Creating A New Position

Creating a new position is key to expanding your company’s operations and taking some tasks off of your current employees’ plates. This process can be tricky, though, as you have to start from scratch on everything from the job description to the salary range.

To help you do this with as few hiccups as possible, we’ve compiled a series of guides on all of the steps that come with creating a new position.

In these guides, you’ll find:

  • Tips on how to write a clear and accurate job description.

  • Information on the laws you’ll need to follow when posting jobs and selecting employees.

  • How and where to find the best candidates for your open position.

  • Advice for hiring and onboarding new employees.

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How To Write A Job Description (With Examples)

A guide on how to write an effective job description that accurately reflects the responsibilities and requirements of a job position.

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A How-To Guide To Hiring Part-Time Employees

Summary. To hire part-time employees, make sure you understand your organizational needs and write a clear job description that is appealing to qualified candidates. Many businesses hire part-time workers because they offer certain advantages over full-time employees. Any organization that staffs part-time employees knows that there are certain challenges to hiring them. However, with the […]

How To Announce An Employee Promotion

Summary. To announce an employee promotion, send an email with the details of the promotion and a congratulatory message. Including a little bit about the promoted employee’s new responsibilities and their journey to getting to this role is also a good idea. When one of your employees gets promoted, it’s important to let the rest […]

How To Test A Candidate’s Excel Skills

Summary. To test a candidate’s Excel skills, send them a skills assessment customized to the responsibilities of the particular role you’re filling. This assessment can be homemade, or you can have a professional one made specifically for your position’s needs. For job seekers, it’s difficult to accurately represent their Excel skills on a resume. As […]

Application Questions to Find the Right Candidate

Summary. Asking the right application questions can help you quickly narrow down your pool of job candidates. To decide which questions to ask, identify the key qualifications the employee needs to have, both in their work experience and personality, and ask about those. Creating a high-quality job application requires a lot of work, but taking […]

How To Make An Application Form

Summary. Application forms are for employers to gather information about potential candidates that are interested in the position and company. Forms should gather information such as applicant name, work availability, and work history. Creating an application form is the first step in the hiring and recruitment process. Employment applications are required by most employers, regardless […]

Creating A New Position Highlighted Articles

What Is Pay Transparency?

Summary: Pay transparency is being open and honest about what people are paid for their positions at your organization. Full transparency is making workers’ salaries public across the company – and even to the public at large. But you can also have partial transparency, which gives a salary range or the salaries for a department. […]

How To Hire A Temporary Employee

Summary: Temporary employees are employees that work for your business for a set period of time, so long as it’s less than one year. Generally speaking, temporary workers are hired to either fill a gap or to compensate for a period where a lot of work needs to get done quickly. Temporary employees can serve […]

How To Hire International Employees

Summary: International employees are employees that aren’t American citizens. In this context, it can refer to someone who works at a satellite office in a different country, someone who works remotely from a different country, or someone who ends up relocating to the United States. International employees can be preferable in a number of circumstances. […]

Best Ways To Advertise A Job

Summary. When you’re advertising a job, start by putting it on your website and then post it on social media and online job boards as well. Get your current employees involved by encouraging them to share it and refer people they may know, and reach out to colleges and professional development organizations in your area. […]

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What Is A Job Description?

A job description is a document that outlines the essential job requirements, duties, responsibilities, and necessary skills for a specific position. Job descriptions may also include: A brief introduction to the company’s mission and values. A list of necessary qualifications and competencies required for the position. Details on working conditions and location, including whether the […]

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Job Posting Template

A job posting should describe the job in a more engaging and enticing way than the job description.

