50 Jobs That Use Salesforce The Most

By Chris Kolmar
Nov. 8, 2021

Find a Job You Really Want In

If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the job hunt, and if you’re on the job hunt, you’re probably about ready to throw your hands in the air in frustration.

It’s difficult out there–and made only more difficult by a lack of helpful tools. Which is why we’re here.

We’re a database for all your ‘Finding a Job Need to Knows’. And today, we’re going to help whittle down the list of jobs to choose from, per your skillset.

And the good news is, if you’re skilled in salesforce, there are a lot of great jobs to choose from.

Here are the top 10 jobs that use salesforce:

  1. Account Executive Jobs (Overview)

  2. Inside Sales Representative Jobs (Overview)

  3. Director Of Sales Jobs (Overview)

  4. Business Development Manager Jobs (Overview)

  5. Customer Success Manager Jobs (Overview)

  6. Enterprise Account Executive Jobs (Overview)

  7. Senior Account Executive Jobs (Overview)

  8. Salesforce Developer Jobs (Overview)

  9. Data Analyst Jobs (Overview)

  10. Sales Operations Analyst Jobs (Overview)

For the full list of 50, jump to the bottom of the article. But now, here’s how we came up with this list of the jobs that use salesforce.

How we identified the jobs that use salesforce the most

One of the easiest ways to advance in your career is to develop the skills that are most in demand by future employers.

Lucky for us, we have a database of over 7 million real-world resumes to identify which jobs require which skills. So, we looked through each resume to identify which job titles had ‘salesforce’ listed as a skill the most.

We did our best to find fuzzy matches, meaning something like ‘SALESFORCE’ or ‘salESFORCE’ would match our search. We then divided the number of matches by the total number of resumes to see which job titles had the highest percentage of matches.

Detailed List Of The 50 Jobs That Use Salesforce The Most

Rank Job Title Hits More Info
1 Account Executive 63,452 Overview
2 Inside Sales Representative 10,899 Overview
3 Director Of Sales 9,489 Overview
4 Business Development Manager 9,361 Overview
5 Customer Success Manager 9,195 Overview
6 Enterprise Account Executive 8,583 Overview
7 Senior Account Executive 5,574 Overview
8 Salesforce Developer 5,200 Overview
9 Data Analyst 4,581 Overview
10 Sales Operations Analyst 4,447 Overview
11 Marketing Internship 4,317 Overview
12 Sales And Operations Manager 4,084 Overview
13 Strategic Accounts Manager 3,976 Overview
14 Territory Account Executive 3,975 Overview
15 Senior Manager Of Marketing 3,968 Overview
16 Marketing Specialist 3,861 Overview
17 Digital Account Executive 3,586 Overview
18 Solutions Consultant 3,495 Overview
19 Operations Analyst 3,427 Overview
20 Marketing And Operations Manager 3,343 Overview
21 Account Executive/outside Sales 3,219 Overview
22 Customer Relationship Management Manager 3,215 Overview
23 Senior Account Manager 3,003 Overview
24 Technical Support Engineer 2,981 Overview
25 Business Development Director 2,971 Overview
26 Salesforce Administrator 2,923 Overview
27 Sales Internship 2,838 Overview
28 Strategic Account Executive 2,747 Overview
29 Customer Relationship Management Consultant 2,662 Overview
30 Senior Sales Executive 2,654 Overview
31 Regional Sales Director 2,578 Overview
32 Product Owner 2,553 Overview
33 Major Account Executive 2,477 Overview
34 Sales Coordinator 2,450 Overview
35 Engagement Manager 2,414 Overview
36 Marketing Lead 2,208 Overview
37 Development Specialist 2,182 Overview
38 Inside Sales Manager 2,159 Overview
39 Sales Support Specialist 2,149 Overview
40 Marketing Associate 2,140 Overview
41 Sales Account Manager 2,074 Overview
42 Regional Accounts Manager 2,063 Overview
43 Outside Account Executive 2,043 Overview
44 Business Development Executive 2,042 Overview
45 Analyst Sales 1,938 Overview
46 Marketing Analyst 1,933 Overview
47 Commercial Account Executive 1,930 Overview
48 Sales Operations Specialist 1,902 Overview
49 Business Development Specialist 1,885 Overview
50 Analytical Manager 1,873 Overview

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Chris Kolmar

Chris Kolmar is a co-founder of Zippia and the editor-in-chief of the Zippia career advice blog. He has hired over 50 people in his career, been hired five times, and wants to help you land your next job. His research has been featured on the New York Times, Thrillist, VOX, The Atlantic, and a host of local news. More recently, he's been quoted on USA Today, BusinessInsider, and CNBC.

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