplace

If you are keen to make your organisation mature-age-worker friendly, here are 6 reasons to consider recruiting a mature worker into your team.

20+ Essential Employee Retention Statistics [2022]: Facts, Data, Trends

Research Summary: For any business that wants to improve productivity and reduce turnover, encouraging employee retention is important. However, this is easier said than done, and many modern companies struggle to retain new employees. Not only do retention trends affect businesses and companies but also candidates searching on the job market. To find out more, […]

Happy Employees Are More Productive [2022]: Facts, Data, Trends

Uncover how employee happiness and productivity are linked statistically, explore the reasons why happy employees tend to be more engaged and motivated, and get tips on how to create a positive and supportive work environment.