The 10 Most Exciting Jobs of Former Teachers

by Ryan Morris
Jobs, Major-Specific, Rankings - 3 years ago

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As we’ve mentioned here before, it’s tough to be a teacher nowadays, and more and more educators are losing confidence in their own profession.

The amount of people majoring in Education is dropping dramatically, and the teaching work force itself is beginning to wane.

With so many teachers no longer being teachers, this begs the question: what are all these former educators doing now?

We were curious, so we looked through the resumes of former teachers to see what kind of jobs they were moving into after leaving the field of education. There were thousands of answers, so we made the cutoff at the top 100 jobs.

The full list of those jobs can be found below, but here’s a quick top ten:

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Sales Associate
  3. Administrative Assistant
  4. Internship
  5. Cashier
  6. Volunteer
  7. Office Manager
  8. Tutor
  9. Server
  10. Assistant Manager

These are all good jobs, all of them either utilizing some skill that a teacher would have or being a stepping stone to a different career or being otherwise exciting in their own way.

Here’s the thing about these jobs though — as a list, they’re kind of boring as hell. They’re pretty much exactly what you’d expect a lot of former teachers to do after teaching.

But given that there are some very surprising and interesting items on this list, we’ve decided to highlight a few of those instead.

Here are some of the most interesting jobs of former educators:

  1. Ship Worker
  2. President
  3. Bartender
  4. Floater
  5. Freelance Makeup Artist
  6. Child Protective Investigator
  7. Machine Operator
  8. Bus Driver
  9. Artist
  10. Sandwich Artist

Some of these items are admittedly more attractive than one another as far as actually working the job goes, but one way or another, you’ve got to admit they’re eye-catching.

How We Determined the Most Common Jobs of Former Teachers

Using resume information from our database of over 7 million resumes, we looked at all resumes that listed teaching or educating under their work history. Then we looked at which jobs (besides more teaching) showed up on their work histories following their teaching positions, sorting them by their most frequent.

That’s how we made the initial ranked list, which you’ll find at the bottom of the article. To make our list of most interesting jobs, we looked through the ranked list to see if any positions stood out as memorable or worth noting.

That’s all — below, you’ll find our list of the most interesting jobs of former teachers.

Ship Worker

Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.16%
Turns out that more than one former teacher is actually living in a Herman Melville novel. The more English Literature-focused teachers might actually find this a dream come true. Others might be a little surprised how they got here.


Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.13%
Presumably not “of the United States,” but still, pretty impressive nonetheless.


Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.09%
This is actually kind of perfect for a former teacher. When you love telling people random information and general life advice, adding alcohol to the mix can only be a winning combination.


Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.03%
I’ll be honest, had to Google this one just to be sure it wasn’t like a sex thing. Turns out it has to do with insuring items that are in transit or likely to get damaged. Which is pretty exciting to imagine your old English teacher doing, albeit not as exciting as I initially thought.

Freelance Makeup Artist

Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.03%
If most people were aware they could go from teaching to doing make-up for stars and celebrities, the field of Education would be dropping a lot faster than it is already.

Child Protective Investigator

Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.02%
I really like the idea of someone going from teaching children to actively protecting them out in the “real world.” When a teacher notices signs of child abuse or neglect, the options for help can often feel limited, particularly since you’re essentially confined to what you can do from your own classroom. As a CPS Investigator, however, you’ll enter the situation directly, going to a student’s house and meeting with parents to determine if abuse is occurring.

Machine Operator

Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.06%
For those teachers who always wanted to stop showing students how machines work and just start working the machines themselves. I like to imagine these machines are giant robots or laser guns. They probably are not.

Bus Driver

Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.06%
For those who don’t find this item as exciting as some of the other options on this list, I’m just going to leave this picture here for you:


Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.07%
I dont know about you, but this is how I like to imagine all my old teachers now. Not struggling for money, not stressing themselves out at a job they despise, but out at a cottage somewhere by the beach just painting away. Maybe they’ve got a scarf or something on. That seems like something artists wear. There’s just something about art that really captures the imagination.

Sandwich Artist

Percentage of Former Teachers: 0.02%
Hmm. Well, hey. Art is hard, you know? And pretty pretentious. Who’s to say that “sandwich” is any less of an artistic medium than sculpture? I mean, I know a ton of people who hate art. But who doesn’t like sandwiches?

Putting It All Together

That’s all for now! Below you’ll find the full ranked list of the most common jobs of former teachers.

Wondering why so many teachers are leaving the profession? Check out our article explaining why men may be at fault.

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Detailed Ranking of the Most Common Jobs of Former Teachers

Job Title Percentage Of Total Count
Customer Service Representative 1.82%
Sales Associate 1.68%
Administrative Assistant 1.64%
Internship 1.28%
Cashier 1.07%
Volunteer 0.97%
Office Manager 0.79%
Tutor 0.68%
Server 0.65%
Assistant Manager 0.61%
Instructor 0.60%
Manager 0.56%
Adjunct Professor 0.53%
Office Assistant 0.51%
Principal 0.49%
Nanny 0.48%
Director 0.47%
Case Manager 0.46%
Research Assistant 0.46%
Receptionist 0.46%
Sales Representative 0.46%
Teaching Assistant 0.41%
Certified Nursing Assistant 0.41%
Registered Nurse 0.41%
Adjunct Instructor 0.40%
Owner 0.40%
Consultant 0.39%
Assistant Director 0.38%
Home Health Aid 0.38%
Assistant Principal 0.37%
Special Educator 0.36%
Program Manager 0.33%
Coordinator 0.33%
Supervisor 0.31%
Associate 0.31%
Team Leader 0.31%
Educator 0.31%
Project Manager 0.28%
Medical Assistant 0.28%
Specialist 0.28%
Program Coordinator 0.27%
Store Manager 0.27%
Assistant 0.27%
Customer Service Trainer 0.26%
Coach 0.26%
Counselor 0.26%
Adjunct Faculty 0.25%
Program Director 0.25%
Speech Language Pathologist 0.24%
Operations Manager 0.23%
Security Officer 0.22%
Pharmacist Technician 0.22%
Graduate Assistant 0.21%
Owner/Operator 0.21%
Teller 0.19%
Private Tutor 0.19%
Account Manager 0.19%
Instructional Assistant 0.18%
Therapist 0.18%
Secretary 0.18%
Front Desk Receptionist 0.18%
Writer And Editor 0.17%
Education Consultant 0.17%
Executive Assistant 0.17%
Account Executive 0.17%
Human Resources Coordinator 0.17%
School Counselor 0.17%
Executive Director 0.16%
Ship Worker 0.16%
Administrator 0.16%
General Manager 0.16%
Customer Service Associate 0.16%
Education Paraprofessional 0.16%
Social Worker 0.15%
Personal Assistant 0.15%
Technician 0.15%
Waitress 0.15%
Hostess 0.15%
Math Tutor 0.15%
Graphic Designer 0.15%
Office Administrator 0.15%
Legal Assistant 0.14%
Facilitator 0.14%
Sales Consultant 0.14%
Program Assistant 0.14%
Clerk 0.14%
Direct Support Professional 0.14%
Aide 0.14%
President 0.13%
Special Education Assistant 0.13%
Social Work Internship 0.13%
Mathematics Instructor 0.13%
In-Home Childcare Provider 0.13%
Billing Specialist 0.13%
Service Coordinator 0.13%
Crew Member 0.13%
Mentor 0.13%
Project Coordinator 0.13%
Recruiter 0.12%
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