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May Business Trend Roundup: Job Postings, Employee Monitoring, and Desk Organization

Hi folks, hope your month is off to a good start! We’ve compiled some of the latest hiring trends and insights on the job market to help you stay ahead of the game: Job postings were down 3.7% overall from March to April. This drop was fairly uniform throughout industries, and only Internet job postings […]

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Job Posting Guide: How To Prepare And Post Your Job On Zippia

Summary. To write a clear and engaging job posting, start with a summary of what your company does and how this particular position relates to that. Then move into the responsibilities and requirements for the role, remembering to add in helpful information like salary range, benefits, and location. Writing a good job posting is critical […]

Zippia Job Posting Policies

Summary. Zippia seeks to support job posters and seekers by offering the highest degree of quality within our postings. That’s why we review job posting details to ensure that the information you provided is within our policies. Our job posting policies aim to ensure accurate, legitimate, and diverse options for our job seekers and pursue […]

Zippia Pricing Models

Summary. Zippia’s pricing models include monthly subscriptions and personalized, performance-based pay plans. Choose the one that best fits your needs, or talk with our knowledgeable staff about the top option for you and your company. Finding the right employee as quickly as possible is every employer’s goal, but this is usually easier said than done. […]

How To Post A Job On Zippia

Summary. To post a job on Zippia, you’ll first need to create an employer account. After that, fill out a form with your job description, title, compensation, and other pertinent information. As you receive applications, you can sort candidates by your interest level, download their resumes, and contact them via email. Finding high-quality job candidates […]