How To Evaluate Job Candidates (Before And After And Interview)

Summary. To effectively evaluate candidates, set up a system of standards to add objectivity. Keep these standards in mind while you pre-screen, screen, and interview potential hires. Be aware of your biases and work with others to go over your initial observations. If you want your hiring process to be successful, you need to evaluate […]

11 Free Ways To Post A Job

When hiring for a new position, one of the most significant measures of success is the visibility of your job opening. Many employers wonder where the best places are to post their jobs for free. When you search on the Internet, you are often met with paid job board options or the same recommended job […]

Employer’s Guide To Drug Testing

Many employers in the United States have drug testing programs, which may make you wonder whether it’s something you should implement at your workplace as well. In some businesses, there are government requirements that drug testing has to take place in order to ensure safety. However, in the majority of workplaces, this isn’t a major […]

How To Write A Company Description

Summary. Writing a company description for a job posting requires a sales-minded approach. You want to briefly let the reader know what you do, why it’s important, and what makes your company special. These are key determining factors for job seekers, and they mean almost as much to them as what the job is. Once […]

How To Post A Job

Summary. To post a job, you need to take time to really understand what that new employee will do for your company and what skills and personality traits you’d like them to have. Once you have an idea of the best person for the job, it’s easier to write your post. When you have your […]

Should Your Company Upskill Employees or Hire New Ones?

There's no right answer as to whether you should upskill internally or hire externally. Most companies do a bit of both, depending on the role and the candidate pool they have already.

5 Facts Employers Need to Know About Psychometric Testing

While carefully crafted interview questions certainly play a role in candidate selection, more and more companies are adding psychometric testing to their assessment processes.

Interview Scoring And Candidate Evaluation [Employer Guide]

Summary. Scoring candidates in interviews keeps interviews focused, allows interviewers to easily compare notes with the rest of the hiring team, and streamlines the overall decision-making process. To score candidates, you just need to create a simple rating scale for interviewers to use as they ask questions. Interviews are great ways to learn about job […]

Comprehensive Benefits Packages [Employer Guide]

The two primary tools to attract and keep talent are salary and benefits. The benefits package is what makes an employee likely to stay with a company as it adds additional security and gives them considerable savings. It’s important to be aware of the popular benefits, especially among whichever group you try to attract. This […]

Do You Have To Pay Interns? [Employer Guide]

Summary. Yes, you have to pay interns in almost all cases. Unless the internship experience that your business offers passes all of the primary beneficiary tests, you must compensate interns for their work hours. Aligning your business with an academic program at a local university is the best way to find unpaid interns, as it […]

14 Secrets Behind Writing a Compelling Job Description

Every candidate expects to see a well written job description if they are even going to consider a career move.

How To Conduct And Review Pre-Employment Tests

Resumes, cover letters, and interviews are all good ways to learn about job candidates, but you can only tell so much about a potential employee without seeing them in action. To solve this problem, many hiring managers administer pre-employment tests to their job applicants. In this article, we’ll explain how to conduct and review pre-employment […]

How To Review Resumes [Employer Guide]

Reviewing applicant resumes may sound simple enough, but it can quickly become overwhelming once you get into it. In this article, we’ll explain how to review resumes, why you should review resumes and information to help you decide whether or not you want to use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to review your resumes. Key […]

How To Manage Salary Expectations For A New Hire (In 9 Easy Steps)

Summary. Manage salary expectations with a positive mindset to reduce tension. Additionally, research salaries for similar positions on the job market and consider your own budget. Be flexible and use your benefits as further incentives to help come to a solution everyone can be happy about. At some point, you are going to have to […]

How To Write A Job Description [Employer Guide]

Summary. To write a job description, make sure to include the job title, company summary, job summary, job responsibilities, as well as skills and qualifications. You have the option to also include compensation and benefits or additional information. Your description should be between 500 to 600 words that accurately portray the functions and expectations of […]

How To Include Required Education Level In A Job Description [Employer Guide]

Take the Guesswork Out of Job Descriptions Download Your Job Description Template By clicking Download, you agree to Zippia’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Knowing what level of education to require for a position isn’t as open and shut as most would like. While, generally speaking, more education is better, it also comes with […]

How to Define Job Requirements

Job requirements are generally the first thing potential applicants look at – beyond the job title. It’s what lets them know whether or not they should even apply for a position. If they don’t meet the requirements, then they likely won’t be hired, and the effort expended to submit an application would be wasted. This […]

How To Define Job Responsibilities (With Examples)

Summary. Job responsibilities are the tasks employees are expected to complete as a part of their role. When defining job responsibilities, prioritize which tasks are most important for the employee to complete successfully. Job responsibilities are a key component of hiring and managing employees. They are the primary functions that gauge the employee’s success and […]

Misrepresent the Job and Everybody Loses

Misrepresent the Job and Everybody Loses

Take the Guesswork Out of Job Descriptions Download Your Job Description Template By clicking Download, you agree to Zippia’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. When advertising a position, it can be tempting to exaggerate its attributes in order to attract the best possible candidates. The danger with this is that if you attract a […]

Psych Testing: The Pros and Cons

Finding the right candidate for a job can be a difficult task. Not only does it take a lot of effort to sort through applications to find the best candidates, but it also takes effort to figure out if a candidate is really as qualified as they say they are. To help with this, many […]

6 Ways to Tweak Your Job Descriptions to Attract Better Talent

Ensure that you attract the best candidates by writing clear and relevant job descriptions. Here are 6 ways to do just that.

5 Reasons Why an Intern Can Help a Small Business

Your business may not be large enough to have a formal internship program. And you might not have university students banging on your door asking for work experience. So how do you find an intern and why can an having an intern really benefit your business?

5 Ways to Ensure a New Manager Succeeds

In order for your new manager to achieve great things, follow these five simple steps. If you do these, your new manager will have every chance to flourish in the workplace.

15 Common Mistakes Found In Job Descriptions

Take the Guesswork Out of Job Descriptions Download Your Job Description Template By clicking Download, you agree to Zippia’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. When scrolling through job advertisements it’s often easy to get a feeling that they are all the same. This happens because job descriptions are generic and usually bland. Top talent […]

10 Simple Steps to Writing a Powerful Candidate Profile

10 Simple Steps to Writing a Powerful Candidate Profile

If your candidate profile doesn’t truly sell the candidate in terms of his or her strengths, your client may decide not to meet with them at all.

How To Write A Job Description (With Examples)

A guide on how to write an effective job description that accurately reflects the responsibilities and requirements of a job position.

How To Hire Employees For A Small Business [Employer Guide]

When hiring employees is not something you do regularly, it can be intimidating. It’s quite a process with some legal implications, and you want to make the right decision, so you don’t have to do it again in the near future. Keep reading to learn more about how to hire employees for your small business. […]

How To Determine Job Requirements: Work Hours [Employer Guide]

When you’re thinking about creating a new job at your company, it can be difficult to know whether the tasks the job would cover warrant hiring someone full-time or part-time, or if you need your current employees to simply share the load and take on a few more responsibilities. In this article, we’ll show you […]

How To Hire Interns For A Small Business

Before entering the working world, many students or young adults choose to pursue internships. Internships are programs where individuals work on projects within teams to learn important skills that will serve them well when applying for future jobs. Those working an internship are called interns. Interns are trainees who have agreed to work for an […]

How To Hire Veterans [Veteran Hiring Programs + Benefits]

If you’re looking to hire, it might be in your best interest to actively investigate hiring a veteran. Veterans come into the workplace with skills and work incredibly valuable ethics. There can also be some financial subsidies for hiring veterans. Read on to learn more. Key Takeaways Hiring a veteran is a great opportunity for […]

What Are Applicant Tracking Systems?

Consider this statistic from Glassdoor, on average; each corporate job opening gets 250 resumes. That’s for one job. Can you imagine the amount of work you’re tasking your HR department with as they wade through the resumes and select candidates to interview? There’s an easier way, and it’s done through Applicant tracking systems. Read on […]

11 Innovative Employment Screening Techniques

If you’re really going to find the right person for the role, you need to change up your hiring techniques. We’ve pulled together 11 examples of innovative hiring techniques that you can employ in your next hire to cut through the façade and find the real skills and culture fit you need.

How To Hire An Independent Contractor

You’ve reached a point with your business where you might be set to expand, or you might need help through a busy season. Maybe you’re looking for an expert in some area to step in and train others or give you professional advice. What do you do? You hire an independent contractor. Key Takeaways Independent […]

9 Simple Steps to Writing a Compelling Job Advertisement

Improving the quality (as opposed to quantity) of your applicant response starts by having a well-written job ad (often the first impression a candidate has of your organisation) that targets the appropriate audience.

6 Ways to Conduct a Backdoor Reference Check

With the advent of social media and web footprints, it’s now easier than ever to get an idea of the real candidate behind their resume.

The 14 Pros and Cons For Hiring Mature Workers

Since the overall trend is changing, companies need to determine both the benefits and drawbacks of hiring mature workers. Employers need to weigh both the pros and cons in order to arrive at a conclusion.

How to Hire a Sales Representative

Hiring a capable sales person is not a walk in the park. Hopefully these 7 recruiting tips will help you identify the perfect sales person for your team.

7 Ways to Efficiently Assess Potential Employees

Deciding which job candidate is the best fit for the position is a difficult process. It’s also a high-stakes decision, as a bad hire can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. While there is no way to guarantee a good hire every time, implementing these seven ways to efficiently assess potential employees can […]

9 Recruiting Tips To Find The Best Candidates

If your client decides not to proceed with anyone on your shortlist, they’ll probably say that “none of your candidates quite met the brief”. However perhaps it’s not that ‘they’ didn’t meet the brief at all. Maybe ‘you’ failed to properly qualify the job order.

11 Ways To Ensure You Hire The Best Candidate

Here are 8 ways you can improve your recruitment process and hire the best candidate every time. The right candidate is definitely out there.

What Is DOE Salary? [Pros + Cons]

Take the Guesswork Out of Job Descriptions Download Your Job Description Template By clicking Download, you agree to Zippia’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Writing job postings can be complicated and time-consuming, especially when it comes to explaining the compensation for the position. The acronym DOE can be helpful with this, and many companies […]

3 Reasons Your Job Listing Isn’t Attracting Top Talent (and How to Fix It)

Job listings play an important role in the hiring process, but often they can unintentionally be causing your business more harm than good. In this post, our guest author Addison Burke shares three reasons why your ad may seem undesirable to potential candidates and proposes strategies to make your company appear more attractive!

Can Replacing Monetary Benefits With Health Benefits Work For Employees?

While cash bonuses used to be the norm, many employees are now preferring other forms of benefits. One of the most-wanted perks is health benefits. Check out this guest post by Nathan Sharpe which highlights why it’s not always about the money.

7 Ways to Perfect Your Candidate Application Journey [Infographic]

It’s important that you map out your candidate journey and ensure that it runs smoothly, providing a positive experience for all applicants - from the moment, a candidate applies for a role with your organisation, right through to the formal job offer.

5 Tips For Hiring Your First Employee

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Jackie Olling – Content Manager with LawPath. Her opinions are her own.  So you’ve started a business and it’s grown to the point where you need to hire other people to help you run it and grow it further. Being successful up to that point is always exciting […]

Why it’s Essential to Assess Software Skills During the Hiring Process

At what point during the recruitment process should you conduct a skills assessment of a potential new hire? Here are some great suggestions.

Your 6 Step Checklist to Crafting the Perfect Job Description

Every candidate expects to see a job description if they are going to consider a career move. What sort of impression are you creating if you can’t even provide a potential new employee with a detailed description of the job you expect them to do for you?

7 Characteristics of Résumes Bound for Instant Rejection

Here are 7 application and résume atrocities that should prompt you to instantly reject a candidate.

5 Tips to Ensure You Evaluate Candidates Consistently

It is important to observe and maintain consistent standards whenever you interview and evaluate candidates regardless of the job in question.

Your Job Ad Stinks

9 Reasons Your Job Ad Stinks

Awful job ads are not only a complete waste of money, they can also be damaging to your employer brand. In the race for the top candidates, a great job ad can mean the difference between finding who you are looking for and… not.

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How To Attract The New Breed Of Job Hunter With Your Job Ad

30% of all job applications are made from mobile devices, with many job hunters browsing job boards on their way to work. Posting an online ad forms the basis of your recruitment campaign so it’s definitely worth planning your strategy carefully.

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What’s in a Job Title Anyway?

Job titles are a sensitive issue for candidates, for HR, and for hiring managers. Employers need to ensure they don’t woo candidates based solely on an eye-catching job title. Will the actual job measure up to what you are really offering them?